100 thoughts on “Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video)

  1. I remember in middle school i was around 11 or 12 I’d walk home and listen to bands like nirvana or Metallica and System of a Down .It always made me feel safe .I wasn’t scared about nothing happening to me (kids were getting picked up in vans at that time yet my parents didn’t mind me walking two miles home )I would sometimes go to the corner store buy a small bag of hot Cheetos (when ever my mom gave me a dollar or two ) and sit at the park till somebody noticed I wasnt home and would call me on my vonage flip phone sometimes I use to stay out till 10 which is pretty badass for a 11yr old haha.I use to get called emo or depressed for this (till this day I don’t understand the correlation)and at the time it hurt even made me cry sometimes but I was okay with it because listening to nirvana was kinda a way to cope with everything .As Christian as my parents were , they didn’t give a crap about me .Nirvana was always my favorite and I’m so happy the music never died down . I hope those kids who made fun of me then are now playing this on repeat .it makes me tear up with the flashbacks that come with Kurt’s music . I sometimes cried I sometimes felt like I ruled the world and then I’d go home feel sorry for myself and start all over but it was always okay because I had Kurt’s music and so on . He really got me through a lot , so many times I tried to end my life because home was difficult and school was endless name calling I wasn’t even a teen yet.For that I thank Kurt .

  2. Ребят, подскажите пожалуйста, какие есть ещё классные рок песни?

  3. I am way before the 1 billion club I have a comment from years earlier on a different account in this comment section somewhere.

  4. Remember when they played this at their concert in MI. Nothing but titties and the smell of some good Mary Jane.

  5. BTW Causing boys to commit suicide…HUGE U. R. SO Beyond Star Track dddd BONED. Dead Meat…Smells likey somebody wants RE Fried Chicken Venggggf for Duhhh Death of Daddy. Opppsie Poopsie!

  6. I remember I was in 4th grade I loved this song but didn't know who or what I was listening to. I just knew I liked the beat LoL

  7. Love them or hate them. Love or hate this song but This IS the Band and the Song that Made Grunge Rock/ Seattle sound / early 90's rock ( Whatever you want to call it) explode 🌎 wide. And No this isn't my favorite Nirvana song or album. I love them to death but my favorite album is In Utero and my favorite song All Apologies.

  8. i grew up in the 90s, when Nirvana was a staple on MTV and the radio. Nirvana's music was some of the first I could identify with. Cobain's death was a landmark event in my life. So If you're 15, or 50, or 80 and this is the only Nirvana song you know, then I'm glad you know this one. Music is meant to move you, however it may. It doesn't need to be contest about how cool you are. Like what you want to like.

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