October Favorites

Hello, so I’m gonna do my very first favorites video and it’s for October. this month felt really short but Still pretty eventful. So my first favorite is that I no longer have a job I have never been more carefree in my life. I feel so much better and so Yay Next week, I’m going to Maryland and I’m gonna be there for 12 days I’m so happy cuz with my job, I wasn’t gonna get any time off for another year my god this stress. Too much stress, not worth it. So I am so happy. I don’t have a job. So happy And my plan is to move to Maryland in January, so right now I’ve been researching jobs and hopefully January I will be living in Maryland. That’s really exciting. My life is going to completely change. everything’s gonna be so different there and I Just can’t wait, so That’s my first favorite. Now my second favorite is my shirt that I’m wearing now. It’s so pretty. It’s a nice little cropped sweater that I got from boohoo. It’s called the Natalie Fisherman’s sweater or something and I just love it. I think it’s really cute. It’s kind of scratchy, but like I don’t really care It’s still cute to me. I really like it and I’m really considering getting it in other colors because it’s from boohoo, so it’s it’s really cheap and It’s just so cute. My next favorite is another shirt. This is from Sears. Sears is another favorite. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Sears before like I went for the first time like October and I was like whoa. This place is really inexpensive so I’ve been getting a bunch of stuff from there and you get points for your purchases to use for other purchases, and you get money off and everything and You save so much money. It’s crazy So I got this little shirt, and it’s actually pretty big. But it is so soft and the colors are amazing. It looks like a little autumn leaf. I love it. It’s amazing. It’s so perfect And I like it because this one’s a crop top so I can wear it with my high waisted stuff And then this is long so I can wear it with my leggings So it’s like if I’m not wearing this I’m wearing this. Another favorite is my Batiste dry shampoo in the smell clean and light bare. It smells so good. It’s so fresh and Batiste is the best dry shampoo, but their original smell is disgusting. I hate the way it smells. So I never used to like to wear it because it didn’t make your hair smell clean. It just smelled gross. This makes your hair smell clean and good, and I really like it. Next is a Foundation brush that’s really dirty. It is the elf foundation blurring brush. It’s just a little brush that you use for your foundation, and I really like it. I have this one and I have another one that I got from Macy’s and They’re so convenient for doing your foundation But if I haven’t been using, this I’ve been using this, which is also very dirty. the Real Techniques complexion sponge or whatever. This is so nice too. I like using this for my thicker foundations and this for my thinner foundations, so really good stuff. And I tried the Fenty Beauty Foundation. That’s what I’m wearing right now. I got a little sample of it, and I really don’t like it. I put it on and then I started putting on my cream products, and it just like blended away my foundation, and I’m like Where did all of my foundation just go? so That’s an unfavorite. Whatever. I’m just glad I didn’t buy the full size like I didn’t buy it because it’s dumb Another favorite is the Stila written in the stars liquid eyeshadow set. It’s got three of the liquid things That are like glittery, and I’m wearing one on my eyes today. It’s the one in the middle. It’s diamond dust, kitten karma, and smoky storm, so I have kitten karma on my eyes These are so good. The only problem is the glitter likes to flake off onto your face but I mean if you use it carefully and let it dry and Leave it, it works pretty well. I also love the lorac pro 3 eyeshadow palette. This one it is so pretty. It’s got the most perfect colors in it. It’s beautiful. I just love it. It’s a little dirty, but the colors are just so beautiful I love them and I have this and then I have a liquid lipstick, but that’s all I have from lorac and I’m very very impressed. I think they’re really nice. Another eyeshadow palette that I love is this Yes please cute AF colourpop palette. That is so fall. It is so beautiful. I love all of these colors. I have some of these on my eyes today too, and they are just gorgeous. I love them. There are some really nice mattes and also some nice shimmers on there, too. It’s just a really nice palette. My last favorite is a fragrance and it’s JLOVE, Jennifer Lopez perfume and I love it It’s like fresh And just so good and my mom used to wear this, so when I wear it it just reminds me of my mom. Even though I live with her and I see her all the time and I’m always spending time with her, still I just like it because it just it reminds me of her. It also smells really good. This is a great perfume. Those were all my favorites I had a pretty awesome month and November is gonna be even better. So, very very exciting. I’m ready for a change. I never liked living in Florida and You know the money’s in Maryland. You can’t really make money down in Florida. There’s just there’s no money here. Everything is gonna be different and It’s terrifying, but it’s also fun, so We’ll see what happens. I really hope I can find a nice job there. I’m applying now. I’m looking. I’d love to work from home But I don’t know. I don’t know what to expect. That’s my October favorites. Hopefully, I’ll see you soon. Bye.

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