Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to another PAX gift opening video! It’s been a while since I did one, and welcome to my beautiful professional setup… that’s probably gonna go out of focus, and not sound proper and everything for a while. But screw it! We are gonna get into it straight away. Uhhh… So I was at PAX EAST recently, and these are all the things that people who came to the meet and greet, or who came to the panel and gave people stuff to give to me. these are hopefully everything, from that event. There’s five big boxes here! I have absolutely no idea where I’m puttin’ these after I open this, ’cause I normally put them over there, but now I’m runnin’ out of room. There’s eight boxes over there from two different cons, and now I have 5 more over here. I’M RUNNIN’ OUT OF SPACE! You guys are too nice to me and give me too many things! But seriously, thank you so much. It was incredible to see the turn out at that event, and to see just how much – just how much love people had to give. Either stuff they made, stuff they bought at the convention, stuff they like sewed together, stuff that they thought I would like, stuff they thought I needed. It’s incredibly generally very, very sweet of you guys. Genuinely, not generally. Um, to do this kind of thing. So just the gesture on it’s own, regardless of the value, or whatever you actually gave me, the gesture alone is enough to really warm my heart. So thank you so much for that. And I should disclaim this, right off the bat, that I’m sorry if I either don’t show your item in the video or if it got damaged in transit. These are… being damaged it transit is something that is completely out of my control and sometimes people give me stuff that is incredibly fragile and I can’t bring it with me on the plane, because it’ll definitely break. And then we try and package them the best we can on the way back, so again I apologize if that happened. And, if I don’t get to your thing in the video, I dunno, it’s hard to condense everything into these videos, last time I said I would try and make it short, it didn’t, it ended up being super long, this time I’m making no such promises, it’s gonna be whatever length it’s gonna be. So let’s hopefully get into this and get through all the items. But again, apologies, if the thing you gave me is not in the video. And again, I’m not going to be opening letters, I said this at the start as well Because I would be here all day if I was opening letters, and I like to read those in my spare time, Because they’re usually a lot more intimate than opening up stuff here on camera. Cool! Imma push these out of the way, Because they’re gonna dick.. With the focus of the camera and I’m just gonna get center frame with this shit, okay here we go I GOT MY KNIFE! [Crocodile Dundie voice] “That’s not a knife!” “This is a knife!” Don’t leave jack with a knife, bad things happen I might end up cutting myself. Oohoo!! Box number one! Ooh! Off to a great start! Ooh “Attack on Titans” stuff! There’s-there was two of these, I think there was only two. There’s a Mikasa, and there’s the Colossal Titan “Pop! Vinyl” figures. Which was incredibly generous I remember the-the boy who gave me these. Actually I shouldn’t say boy it makes you sound way younger than you were. I remember the lovely young man who gave me these. And I – I literally said to them -he gave me posters as well, they gave me a plushy, I said to him-oh there’s another one-I asked them, were they absolutely, DEFINATLEY sure that I should have these. Because, these-these are not cheap! And they-they bought them I think at the event and then gave them to me And I – I did- I did ask them if they were sure, Because I don’t want people to give away some really cool stuff that they might want themselves, But then they give them to me… But thank you! 😀 Seriously. These are actually things that I REALLY wanted! I remember going to Game Stop a few times and seeing some of the “Pop! Vinyls,” and I was like, “Oooohhhhh… I shouldn’t…” “I have too many of them already…” But THIS kind of twisted my arm, so *thumbs up* thanks, dude! 😀 Hehe Um, right in here next is a little green box… Looks like my hair! Hehehe… Can you tell the difference?? Hmm… Okay, I don’t know what this IS- WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It’s CHOCOLATE!

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