Pain relief

hello this is Sally DiCesare. today
we’re going to talk about a technique that’s been used for centuries to pull
out what your body doesn’t need perhaps you’ve heard of the old remedy of castor
oil packs for liver toxicity even removing splinters but today we’re going
to talk about how this can actually pull the discomfort out of a painful muscle
so what we’re going to do is very simple it does take 20 minutes but it’s simple
in the fact that what you do is you’ll take you get yourself some castor oil
you can use the traditional way of a felt (I mean FLANNEL) sheet with a rag plastic wrap and
you’ll need a heating pad or you can do the new way which is taking a puppy
piddle pad a clean one and cut it with this it takes care of the plastic wrap
the rag and the the flannel castor oil is very very sticky so it is a difficult
oil to remove what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your castor oil and
put a nice amount on your puppy pad then let’s say I had pain in my arm
I would lay the path over my arm I don’t need this big a piece but it’s going to
keep it from from flowing and and getting everywhere the castor oil from
flowing and getting everywhere you don’t have to fill the whole area
the whole pad with castor oil and then you’re going to warm up your heating pad
and then place it on the pad for 20 minutes you can sit and read at this
time this is a good excuse I have used this for lower back pain for pain
between my shoulder blades sometimes you need some help with somebody helping you
with that but super simple worked like a charm I can usually get relief with one
although if you’ve got chronic discomfort you might want to take a
couple more sessions with that I would not do more than once a day and that is
how to use a castor oil pack to remove pain from your body I hope this helps
and I’ll talk with you soon bye for now

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