Part 2: Cotton Training Pants – Cloth Training Pants 101

Part 2: Cotton Training Pants – Cloth Training Pants 101

Aloha! This is Heidi at EC Peesy. Welcome to
Part 2 of our three part series on cloth training pants. In this video I’m
going to show you six brands of non-waterproof cotton training pants. I’ll
show you close up with those training pants look like and then at the end I’ll
tell you which ones are my top picks, so be sure to watch the whole video! Here we
have two brands of cotton training pants that start from size 6 months so these
are good for babies who are practicing elimination communication. They also go
up to toddler sizes as well. These are Tiny Trainers by Tiny Undies. They’re
100% cotton on the outside and the absorbent layer is also cotton. This is
size 12 months and these are size 18 months. You can see the rise is higher
on the size 18 months and the leg holes are also bigger in size 18 months. These
are Komfi Baby organic cotton underwear. Right now there’s no absorbency in them but you can add a soaker pad. These are
made out of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton with a zorb filling. So
you could just put them inside the underwear to convert them to training
pants. They’re working on making smaller soaker pads to fit the smaller underwear
better. These are size 12 months and for comparison this is 12 months Tiny
Trainers so they’re very similar size. The main difference is that the leg
holes don’t stretch very much on the Tiny Trainers but they have elastic
on Komfi baby so they stretch much more. Also the waistband isn’t super stretchy
on Tiny Trainers but they’re very stretchy on Komfi Baby. Going clockwise we have: Under the
Nile organic cotton training pants; Pact organic training pants; Gerber
cotton training pants; and Hanna Andersson organic cotton training pants.
So for the under the Niall size 12 to 24 months they’re 100% organic cotton on
the outside. They have a bit smaller waistband with bigger leg holes.
The absorbent layer inside is also 100% organic cotton. These are
Pact which are size 2T/3T and they’re 100% organic cotton. The leg
holes are nice but the waistband is pretty tight on these. It doesn’t stretch
very well. These are Gerber size 18 months. The
outside is 100% cotton the inside absorbency has some synthetic material. These are Hanna Andersson size extra
small. They’re 100% organic cotton on the outside. The hidden interlining is 100%
polyester. So these three are very similar style. The main difference here
is that the waistband doesn’t stretch as much on the Pact. The leg holes are also a bit wider on
Under the Nile. The Gerber and Pact are also very similar
style and cut. The Gerber doesn’t really have much elastic in the waistband
whereas the Pact has the tight elastic waistband. And then to see, these are the most
different on the leg holes with a wide opening on Under the Nile and the very
small opening on Hanna Andersson. Let’s look at the thickness. The Gerber has
barely any padding in them. When I’m using non-waterproof cotton
training pants I like to use a wool cover over them such as these wool
bubble shorts. First you can pull on the training pants and then pull up the wool
shorts over them. That way you have a waterproof layer over the training pants
for going out of the house. I’ve been testing these training pants on my
daughter for the past four months, so now I’d like to share with you my top picks
for non-waterproof training pants. First up, the best option for babies
practicing elimination communication are… Tiny Trainers by Tiny Undies. They’re
100% cotton and they’re super absorbent. They start from size 6 months so you’re
sure to find some fit your baby. My top pick for toddlers are Under the Nile
organic cotton training pants. They’re 100% organic cotton including the
absorbent layer they absorb a pee miss really well and they hold up well over
time. Be sure to subscribe to our EC Peesy YouTube channel and turn on
notifications so you’ll hear about our upcoming video on waterproof training
pants. For a more thorough written review on all these training pants be
sure to visit our EC Peesy blog. Thanks so much for watching!

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  1. Are you ready to try cotton training pants for your baby or toddler? How old is your little one? As always, you can find links to all the products I mentioned in the description box below the video!

  2. Thanks for the mention for our organic cotton undies, Heidi! Great job on the descriptions. I'm sure it will benefit many people!

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