Poetic Lace – Clap It Up (Official Music Video) (@PoeticLace)

Poetic Lace – Clap It Up (Official Music Video) (@PoeticLace)

♬ Clap your hands all you people! Shout to God with voice of triumph! For the LORD Most High is awesome! HE is a great king all over the earth! United Untied, you have been chosen to translate this message through the fine arts of human video. ♬ God so up-tempo like an instrumental,
It’s time to murder this beat, call it incidental, Premeditated murder should I call it that,
The Holy Spirit said Lace go kill that, I’m feeling that tell me girl did you get
that, I text back saying girl I can’t hit that,
Change my life baby girl yea He flip that, They can’t recognize me saying is that,
P-Lae bringing change like a pocket, Juice running through my soul like a socket,
I heard the devil yelling Lace just stop it, No sir God got me, locked in,
That’s right, poetic assassin, God tell me go get em’ then I make it happen,
Put the Scripture to his dome ain’t nobody laughing, Now they repenting for their sins, forgiveness asking, Make it clap for the Holy Ghost, Let Him fill your whole body then we make
a toast, Put your blessed hands in the air then we
cheer, Jesus Christ in the building, the Champs here,
Yea I’m feeling my Lord, that’s right, Looking for a better King, no sight,
Hallelujah was the war cry all night, Worship God in the Truth demons take flight,
Wait, bring it back for my Samsons, Messing with Delilah should abandon,
Laying down with ol’ girl got your hair cut, Now you lost your strength, for what, STD’s a broken legacy,
You say it felt good but it’s temporary, Sin brought death and it stole yo key,
You were bought at a price and that cost ain’t free Beat for your lust, nailed for your lies, Man we wouldn’t see the light if the Son
didn’t rise, He say man I got to church dawg I know I’m
straight, That’s a got darn lie, hell’s gate,
Make it clap it for the Truth, Covered in God’s grace man I’m feeling
bullet proof, One time for the name, Jesus,
All power in the God, I trust, I must, say this,
How gone win when you ain’t right with Him, What chu gone say when the King comes again,
You traded His name just to live in yo sin, Sex on Monday, lies on Tuesday, abuse on Wednesday,
Bitter on Thursday, theft on Friday drunk on Saturday,
Sunday you in the church house, But you ain’t repent and yo tithe was some
lent, Cause you spent all yo money on them thangs
that’s for rent, Status went up but you’re near judgment,
Yea you gained more fame but you’re backbone bent, Transform we need to Optimus Prime, Decepticons we’ve been fighting for a long time, Dark nights no batman can save us,
But the power’s in Christ that God gave us What is man that God is mindful, He wrote a love letter it’s called the Bible,
Turning water into wine, casting demons into swine, You will never meet a man that can do it this fine. King of all kings, Lord of all lords! HE’s the one true God every knee must bow.
Please help me praise His holy name, GLORY TO GOD man I’m so unashamed!!
Make it clap for the Holy Ghost, Make it Clap for the Most High,
Make it clap for the Son of God, His name is, Jesus the Christ… YES SIR!! Clap it up… ♬ Claps ♬

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