Preparing for Alpaca Shows : Where to Buy Alpacas

Hi. I am Jill Bergman and people often ask
“How do I start? Where do I go to get an Alpaca?”, and what I suggest to you is find someone
that has Alpacas and people that have Alpacas and more than just a couple of them generally
want to, to maybe move one out. And maybe you could have an opportunity to get one from
them. You could look on the Internet and just look up Alpacas. There is a national organization
called A.O.B.A, Alpaca Organization Breeders of America and you can find out information
on the Internet from them about what Alpaca breeders or which Alpaca breeders are close
to you. And but they are listed by state and you could just go that route to find out.
But there is quite a few Alpaca people around and some have just a couple. Some have hundreds.
I mean there, the range is very, very broad. In Utah there are not that many people that
have Alpacas. Also if you are looking for supplies for Alpacas what I would suggest
is a local farm store. And I have one not too far from me and I get most of my supplies
actually from them. There is also Alpaca supply people that I can’t mention their names but
that you can locate on the Internet as well. You could just put in Alpaca supplies and
you would find who it does provide. Like halters and leads there are very, you cannot get halters
and leads or particularly the halters for Alpacas at your local farm store. So you would
have to find out who specializes in Alpaca products for somethings.

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