Product Spotlight –  Berroco Ultra Alpaca Eco

Product Spotlight – Berroco Ultra Alpaca Eco

hi I’m Rachel from Jimmy beans wool and
today I’m gonna tell you all about this awesome yarn
berroco ultra alpaca eco alright berroco ultra alpaca eco so this yarn is
the same fiber composition that you know and love in the traditional berroco
ultra alpaca the difference is is that of course it is undyed so there’s a
range of natural shades that are slightly heathered and you can really
see the nice heathering in this gray skein here you get a little bit of light
and dark mixed in together and I just find that perfect for a garment that you
can’t have a hand dyed color or a multicolor because the the texture or
the stitches are too complicated but this would be perfect for like cables or
lace or really anything because the the color is interesting it’s got some depth
with that heathering but it’s not gonna take away from your patterning either an
interesting yarn is really important to me I like it to have some depth to it so
that typical ultra alpaca composition is 50% superfine alpaca and 50% Peruvian
wool nice and soft and squishy makes really really soft projects really
softens up a lot when you block it or wash it too
this is definitely a hand wash yarn there’s no super wash here so it could
possibly felt it so you need to be careful when you’re washing it make sure
you do it in cool or cold water and then you’re gonna lay it flat to dry
it’s a hundred grams game with 215 yards so really good yardage of course this is
just the perfect yarn for garments and especially garments where you have some
complicated stitching going on alright so the knitting gauge is five stitches
to one inch and 26 rows over four inches and the crochet gauge is for single
crochets to one inch and 22 rows over four inches yeah so really nice gauge
there like I said perfect for sweaters and garments and I think you know if
you’re you’re okay with and washing baby items I think that it
would be good for that too because it is nice and soft and it would make it great
like heirloom project or an heirloom baby blanket that would be really cool
anyway so that is the berroco ultra alpaca ego thanks so much for checking
out this video about ultra alpaca eco to see more product reviews also take a
look at our youtube channel

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