Random Action Verb Church Christmas Promo | Shama & PD

Random Action Verb Church Christmas Promo | Shama & PD

– I’m the senior pastor at
Random Action Verb Church. – And I lead karaoke. – I wanna take this
opportunity to invite you to one of our five Christmas experiences. – Where Jesus will be played by our most popular baby, Braxton. – I’m probably gonna say “He’s the reason for the season 127 times
throughout the day.” – And I’m going to sing
a tear jerking rendition of “Mary, Did You Know”, and then flirt with girls after the services. – I can’t wait to be here with you. – And I can care less, as
long as my check clears. – I’m probably gonna
come up on stage wearing an ugly Christmas sweater
to show you how quirky I am. – And I’m gonna wear dirty flannel, and I might even wash my hair. – I’ll probably quote more
Christmas movies than Scripture. – I know how to play three chords. – Christmas is truly the most
wonderful time of the year. – It’s the Superbowl for Christians. – Services are at that was a short one – Come to Random Action Verb
Church for the holidays. A space where you belong, no matter what. – Unless you question anything he says. (laughs) – I’ll fire you.

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  1. After School Program Hey Shama, For The next VeggieTales Episode, Can you do a remix of The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything and Endangered Love?

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