Review of Ice Yarns – Unboxing Yarn Reviews by Donna Wolfe from Naztazia

Review of Ice Yarns – Unboxing Yarn Reviews by Donna Wolfe from Naztazia

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’ll show you some yarn I received from Ice Yarns. Ice Yarns is a wonderful manufacturer
and distributor of some of the prettiest yarns in the world. The first yarn that
I’m going to show you is called Baby Wool Design. The colors in this
particular one are absolutely gorgeous. This baby wool design is a light DK
weight yarn or a number three on the label. The ones I have are all self
striping yarns with beautiful color flows. You can see in my Tunisian sample
how pretty this yarn works up. The next yarn I’d like to show you is called
Alpaca Active. It’s a beautiful yarn that looks like hand-spun yarn. The color
transitions are gorgeous. This would make a beautiful shawl. It’s a blend of alpaca,
wool, and acrylic. I was surprised how fast I received all of this yarn. It was
ordered on a Friday and I received it by Tuesday all the way from Turkey. So it
was only about three days in transit. It’s hard to choose a favorite yarn but
the purples and other deep jewel tones in this one are really really beautiful.
Next this is also a gorgeous yarn. It’s called Baby Comfort and I can understand why. It is incredibly soft. I wish you could feel how soft this yarn is. It’s
made of 50 percent nylon and 50 percent acrylic and would work well in any
fashion clothing or accessory for an adult or a baby. The really unique thing
about it is how it is made. If you look closely it’s a chain or braided yarn. The
yarn forms a nice rounded cord because there’s no fibers sticking out every
which way. It makes the yarn smooth and soft
against your skin. And finally I’d like to show you Ice Yarns Almina Cotton. This is a wonderful mercerized 100% cotton yarn or it can be considered a
cotton crochet thread. You’ll want to use this in your finer lace accessories and
especially if you do any Irish lace crochet motifs. This is classified as a
number two yarn on the label. The sheen is beautiful and the colors are really
gorgeous. And the pink is my absolute favorite. I hope this video has helped
you and introduce you to Ice Yarns. Be sure to check the link in the
description of this video on where to order this and other beautiful yarns
from Ice Yarns.

56 thoughts on “Review of Ice Yarns – Unboxing Yarn Reviews by Donna Wolfe from Naztazia

  1. Natazia, I would love to try all of those yarns. The colors are absolutely beautiful and the quality seems terrific. Thanks for the review!

  2. BEAUTIFUL YARN'S & COLOR'S 💝! The pink is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see what you make out of the beautiful Alpaca/Wool Yarn 😊 & all of the other ones. Thanks for sharing these Ice Yarn's, Your Amazing Talent & Tutorial's Sweet Donna 😊💝!

  3. I ordered ice yarn Camilla cotton. It's a little softer than lion brand 24/7. I plan to order some that you reviewed when they have discounts. The shipping is not cheap. Love your nails.😍

  4. Hi Natazia. Thank you for the review. The colors are gorgeous. Love your channel. Keep those tutorials coming. ♥️ Hugs from San Angelo tx.

  5. Hi Donna I contacted you a few years back cause you had said I think that you lived up by Scranton & I am from marshalls creek near East Stroudsburg Anyway I think it was back when I was on the acmoore forum but not sure At that time your kids were just babies lol I miss the forum cause I met so many nice people there Anyway now I have 6 grand children but unfortunately I became a widow just 2 years ago My husband passed from a long illness of ALS It is such a horrible disease But besides all of that I have a question about the ice yarn? Is any of it good for pooling? I hope you & your family are well & I watch your videos all the time God bless Hugs, Denise

  6. I love this yarn . It has variety of colors and easy to work with . I used it in many crocheting projects in my channel ❤❤❤

  7. Thank you for this review. I'm placing an order soon and I want that cotton to make my cousin a lace shawl for a wedding she's going to in June.

  8. Hi Donna! Beautiful yarn 🧶 I absolutely love how thorough and informative all of your videos are. And the best part is how short and sweet you keep your videos. Great job! Thank you! 👍🙏💐

  9. You described everything so well. I really like your review of Ice Yarns. Yes, your nails look fantastic!!!😀

  10. It's funny how baby yearn usage differs. Here in Finland, if we are making baby/preemie assets for charity, example to hospitals: jackets, hats, mittens, socks, pants. They prefer the yarn to be pure 100% cotton or merino wool. Bamboo is also allowed. Alpaca is also allowed if it's not very fuzzy kind of alpaca and is soft. Blankets are allowed to have little coarse yarn or have little acrylic in them. But blankets also have to have over 50% wool or nature fiber yarn. It's said that who wants to wrap their children to plastic? Acrylic is cold when temp is cold and hot when temp is hot. And babies can't yet control their bodytemp. That's why everyone prefers nature fibers here.

  11. Is ice yarn cold or keep you from heating up? I ask cause i got a bed on the way that has ice yarn in the cover

  12. Looks like beautiful colors and I can see the softness. I'm going to have to give ICE yarns a try. Thanks Donna!

  13. Naztazia, all the ice irders I've seen are packaged differently. Is this a Ice club subscription?

  14. Thanks for the review. I did order some yarns but shipping is expensive ☹️ that said I think 🤔 it ends up cheaper than buying yarn 🧶 at the stores. Let’s see if the yarns are good or bad . 📦

  15. Hola Naztazia
    Reciba saludos cordiales desde Hidalgo, México.
    Todos los estambres están preciosos, cómo puedo adquirirlos ( comprarlos ) ??

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