Russian Join – How to Join Yarn With No Knots or Weaving

Russian Join – How to Join Yarn With No Knots or Weaving

Okay, so today we’re gonna be talking about the Russian join and the Russian join can be used when you want to take Another skein of yarn and add it to your project and you’ve run out of yarn So I’ll think of this as the end of my skein and now I’m needing to add new yarn So this is my new yarn that I’m gonna be adding and I put one over the top of the other It doesn’t matter which which side you go over the top just so long as they go right over the top of each other like that and then what you would do is You would take your tapestry needle and Put it on your yarn that you’re going to be working with remember this Russian join only works on a wool or natural animal fiber it does not work on plant fibers or cotton, okay, and then you as you see that I’m weaving my Tapestry needle Up into the into the center of the actual fiber it works really well with plied yarn, especially if it’s more than three plies, or at least three plies and you just keep going around and what you’re trying to do is take that tapestry needle and Put it right up into the center of the plies And as soon as you think you have a good amount Woven into there. See it’s right it on there. Then you would just pull it pull It through make sure that you’re keeping your loop on the other side of your yarn then you would Take this tapestry needle out One second here it’s a cut take the tapestry needle out and I’ll finish it off in just a little bit and Go over to this other side and put the tapestry needle on that on your working yarn side Okay, one more round to get in there All right, go And put that on there Then you would do the same exact thing Go up into here And start getting that tapestry needle down the center of that strand of yarn And you just do it for a good inch and a half or so The more the merrier so they say and just keep winding it around there And Yeah, okay, so I have a good amount on that side then you would just thread it through again and You want to get your tail out of there find the tail and get the tail out of there take your tapestry needle off now and just let your Yarn relax there And you see how it’s kind of Right in there. You want to pull it up pretty tight So your loop is pretty tight up there and then you’d pull this other side Go one second here, come on already stuck on there See I get it to behave there you go. No, it’s working better. I Want to get it close up to the top as you can without creating too much of a bump okay, and then you would take these tails that you have and you would go ahead and knit with your yarn and When you get to this tail? you can just clip it off and then just continue knitting on and all it does is make the yarn just a little bit raised but it doesn’t you can’t even notice that it’s a little bit thicker and That’s how you do the Russian join and that prevents you from weaving in quite so many ends

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  1. I've used a variation of this for several years with acrylic yarns and have had no troubles with it, so it will work on yarns other than wool.

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