100 thoughts on “Sailing at 18 KNOTS down the WILD COAST of South Africa! SV Delos Sailing Ep. 102

  1. Hey Delos Tribe!! This was such a fun sail! I can't believe we had Delos flying along at 18 knots! I Hope you sit back, relax and enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed the sailing:) How many people think Brian should have gone to the witch doctor? haha! Make sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe to spread the love 🙂 Much Love, Braidster

  2. Yup sounded like tick bite fever. – tetracyclines ( doxi) is choice Med. Low grade Fever at night, swollen lymph node near bite

  3. [Liz] Those stats are INSANE! I guess if you hit the wind and current right it's one big race track. Fantastico!

  4. I see you guys don't follow Monday Never and I urge to watch their latest video of when they crewed a boat crossing the Atlantic and how they rescued the crew of the Dove II. A family of 5 ranging from 7 to 70 years old during the 3rd week (dec. 21st) of the crossing. Winds picked up t0 30 knots with 20 foot waves and the rudder broke disabling the boat. The boat is still floating somewhere west of the Caribbean. That day the coast guard had 10 boats in distress and one they had lost contact with. Their blog and the Monday Never video has been post on most of the sailing forums. Maybe a video on safety and would your plans are if you become disabled far out to sea and do a video to and link the blog, Monday Never video, and the gofundme page. I believe SLV mentioned them in one of the recent videos also.

  5. Wow, what a fantastic adventure ya all are on! Super cool guys! Great attitudes, genuine friendships, and exciting sailing adventure your experiencing! NICE! Your trip has reignited a childhood dream I have had and now at 43 years old Im starting the early planning stages of an around the world voyage! Thanks to Delos and the crew there I have been inspired by all the videos shared here to fulfill this dream ;~) Im learning so much from what you share here and taking notes along the way! Ive already started to outline a rough draft for a route as well as Catamaran shopping! LOL Question; Did you have any favorite south pacific islands/ atolls specifically that you would recommend? Theres so many and Id like to visit the EPIC winners. Thanks! San Rafael, Ca

  6. Yo guys, Harry here. ( http://soundcloud.com/harry-e-seymour ) Great video! Have you by any chance read the book 'Lila' by Robert Pirsig?

  7. Videos are great! I think you'll change my life. I have Beneteau I sail locally. Now though you make me want to sell everything and take off.

  8. As an ex South African now living in Vancouver BC im proud that my people treated you guys right and showed you a good time. Thats what we're about.
    Love the vids you produce, absolutely epic!

  9. hello Delos, my name is Bruno and I was wondering if you are going to Brazil. I live in the north east of Brazil and part of group of saylers in the City of Natal and I love to meet you and show you around. take care.

  10. hello delos i just wanted to say hi. i found your channel a 5 days ago and i have binge watched every video on your channel. and i loved every minute of it. just wanted to say keep up the good work and safe sailing

  11. Loved the intro. Been with you-guys for years. You are now in a different place by now and we follow along behind many months. Still miss the rest of the crew. It is amazing how one can become attached over the net to people we will never meet. but perhaps I should never say never….

  12. You'll get a free 100 miles a day again along the north coast of South America. Nice!
    And tick typhus is NOT nice! Treat it with respect. You got to a doctor at the right time.
    Fair winds, Roger

  13. Karen,

    You've turned to a hardened sailor when the seas are rough winds hard, and you say "It's Beautiful with a huge Grin"! Go for it sailor girl!

  14. I have watched more episodes of Delos than Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers, The Walking Dead, mad men, and games of thrones combined. Something you all should be proud of. Great job.

  15. Hey Delos Tribe, Port St Francis, Cape Elizabeth, whatever, all great people. I fear your videos aren't just going to cost me beer, they are going to cost a whole yacht and a copy cat trip, only much shorter as I am much older. Thanks for the motivation.

  16. Love you guys. five years from my dream, amazing how hard it is to get rid of everything to sail…5000 square feet, to 2300 square feed, to 870 square feed, to 780 square feet.. doing everything possible to get our money in one pile. Amazing how possessions destroy dreams…dont let that happen to you people!!!! what is life if for living….Delos has discovered that. Dont miss what is precious about life!

  17. A computer backup, especially video content backup and editing would be interesting …BTW I have learned more through your videos than the Travel Channel …thumbs up

  18. a tick bite is serious,very serious !! My neighbour did die from a tick bite because he didn't go to the doctor till it was to late.always take antibiotics.

  19. Hey guys!! We ve been waiting for you to visit Mozambique, what happened?? We ve been following your journey for quite sometime wondering if you ll ever sail down this way. Mozambique Is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Africa 🙂

  20. 18.8 kn ! that's rocking. Brian, any concern with Lyme disease? from that tick. Maybe a test would be prudent in the next big harbor? Love, every video! miss Brady's night life/dancing in Madagascar! 😉

  21. really love your vids , been watching since the beginning, love how all these years you just make it work without selling out , keep it up , be safe!!

  22. I'ven't watched a delos video since you roamed around the Andal islands, (shame I know) but this was a creat vid to start following a bit better again. surprised to see you with just the three of you and no guests.
    And great speed !

  23. Tick bites are deadly problem, especially in Africa. Never underestimate that bugs. If it bites you and if you found on your body, never, ever, kill it while its head in your skin. Just put it gently with tweezers, then slowly turn it left and right, and pull it out of body gently… The head of the bug, inside of your skin, is poisonous like snake venom.

    Also, if it lives on your body enough, and if you dont see it, it enjects enough poison to make you dead! So, if your boat has a tick problem, it is a good choice to check your body everyday, and find a time to spraying the boat.

    check this one for removal of a tick : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27McsguL2Og

  24. How wonderful isn't that. Nice people showing up everywhere. Some cause they've seen on Facebook etc that you guys are in the neighbourhood. The "buy us a beer" slogan, and a dude pops over from the yacht club with a truck load o' beer. So many are following your journey on the net. You've got Friends from pole to pole. How awesome isn't that What a great life. All the best to ya all.

  25. At first I wondered how your videos would be losing half your crew. I like the way Karen has stepped into the "resident hottie" role. I loved the way Brady handled the break-up. At least on camera he was 100% human and full of class. Watching him smoke Ganga out of a beer can upped the legit factor to me. And gave me another reason to like the Crew. The new intro is SWEET!!! Whoever came up with that vision gets a pat on the back. Let's make a deal. You keep crankin' out the awesome videos and I'll keep watching. I even promise to Like & Comment.

  26. the visual wind map is gold! BTW Were you afraid to cross eastern Asia that way? I've heard there are A LOT of pirates on those waters. Wouldn't be safer to go south of Australia?

  27. Dude, so, …uhm……your drinking a 16oz with a 12 oz beer cooler…I'm not gona buy that…make it special…..make a "delos 24 oz cooler!" now we are talking…i ll buy one of those……[email protected]@~~~!!!!!!

  28. Delos/Brian, please do some research on Lyme disease. It is one of several tick-born diseases and is frequently misdiagnosed by the medical community. This primarily due to the lack of familiarity with the disease but also because the best diagnostic symptom, an associated rash, is often missing. I have included below a link relating some South African experience with the disease. It is not something to panic about, just something to keep in mind. I contracted it in 2012 (in Washington, DC) and have had no symptoms since my 6-week course of medication was done.

  29. In Canada We can get Lymes Disease from ticks , I'm sure you know that already. The thing that puzzles me is how did you get a tick to bite your hand. You must have been sleeping.

  30. I've been enjoying your videos for the last few weeks (just found them). I started about episode 80 and enjoyed them so much that I went back to the beginning and watched them all.

    Just a word of caution. In this video, after Brian was given the doxycycline for the tick bite, he mentioned that you had some some doxycycline back on Delos, but was not sure if it was still good. Tetracycline antibiotics break down to products that are toxic to the liver. Warm, moist storage is not good for any medication. Under normal conditions, most medications are stable for 1 year, but with the storage conditions on Delos, I would not recommend using a tetracycline product for more than 6 months after purchase. It would be better to be safe than sorry.

    Thanks again for your work on the videos. I look forward to new ones.

  31. How interesting Brady just hanged out for a while, then later on brought Karin, then josje, and now a 1008 cans of beers on board. What's he gonna bring next on board …

  32. I know you are already gone but while in St Francis you should visit St Francis Marine. They make the St Francis 50 catamaran. One of or probably the most capable cruising catamaran.

  33. I'm looking for a girl who loves to sail And who can become a crew on my sailboat It is a 44 foot catamaran Which is located in Cuba for the moment. if There should be someone who is interested in an adventure, Contact me. Sailing off next year 2018

  34. By the way!!! I've been bitten by a brown recluse spider, they can kill you at the worst and amputation as well… otherwise you can be just sicker like a combination of all the times you've felt like crap you're entire life… I hope this taught you not to wait. Awesome blessing's of good health for all of you.

  35. Still can't get over this episode. Has caused me to study windy.com and that area for several years ! Seems like it anyway , I guess it's only been out over a year or so. Jan 2017

  36. I recently found your videos they are amazing with a great crew. If this was a tv show it would be a hit. Love the vids keep up the great vids

  37. So the tick bite was Lyme's disease? I was given the same antibiotics and it cleared up no problem.

  38. Take a tea bag and chew on it or get it wet and squeeze most of the water out. Put it on the infection and wrap it in gauze. Make a new one every 2 days. it will draw the infection out. Works well with absest teeth also. When used in this manor, tea bags is a natural antibiotic. Then. smoke 2 joints and call me in the morning.

  39. What you most likely had was Rocky Mountain spotted fever! Doxy Knock it down fast! Bad new is it can damage internal organs!

  40. Love you guys I just got my life support shut off but wanted to say bye now may see you later my name is Robin

  41. Can't imagine the adjustment period that you all went thru when you went from 7 crew to just the 3 of you! Really enjoying this phase of your travels!!

  42. Brian, you probably had MRSA, a type of Staph infection common in Africa, Malaysia and is now common in the US. Comes from poor sanitary conditions and is easily distributed from person to person. You must tell the doctor to run test specific to MRSA as most doctors miss int diagnosis. Plus I would request getting both types of antibiotics associating with getting rid of MRSA, as there are several strains of MRSA and it's difficult to differentiate the difference between them. Basically, it's a blood born bacterial infection that shows up on the skin as welts that look like possible spider bites, but they are not. Spider bites are not common, but MRSA is. NOTE: After taking the full series of antibiotics, it is best to follow up with at least 3-6 months of 25-50billion count of 10-14 strain of Probiotics, as that type of antibiotics will wipe out your good gut flora and cause serious gut issues. But unfortunately, the only way to rid your body of MRSA is with both of those antibiotics taken for their FULL course. Otherwise, MRSA can cause major problems. So it must be done. Good luck. Let this be caution to going into poor countries where there are poor sanitary conditions and therefore, take precautions.

  43. Love, love, love, love Sailing Delos — Unfortunately now YouTube is hawking me to buy soap with infomercial inserts. But thanks for being who you are. Love Sailing Delos.

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