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Schoeller textile made its name producing
high-quality wollen clothing but these days the Swiss group is more
famous for its innovative ideas The switch came from the restructuring of the
textile industry in Europe so we had to leave our path and go in new directions so we went into
functional textiles, protection textiles, and also in today’s nanotechnology That
move saw the group produce and trademark NanoSphere a combination of chemicals that can be
applied to clothing to make them virtually self-cleaning NanoSphere takes its blue-print from nature that means we have plants in nature which
have a kind of nanoscaled surface structure and on these plants
nothing can adhere and that vision and hard work ends up on
this – a jacket that repels dirt and liquid such as Ketchup, red wine and even oils with just a little bit of
water The protective function of
NanoSphere is retained after frequent use and numerous washing cycles and the maker insists its technology won’t
even hit your bank balance These jackets, or garments, they are not
much more expensive than the normal price level of such
garments – these kind of finishings do not have such an impact on the pricing of the garment And in this beautiful Swiss setting Schoeller textile scientists are working on the
latest innovation clothing that can essentially heal, soothe
and protect your skin it’s called iLoad which stands for
loading, release washing and reloading but what does all that
mean? iLoad is a textile technology where we
put a kind of donor layer on the textile surface which is capable to absorb active substrates which can be discharged
when wearing the textile In other words if you suffer from dry
skin this product would slowly release
moisturizer straight on to your skin and best of all when your clothing runs out
of its moisturizer you simply put it back into the washing machine insert the special ingredient and the
clothing is reloaded with more moisturizer Schoeller hasn’t commercialized this
product just yet but when it does its application looks
endless We are actually looking on cosmetic applications but in the future
definitely medical purposes are one part of the market In other words
in the future even our medicines could be dispensed
by our clothing straight into our skin

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