Sensationnel Empress Evelyn Lace Front Red Curly Wig Review ☆DX4799 ft Mohair Fly  ☆ | SamoreLoveTV

Sensationnel Empress Evelyn Lace Front Red Curly Wig Review ☆DX4799 ft Mohair Fly ☆ | SamoreLoveTV

I’m a good girl but I wanna be bad for you Hey, Hey Samore Love Birdz what’s up what’s going on so, as you can see i’m gonna be doing a wig review and this wig review is going to be with my girl mohair fly she’s actually from New York as well and she does a whole bunch of different types of wig reviews as well as other types of videos because she’s always showing me the latest inexpensive types of lil mamas that you can get out there so be sure to check her out you guys if that’s something that you’re interested in so, the wig that I’m going to be showing you today is going to be another sensational brand wig and it’s very similar to one of the lil mamas that you guys had freaking loved you loved it shared it so many times it was like a instant hit so I was like let me see , how this one is going to kind of pan out because I actually I know you guys was telling me to keep it don’t give it away and you know what I gave it to my mom because it was around Mother’s Day and she wanted a new lil mama and I was just like okay mom I will give you my curly wig cuz she was like do you have any burgundy or reddish types of wigs and I’m like yeah I do so I sacrificed and gave it up so now I got me a next one and this one is called Evelyn it’s in the color DX4799 another color that I haven’t really tried before but from the website when I checked out and I was purchasing a few wigs I saw that it looked like a red color and yea you guys so I’m looking forward to seeing what wig she gets and maybe something like I might get in the future and this is mine so you know I love textured wigs I really love curls so going forward most of the hair that you’ll see me get for the most part and with a few exceptions is going to be textured wigs because I like how it resembles african-american hair or you know just my personal hair that grows out of my head it kind of matches that when it’s more texture and so it has the picture of the woman Oh as always has how it’s supposed to look with the name of the color and I usually keep that because I don’t keep the boxes and I do need something to be able to put it to know what the wig is and it has all the stuffing that it usually has in there which I always throw away and I need to keep these darn Nets but I’m so bad with them they always end up on the floor and then I just thrown in the garbage to be honest but I’m gonna try to keep that one so that the hair could look nice oh my gosh this is a really really fire type of red oh it’s kind of like a reverse I guess the d what is it the DX’s means this it’s like two colors see I’m starting to get these new colors cuz I got a lot of new colors out there first they came out with those ombre colors and now they’re coming with more with these reverse colors so cuz I was wondering where’s the roots at and that’s why because the black is on the bottom and then we have the red that’s on the top just like that so what I’m going to do is I’m going to should i pluck out some of the hair yeah I am going to pluck out little bit of the hair nothing too serious because the part actually doesn’t look too bad from what I can see but I still feel like it can look a little more realistic so hmm honestly it’s not really too bad at all I’m just gonna take out a few from the very very top okay so the wig is ready honey! look at these curls I don’t know I tell you guys I don’t see some foolishness that I dont be knowing what I’m talking about it just comes to my head when i say certain things it’s like I’m gonna like a karaoke or something alright so let’s just fix the straps put them in here right up in those things and I like how he’s how they make how they’ve been making a new straps now because they really you see how to have this little let me try to show you see how to have that little piece like that see because with that little extra hook it makes sure that it doesn’t come out because I’ve had my old lil mamas that I had when I used to hook them sometimes it would come out and that was so annoying cuz you have it on your head and then it come out it’s like : ok ,that is NOT the business right there ok so i made it too tight let’s go let’s open it up a little bit more I guess I must’ve thought I had a small head of something it’s not that small ok so now she is ready imagine I came to you out with this is my review . yall would be like girl bye let’s fix this unit a little bit see one thing that I do like a little more about the black ones the ones that have the black roots is that it’s easier to blend with my own hair because my hair is black but it’s you have to kind of pull it down a little bit just a little bit further because you got to cover the up the black because it wouldn’t make sense to pull out black if you don’t have black roots but like I’ve done before you can always make some black roots I had one red wig that was like fire red it was like that’s that’s like my ready for the parkway look with that one I’ve made some black roots and it just completely transformed the wig and made it look so real ok guys so I didn’t want to have the clown look so I took off the purple lipstick well it was like a royal blue it’s a royal from Mac I took that off I put on some Sephora this other color that I’ve never really worn but now that I lined it looks much better and what I did I put a little bit of rootage ” rootage ” so just me you see that I just made up a new word “rootage” I put a little bit of root using one of my old mascaras that I will never ever use again and I’ve actually never warned that mascara but on I keep that in my drawer just for those purposes when I gotta do a little quick fix to my edges or something like that so that’s what i did i put a little bit of root there i took out just a little smidgen of my edges because i wanted to wanted it to look more realistic so i felt like the wig was looking super duper Wiggy and another thing that I did was actually fixed my eyebrows if you can tell they’re like a burgundy color yes and let me show you guys how the wig actually looks see it it kind of reminds me of Beyonce mixed with k Michelle mixed with a little bit of Traci Braxton because Tracy does with him red wigs lately I don’t really like him though they kind of been looking Wiggy on her but it the color it kind of reminds me of that look at this you guys I am so excited look and the color combination is really nice like, I like how it goes from one to the other I never would have thought that the color was like this but and I never would I thought I would actually like it but this is much better than that other one that I showed you where it had the gradual color change where this one it’s really good because it you can actually see the black you know what I mean and with the only thing that I would have changed well two things that probably would have made the part a little bit bigger like is it’s decent I’m not going to live but I did tweeze it or just a little bit just a likkle bit and the other thing that I would have definitely changed would be to add some blackness here especially since you got the black down here I just think it would have been so pretty black roots red BAM and then into the black I don’t know if they have a wig that does all that i think the other way that they would have is probably just the black roots with the red all over I don’t think they have one like I’m thinking about this somebody’s won’t steal my idea is gonna be out there just watch don’t believe me just watch alright guys so let me know what you think about this week I am totally totally in love like I think that red curly wigs is like show me I think I’m gonna get another one and do another review if you know another one that you would like to see me where so far I’ve done the Tiana which I would try to link down below if you guys haven’t seen that review and you’re new to my channel and I will and now i have the Evelyn I think I wings another one right let me know I think I reason of the one somebody told me I should check out but I’m not really sure alright guys thanks for watching okay and don’t forget to check out mohairfly okay cuz she is super fly nah she makes me feel like I just want to rap even though I don’t even know how to rap and she’s my girl from New York so check her out okay and subscribe to a channel show her that Samore Love Birdz family love be sure to Stay Fabulous ,Live free and Soar, Limitless! I’ll see you on the next one later

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  1. Watch "Sensationnel Empress Lace Front Red /Burgundy Wig DX4799 ft Mohair Fly" on YouTube

  2. love the burgundy color on you! the unit is definitely giving bey* k michelle* a hint of tracey braxton!!

  3. Lmao I do the same thing, start singing random songs when I say something that I think may sound like a word in the song. Hahaha

  4. I like you lol…hope that don't come out too creepish lmbo!!! and that hair hunnnnnniiiii rock it*snaps fingers*

  5. There is a color out there that you described with the red on top with dark roots and dark hair underneath. I just don't know the official color code. LOL But this one looks good on you, nice job on the roots. Subbed!!

  6. what is your ethnicity? I'm hearing an accent but not sure from where. i'm Caribbean and it sounds similar to other mine and other Caribbean accents I've heard.

  7. Curls are POPPIN in this #Sensationnel Evelyn Red #LaceFrontWig #wig #curls #Samorelovetv #affordablehair #wigreview

  8. Mo sent me here. But I already subscribed to you❤️ No problem lol, I wanted to see you rock some braids or Locs. Thanks I like your channel, you remind me of my sister Barbara in Phoenix

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