Sewing a silk dress with silk satin details… what happens when your vision doesn’t go as planned

Sewing a silk dress with silk satin details… what happens when your vision doesn’t go as planned

Hey everyone, here is how I put together this
silk chiffon dress with these little silk satin ribbons. Now, this is going to be a little bit of a
different video… it’s not going to be a full on tutorial, but instead go over some
highlights of the project and things I’m not so crazy about, so take it for what it
is and maybe you’ll learn or get inspired along the way. So I
began with this teal colored silk chiffon. And I’m beginning with the skirt, so I’m
getting a clean edge the side of the chiffon by clipping and ripping it along the crosswise
grain. Then I measure up and clip how long I want
the skirt to be. Now chiffon doesn’t rip across the lengthwise
grain, so in order to keep things accurate, I’m going to pull a thread. In all honest, if this seems like way overkill,
you can get away with cutting your skirt with a rotary cutter and straight edge if you have
a big enough work space to keep things accurate. It won’t be as precise as pulling a thread,
but it will get the job done. I sew in a bit of a shoebox, so I don’t
have enough of a workspace to keep things accurate, so instead I’m pulling a thread. That gap where the thread was is now my guide
for cutting the top of my skirt out. I am using the selvedge edge of the fabric
as the hem of my skirt. I like to do this from time to time particularly
with pretty selvedge edges, and any holes left over from producing the fabric will go
away with a little tlc. You can move the fabric in between your thumb
and index finger and it should work itself out. So I had this whole idea of a ribbon design
mixed with some beadwork around the top of the skirt, and I took it to this small section
of floor in my itsy bitsy sewing space, but it became a hot mess in a hurry. I couldn’t keep the lines straight or anything
accurate, so I had to scrap that design and think of another one. Instead, I figured it was best to stick with
the thread pulling and sew the ribbon along with the tiny gap of those threads. So I’m doing three rows of this silk satin
ribbon. I spaced them and inch and a half apart from
each other. And I mentioned, I’m pulling a thread out
at the top of where each of those ribbons is going to go, so in my case, at the 9 inch
mark, 10.5 inch mark, and 12 inch mark. I’m not the best when it comes to pull a
thread out, and if your thread breaks along the way, just grab a pin and use it to pick
that thread out from the fabric so you can grab ahold to get again and continue the pulling,
no biggie. Once I have my thread pulled out, I line up
the top of the ribbon with that gap left from the missing thread and then use this silk
thread to sew the silk satin ribbon onto the silk chiffon… and I tell you what, this
was so relaxing to hand stitch in place. With all the silk, it was like sewing through
butter. I just ran a small running stitch on the top
of the ribbon as well as the bottom of the ribbon. I made a silk charmeuse dress as a lining
and there you go. Like I said, it’s not my favorite, but that’s
alright. Designing
and sewing is a journey and you learn and grow along the way. This design did inspire a flower girl dress
that I’m so close to being done with, so look out for that in the coming months. I hope this video was helpful. If you have any questions, please leave them
in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. As always, I appreciate y’all for watching
and I hope to catch ya next time.

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  1. Love watching your tutorials Sarah , and by watching them over and over again as you suggested really helps before making an item.

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