Sewing Piping : Sewing a Straight Line of Piping

Sewing Piping : Sewing a Straight Line of Piping

Okay, so now that we have this piping made,
I have maybe about two, three yards of it. I’m going to show you a couple of installation
tricks, for whatever project you might want to use it on. The first one I’m going to do
is just a straight seam, and no curves, just straight. So this might be something that
you could put maybe at the bottom of a curtain or, let’s see, at the bottom of a dress, or
something like that. So if you can imagine that this would be your curtain, and you want
the piping at the bottom, and you want–you want it to look like this at the bottom, and
it’s going to be–it’ll look really pretty just sitting at the bottom. So, okay, let’s
do that. I’m going to turn it back this way. The piping goes at the bottom, and it’s so
easy to do, especially with your piping foot. This is basically just something to hide the
seams, so if you can imagine it’s going–the piping’s going to be sandwiched in between
here, which is going to look really, really nice. So I’m just going to go in, act like
I’m sewing the piping again but in between two pieces of fabric, like I’m sandwiching
it. So we backstitch–always backstitch your projects. I’m just going to make sure that
it’s straight and even, and since it’s piping, if you want to look, it’s stretchy–don’t
pull it unless you’re going around a curve. If you’re going straight, you just let it
lay the way it wants to lay. You just follow along with it. You go right to the edge and
really avoid trying to–pulling it like this, because then you’ll just have a big wrinkly
mess. There we go. I’m just going to take this out and see what it looks like. I’m going
to go ahead and cut this off. Push this aside. And that’s what it looks like. There we go,
that just looks really, really nice. And then, if you wanted to, you could do a little top-stitching
right here on top and that would look really nice. Let me just pop this in. That’s just
to make it stay where you want it to stay. Okay, and top-stitching it like this is good
for a lot of things, like dresses, and like home decor, but not so much for round–round
things like pillows and stuff like that. So I’m going to cut that off, and cut this off.
And if this were your curtain, you would just go ahead and press it open just like this,
and that would be the bottom of your curtains. It’s very easy to install piping on a straightaway.

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  1. difficult to know in which order to look at the videos, but it's very clearly explaines, maybe if there were numbers or letters, it could help to find the roght order

  2. I have a 144w204, can a guy get a foot in the shape like yours? I looked, I haven't found one, oh ya, it's a walking foot, maybe they just don't make them anywhere.

  3. I have just bought one of these Singer machines in England, it is a 188?? cant wait to collect it, got it for only 17 quid!!! with a clutch motor & original Singer stand.

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