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To knit this shorts, you will need any type of yarn you want; I’m going to use these 4 colors in a macrame yarn 2.5 millimeters a crochet hook according to that recommended by the yarn. this is 2.5mm measuring tape you will also need: the measurement of the waist contour the hip contour, at this length and how long you want from the waist let’s start We start making the magic ring follow the steps you see chain 2 the first chain you have to adjust it well those two chains are the equivalent of the first double crochet Let’s make blocks. I’m going to explain what a block means you knit two additional double crochet in the double crochet, you take a loop and go through two hoops and then two hoops in this way you have three double crochet; because the first two chains are the first. You will call these three double crochet blocks. and we need to knit 4 blocks of 3 double crochet each 1 chain and then 3 double crochet I already have the 3 double crochet that are the equivalent of the second block I separate it with a chain and continue knitting 2 more blocks, in the end you must have 4; separated by a chain the last chain this way you already have the 4 blocks close the magic ring tighten it well this yarn is important to leave here loose in the meantime Now to close this first row, you search and in the second chain you have here. you knit the slip stitch let’s visualize the 4 blocks to start knitting the second row knit 3 chains; 2 represent a double crochet and 1 is the separation yarn over and here in the hole of separation of the first block we have to increase The pattern of the increase is: 1 block, 1 chain and 1 block we have to have 3 increases in this row Now to make the next increase, knit a chain yarn over and now you have to knit the increase. 2 blocks of 3 double crochet each. separated by a chain chain 1 and in this third hole you knit the last increase all increases repeat exactly the same pattern. 2 blocks of 3 double crochet separated by a chain and so it must be seen I’m almost closing the second row if you see, the first row has 4 blocks and the second row has 3 increases chain 1 yarn over Here is a last hole, but as we are not knitting in a circle; what we are interested in is doing this way yarn over and here you knit the last double crochet and in this way you finish the second row. to start the third row, in my case it will be the last one in this color because I want the shorts to be multicolored chain 2 turn over and in this little hole that is here, complete the first block by knitting two double crochet chain 1 and here you immediately reach the increase. knit another increase over the increase Then, here is a little hole alone. in that hole and every time you see a hole you only have to knit a block of 3 double crochet chain 1 yarn over and knit a block of 3 double crochet and here I already reached the increase.
whenever you reach an increase you have to knit an increase on Then, here is a little hole alone. in that hole and every time you see a hole you only have to knit a block of 3 double crochet whenever you go from one block to the next you have to knit a chain repeat the increase and now, the same thing you did on this side; you also have to do it on this side on this side I started with a block; I end here also with a block 2 dc you have to fear the last double crochet here, in the second chain; and so complete the block and the third row looks like this This yarn tells me that this is the reverse the right looks like this I’m going to change color if they won’t change color, keep repeating with the same yarn slip knot and start at the same stitch that ends repeat what you see these yarns that are left, then you have to hide them ok. chain 2 and we have to get to the hole, for this you have to knit an additional chain of separation yarn over and knit a block 3 dc chan 1 and from now on it is just repeating. every time you see an increase, you have to knit another increase 3 dc, 1 ch, 3 dc and then every time you see a little hole alone; you have to knit a block of 3 double crochet, separated by a chain you see that everything is a matter of repeating the pattern of blocks separated by a chain in this way the fourth row is seen, it is already taking the form that we need for the 5 row chain 2 turn over and there’s a little hole, just complete the block by knitting two dc and repeat the pattern of blocks and increases and you have to continue from now on repeating the same thing over and over again until you reach the necessary measure and well guys, once you’ve given enough rows; this must look like this This is a size S and measures 23 cm 37 cm 20 cm here on screen you have the measure that is needed for each size I knitted a total of 15 rows but as everything depends on the thread and the tension with which each one knit; this number of rows may vary ok anyway so you have an idea, it gave me a size M 18 rows size L 21 rows and size XL 24 rows is an approximate number of rows Then, this is the first part and before starting the second, I will teach you how to measure in case you are knitting it for yourself This is how it should be on the front make sure the width is up to the hip and the length should look like this and for the second part. that is the back part let’s see if the same measure works for you you see that there is still a little to cover what I am going to do is that the second part I am going to knit exactly the same but .. As the width measurement is not enough, I will make an additional row, repeating the pattern and long also needs a little, look. then we will knit the second part exactly the same; but in my case I will do it with an additional row and so is the back as you can see, it is slightly larger than the first part Now, remember that I needed even more to cover the gluteus then, as I already have the necessary width; I’m just going to knit in this part from this little hole to the other little hole here. without touching the sides I start knitting from here. slip stitch I’m going to knit only one row. but if you have the most pronounced gluteus then you do two, three or those that you consider necessary. and start repeating the pattern of blocks from here you end up with a double crochet cut the yarn and now yes. that’s how both sides look Now we are going to sew the sides Be sure to weave the joints backwards. look for your wool needle thread at the other end of the yarn you make the slip stitch and you will sew upside down you’re going to sew until you get here the back is a bit longer, but you will get to this stitch start sewing and make sure you cross both sides in the slipped knot, you cross the needle. this will be done to reinforce the beginning and repeat what you see. and once you finish both sides It should look like this the difference that is seen is because in the back there are a few rows of more Now, let’s start working on the waist part we start here slip stitch chain 3 yarn over and in each hole you repeat the pattern a block of 3 double crochet, plus a chain of separation and repeat all around to get to the beginning To finish this row, make a slip stitch on the second chain to start the second row chain 3 yarn over a dc ch 1 1 dc the idea is that these squares are formed Repeat this stitch of squares until the end of the row and finally, in the second chain you make a slip stitch and now you just have to repeat the number of times you want I’m going to make 4 or 5 rows the same for example This shorts is for me in a size XL you can put colors in the center if you wish and here I wove 7 rows so that it looks good high waist but it all depends on the measure you want I’m going to make 4 or 5 rows with an interleaved color to start the second and all the other rows from now on chain 3 and now just knit a double crochet over the double crochet you have below chain 1 and repeat I’m going to continue knitting and see you in a moment at the end of the last row. I made 4 this looks like this to finish the top chain 2 yarn over and inside the hole make 2 double crochet in the next hole a single crochet In the next yarn over 3 dc 1 sc 3 dc and this is the pattern that you will repeat throughout this row This is how the waistband looks then we make a cord to hold it let’s finish the bottom if you are knitting it for yourself, measure it to see how many centimeters it needs to close but, on average. a size S would be missing 2 or 3cm size M 3 or 4 centimeters and size L and XL 4 or 5 centimeters approximately slip not chain 2 and knit a double crochet over each double crochet In this hole you make a double crochet too and you do 3 double crochet more 7 double crochet left chain 2 turn over and repeat until you get the measure you need. I’m going to make only 3 rows because I’m missing about 3 centimeters now let’s join it in the part here you have to flip it because all the seams are done by the reverse sew stitch by stitch, until 7 dc is completed when you finish, you turn it over again to start knitting from the right Here we will repeat the pattern until you achieve the measure you want from the waist you have to go round and round until when you measure it and you have reached the necessary measure chain 3 and in each hole simply repeat the pattern of a block of 3 double crochet, separated by a chain on the side repeat what you see continue until you reach the crotch as there is no defined stitch, calculate the size and knit a block there Now what you are going to do from here on out is repeat the same pattern over and over until the necessary measure is achieved I’m going to make 3 additional rows when you finish the rows with the block pattron, You will repeat the same as in the waist. but you only make 2 or 3 rows of squares and make the last row a wave edge repeating the same as in the waist you do the same on both sides when you’re done, the shorts should look like this so you know the measures 30 cm 46 cm that’s the average for a size S the waist is going to be a little long, for this we are going to knite a cord to do it, you take two yarns, slip knot and just make chains This crochet hook is a little bigger. is 4 mm you knit the necessary ones so that they turn you around the waist As additional information, this is the size XL measures. 38 cm 58 cm the difference is between each size about 2 or 3 cm It is very important when we weave for ourselves, to try before closing them, because many times we do things with confidence and then we finish and we don’t have any left, or we simply can’t fit our legs. don’t forget to try on the clothes before closing them and the cord looks like this, it measures 120 cm. now you just have to braid it this way we reach the end of the tutorial Remember to subscribe, see you in the next video to learn how to make the top of this set. Thank you so much for watching, see you later.

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