Should you toss your “fat” clothes? – It’s a Good Idea

It’s a Good Idea with Angela Oberer Toss you “fat” clothes Tip #713 Hi there, I’m Angela Oberer and you’ve asked
me this question: “When I lose a whole bunch of weight, do I get rid of all of the old
clothes that I have in my closet that no longer fit me, or do I hang on to them because they
were really expensive and they’re super cool?” Aiee, you asked me, and my answer is “Get
rid of those clothes.” If you are going to all the trouble to create
a whole new svelte, skinny, sexy you, why on earth are you hanging on to old clothes that
now no longer represent you, they don’t fit you, they are going to be baggy and not hang right? Why are you going to hang on to those clothes?
Because hopefully if you are creating a new you, the new you is better than the old you.
(Screen says: If you keep them, you unconsciously expect to wear them again.)
So get rid of the old clothes, get rid of what’s in the past.
(Photos of Pat Oberer before and after weight loss) I’ve lost some weight and these clothes no longer fit me. I’m going to take them to the
Goodwill so somebody else can use them, because that’s a good idea. Get rid of what’s behind you. Okay, so they were expensive and you
want your money back. Send them to a consignment store. There are lots of stores that sell
slightly used clothing or vintage clothing, where you can go and give those clothes to
them, and they will pay you once they sell. If it’s not about the money and you don’t
mind just giving them away, give them to friends or family members who think you are super
cool and they like your style, and they would like to have those clothes.
The other option is you can take a tax deduction by donating them to a place like Goodwill
for example. Where they will take those clothes, sell those
in their store, and create jobs for other people. So if you have clothes that you’re going to
get rid of…hang them on the back of the door, and then take a picture of that item
of clothing. So that you have an inventory of clothes you’ve
sent to a thrift store or consignment store or whatever.
Maybe you just LOVE that outfit. So now you have a picture of it right? You can move forward
and keep the picture. It’s awesome. Now that you’re all super skinny and you’re
trying a new you out, try out a new fashion. Because that gives you a chance to maybe try
something you didn’t try before, maybe a new look, maybe something edgy, or whatever. Certainly
you don’t want to run out and buy the exact same thing that you had before just one size
smaller. Ah, don’t do that, right? That’s not cool.
So, get rid of the clothing that you’re no longer going to wear, because it will create
space in your closet, it will create space in your emotional energy, cause you’re not
hanging on to old stuff. And you will have burnt that bridge so you are not going back,
you’re only going forward. So get rid of your clothes because I’m telling you what, that’s
a good idea. It’s a good idea.

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