32 thoughts on “Sin i ja do 100K pratilaca | Son and I to 100K Subscribers | Macrame Magic Knots

  1. Well done, i am starting macrame, i had the cord beads ect gifted to me for birthday/christmas. I also crochet so have just subscribed to your other channel. New year wishes to you both

  2. Congratulations guys!!!!!!! I’m not start to work in macramé but I understand the technique because when I was a child I received a tutorials. I’m motivated to continued. Thanks!!!!!! You’re my motivation.

  3. Wow… Congratulations to you both absolutely love your chanel, I love the Angels on the wall behind you would you please make a video so we learn how to make it. Thanks…

  4. Parabéns!!!!!!!!!
    Poderia liberar legenda em português ou espanhol para facilitar meu entendimento? Meu inglês ainda me deixa a desejar

  5. Thank you for this video)) You are so charming, jesting & friendly ))) I wish you all the best!
    Special thanks for the idea of making Macrame Board (from my neck and spine) 8P
    Hello from Russia!

  6. .Congratulations you are an amazing artist so you deserve this success and wish the channel make it even more successful.👏🏼🌹

  7. Hi Tanja, I really enjoyed watching this video with you and your son! It really warmed my heart and made me smile watching the two of you. Of course, I had to read your subtitles. Congratulations on 100,000 subscribers! I love your work and you are truly talented! Thank you for your hard work and tutorials. Take care. 😘❤

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