Softening cut ends on alpaca BJD wigs for a more natural look

Hello, everyone! This is Lomi, and in this
video I’ll share how I trim a cut alpaca fiber wig like this one I made a few weeks ago.
Learning to thin the ends of the cut locks can drastically cut down on the amount of
fiber wasted in making a wig, since you can use more than just the natural tapered ends.
For this, I’ll be using thinning or blending shears. If you’ve never seen them before,
you’ll notice that they’re similar to scissors, but have one flat blade and one notched blade.
When you close the shears, half the hairs slide into these notches, preventing them
from being cut. Before I tried this on some leftover waste alpaca fiber, I consulted with a
cosmetologist on how to use these shears. She encouraged trimming small sections of
hair at a time, and using a quick, up-and-down motion while cutting to thin the ends. But
since the alpaca fiber is so much finer than human hair, I couldn’t get this to work. Experimentation
led me to an alternate method. Taking small sections at a time, I found that I could separate
the hair and then trim the ends like you might when using thinning shears on human hair,
cutting at a very steep, almost vertical angle into the lock of hair. Pulling back with the
shears closed removes the cut hair, getting it out of your way. To get more natural ends,
you just repeat this, cutting closer to the tips as you go on, creating a tapered effect.
You can repeat this as many or as few times as you like. When you brush the fiber all
back together, you’ll have a much more natural look. One thing to remember when using your
shears is that you should never just cut sideways. This cuts all the hair at the same length, which results in a blocky and unnatural appearance. Trimming the ponytail takes some
time, but you can see right away that thinning removes a lot of the puffiness, letting the hair
hang more naturally. Once I brush it again, it’ll be even smoother. So for a quick comparison,
here’s how the wig looked before… And how it looks after thinning. From this point, you can use human hair products on the final styling, which helps reduce bulk and smooth
the ends even more. That’s all for today, though. Thanks for joining me! Bye.

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