‘Spatulas Can Kill Too!’ says Right Wing after NFL Shooting Tragedy

‘Spatulas Can Kill Too!’ says Right Wing after NFL Shooting Tragedy

slowing the shooting my a attention nigeria devan belcher agency
chief uh… linebacker basically read a dive i think writes on fox on fox mr prodi or great contact but
they’ll be packing and copper trader but i a m are required to do with
popcorn and basically saying that uh… with doctor didn’t have it done uh… his uh… mother the the child is mother would bro prod
be alive yeah i mean all you do not want to
quickly just relaxing on the disability trade enquiries which will keep people
now at the age of the report three of them
will no longer be their next time lugar’s now and ground for the
republican party packages creator um… which you knew already purchased click welcome to the cost of doing it to
get me a similar situation which is the right there do you just it would be one
of these issues where you just know i discussed members never try to discuss gun because i have to write after
shooting on my god give you exploiting it uh… men that comes from fox news is
never exploitative neglected nine eleven iraq katrina uh… bengali splitting them between
bright uh… you know how to do that and not
talk about it because the right now is that if you do after talk about it eighty nine percent of people walgreen
with the people of common sentiment and all all costas was doing that night he actually mention the word controlling
him a gun control he said at concorde sure we have but we we glorify god with
a metal on it comes to the national rifle litigation people like that you know who would like to pick up
people come to the interview should be scared to lead to break in your house
public somebody with a darker do you think you know he better protect yourself going to be
determined that the complete crapped out constantly an increase in the courtroom people feel
that they have to have guns and the party courtyard we quoted from that uh… was of great piece by this writer
jason wedlock he said potentially that they’ve they bring guns
were not the worst in people they allow you to do things easy in the picking
fights would otherwise packing painting there’s just no doubting the need common
sense what studies will tell you that to antilles point in point was there some
things you can do by law anyone can come with and i think you can
do you know a lot of would change behavior which cigarette is reaching to
the court you’re around it you know um… your well what would
acceptable what was expected of people and i think that that that that is
another factor that which i read it often talk about could i often talk
about the politics moffett uh… in and then you know anyone should
afterwards he did give his opinion which word that we should have reasonable
regulations in whatever you know a good bye i do like always going to work with
meaningful legal gun and what we do i feel actually did golden increase which
i think we might talk to the classical colorado virginia north carolina picture though many people trust
president obama more in the n_r_a_ expiry dumping twelve million dollars
try to destroy him vital utterly failed on that count uh… dixieland and elect
a new people in the twenty two percent return on investment but unlike
foundation given a lot of texas seven senate recently spent over a hundred
thousand dollars that’s like a majority report marketing and are a lot as we dont it you have to at least point three and
i a m what would be ideal and it may call but
will expedite that white arm and do you know i work with work and i
got into the work of millions will go into one of the problem of the
co-founders mere bloomberg stirred a apac independent pat going after people
on who are terrible and and and what happened in california joe baca blue dog was terrible on
everything from his call quote unquote cliff to uh… to gardens to abortion rights anything
else that you probably believe listening um… the the new california system set
it up to that you had determined to top two vote
getters the primary whatever party where we are on the general too you know more
progressive state senator running against incumbent blue dog and this packet supporting reasonable
gun regulation came in attacked baca any lost so that you like
to know that you’ll just have to take three votes
anymore i’m gonna switches on the chin import less but if you talk about costed out there eighties reporting same thing but not
having background checks and you do that but you may make a practice in fact it’s
likely you will pay a price and get yes and then this again guess is uh…
broader point if you turned on a limb bothered in the
next day he literally spent i think in our bigshot um… listing off occasions where people
dot kill or were killed i should say armor by something other than guns now it’s not hard in a country where we have i don’t know
how many murders uh… over the course of the year me you know certainly double-digit tells
instead to come up with you know a dozen examples of someone
being killed by a spatula episode purposes that’s what he’s doing and and
of course you know this is this is the way that uh… limbaugh makes his arguments he
finds of one narrow example and that’s a c guns are the only thing that you know
any cars that can take a minute and of course in large expansion into a
pathological nineteen explaining his the funny thing is is a half the things that
he talked about we’re actually sailed plots weeks just proves the point think you
know like uh… this woman tried to marie husband by
uh… feeding and fiberglass thorough six weeks in the sporting any finally
figured out uh… they ended up getting divorced that’s the point had she used to garner
walked up to him in the head bom that would’ve been over ninna ninna flies
admit that is the only way behind it at the end of the marine animal up lunch
while women behind the building university tax department hysterical
unidentified below and killed like thirty of them that during that time at the guy uh…
you know who lost his mind you know aurora colorado what to do a movie
theater and uh… certainly spatula to people
right until twelve m it hit me back what you needed argument
so utterly stupid if i were nobody piercing but they do you have reasonable
regulations have gone the day to you you you the historic having a national
background check so that people who are are cruelly uh… you know that we have been proven
to be criminal who are mentally unfit and others he stop people he leaves you
try is not that many people and as possible from getting guns and i will
remind every had those checks but in place and that had been a federal system columbine uh… virginia tech and a
variety of the other reasoned that if you talk about would not happen focusing on what happen anti the stated
giovann belcher wouldn’t have still been able to do what he did i don’t know if
history was but if you change login you change
culture you make it something or you don’t people don’t feel like they have
to have a gun to protect them to know that they’re not getting pumped all this
propaganda by foxnews imbibe the n_r_a_ and others
certificate via would be a constant fear fear that somebody coming to kill you
committed to breaking out which really happens very few times but typically
every year for the patient get a security system
that makes you feel paper do whatever but healing again and then in something that
that work about all in terms of law at the culture is that people shouldn’t
kill insects what it what they should have to do in at some will anyhow but that when the conversation by the way he
was trying to get started and they don’t want that conversation
happen and that’s why rush limbaugh what will be what he’ll do straight class i
think that they i think we’re going to see more of that conversation because i
think it’s one of the few areas where the right feels they can at st and not
paying a little and you know they’re gonna need
something you know like now the band ozzie doesn’t seem to be capturing their
imagination uh… wheat you know he start to see you uh… the war on christmas crop up
because they had nothing else talked about and then i think the guns
is gonna be a big part of it but i think it constant anything that they are you get it would
have to carry it with that ninety percent two ninety five percent manufactured controversy uh… you know it was a stupid decision
made by two guys and the a_t_f_ would directly to the
list by who else but the other angle would allow anybody to be confirmed in
the planet and were in disarray because of things
that the other at the right did you make of the l_a_ and a dumb decision was made
through the became a conspiracy all the way up to president obama and i did but
that’s a baby right that they will be that the u_n_ another date would be
willing to take abilities there was a perfect could it always one-world government
black helicopters and explained every kindergarten taken away they will keep
trying to do it development lab similar to what has
happened in this election it would have been raped people often
how people that that baptist series continues to go back supported one they will learn it and it got trickling
down because the very thing demographics that will allow the won’t allow them to
take way birth control that would allow them to stop gay
marriage that will allow them to take compute can
clearly stop efforts to to at least legalize i would be criminalized pop if
not legalizing demographics are are jacket became right minorities women college those who are college-educated
others are much more in favor of reasonable gun regulation you obama coalition if you’ll recall
that than the old white guys that fox news
appeals x

80 thoughts on “‘Spatulas Can Kill Too!’ says Right Wing after NFL Shooting Tragedy

  1. Guns. Weapons of war designed for one purpose. DESIGNED for one purpose. To kill as many people as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible. It has ONE purpose, purposefully designed for one purpose. Keep your "hunting" rifles, with one shot per minute, but let go of everything else. Christ, gun nuts are pathetic.

  2. If spatulas have such a use for killing why do they only use them on things already dead? Why don't more hunters use spatulas instead of guns?

  3. I remember when this guy was walking down the street, and this other guy who was on the fifth floor of a building flipped his burgers…

  4. Lol, these dumbasses are the same people that say "oh I want to rehabillitate people who are released from prison"…but they shouldn't have guns and they shouldn't be treated like average citizens. Hypocritical much? When this jackass @4:00~ said that it's insane to not do criminal backround checks on people, he just lost alot of credibility with me. Just assuming that someone with a crime on their record is a terrible person, is REALLY bad for society.

  5. The problem with your logic is NO ONE IS SAYING OUTLAW GUNS ALTOGETHER, you idiot…. Some guns have no business being on the streets at all, and guns overall cannot have an unregulated market. It wont stop crime sure but the regulations would help in tracking down the criminals that use them, which is another point the confederate gun club seems to overlook conveniently enough.

  6. Precisely, the 2nd amendment doesn't specifically say what forms of arms are allowed. As such any one person based on the language can/could own a nuke heedless of the danger it might bring. And tanks? Funny you mention that because I remember an episode of ER where a guy steals a tank and goes on a rampage with it, so we have someone who legally owns one who has serious mental issues like most republicans, well let's just say the whole town will be in the obituary pages.

  7. Look, we have tons of regulations regarding guns. Just because you are ignorant of them doesn't mean that they don't exist.

    The only thing we don't have regulated is the transfer of privately owned weapons between citizens, the issue with that is the cost of enforcing it.

  8. You misinterpret what I'm saying. I'm not going to discuss what TYPES of guns people should be allowed to have and not have, I'm saying it's TERRIBLE to pick and choose who should be allowed to own firearms and who shouldn't. Even criminals and psychopaths should have the right to defend themselves. I also don't buy into the saying that "if everyone has guns we'd all be safer" because conservatives need to learn math: more guns = more shootings. Summary: my life matters as much as anyone elses.

  9. Hey, Guys, try looking at statistics. How many murders in your state? Now compare that to the number of DEATHS by automobile, they call these accidents.
    You Loose! Guns are not the threat, the threat is someone wanting to TAKE your right to own the only equlizer against evil! The rest of what you say is rhetoric crap.

  10. Liberals are as wrong on gun bans as Conservatives are with abortion bans. How many horror stories have Conservatives told about abortion? Didnt matter. Guns and Abortion; all the horror stories have been told. Americans still demand both rights.

  11. How in the hell was a background check going to stop two kids from shooting up a school? Thay was not old enough to buy the guns they used, they took them from there grandfather who did not have them locked up. You want to make laws to go on top of laws that we already have, to do what mite I ask, to make it harder for people that follow the law to buy a firearm.

  12. I live in a country with no guns, we have ~20 shootings a year, thats fatal and non-fatal combined and our crime rate in general is far lower than the US. People arent as confident about robbing someone if they dont have a gun. We have illegal street guns, but they cost ~$20,000 so only the organised criminals have them and since the punishment for having them is so high they generally only use them in self defence, in other words we dont have drunks, muggers and burglars with semi-automatics.

  13. Buddy I live in the USA I know my country well. You will never move Americans on either topic. It is a no-go. To the point that the GOP is thinking about abandoning abortion as a national issue. For the most part Dems abandoned guns as a national issue. Obama never ran against guns in his re-election.

  14. If you watched The Five the other day, you would've seen them blasting Costas for using a tragedy to push a political anti-gun agenda. After the commercial break, NOT FIVE MINUTES LATER, their next talking point was blaming the shooting on the decline of traditional marriage.

    If I could make a light bulb powered by Republican hypocrisy, it would outlast the sun.

  15. So if everyone in America is "ignorant and stupid", wouldn't everyone in Belgium be considered "ignorant and stupid" by your logic? You should have enough sense to know that you can't just judge a country, nation a whole civilization based on what you see from the outside looking in.

    Let me ask you a question okay. What have I done too you personally, to make you judge me so harshly?

  16. I live in el paso across the border from juarez and its common knowledge that all the drug lords get all their weapons from the U.S.

  17. Does anyone know when Bob Costas is going to comment on the death of the Dallas Cowboy player in a DUI with a teammate driving? I know Bob Costas will tell us exactly what we need to know. Bob Costas is always right. I wish I was Bob Costas. Really.

  18. No liberal has ever said ban guns, that's the problem with your statement. Some guns maybe, as I see no reason why sub machine guns should be sold over the counter or even sniper rifles for that matter.

  19. Liberals are wrong on guns, your reply is an example. Fyi there is no win here for liberals. The hypocrisy of being against banning abortions but for banning guns when both lead to deaths does not go unnoticed by the gun community. You look as stupid as Conservatives when they talk about "real rape."

  20. I recognize this. But does your country have a drug problem as well? Or a government that supplies drug lords weapons secretly behind the peoples backs? (US government's Fast and Furious program.) I Agree gun control is possible, but not when your nation is sitting on one of the most dangerous boarders (Mexico/American boarder).

  21. whats so wrong with a damn back ground check or keeping people from having too dangerous guns. im sorry but abortion which is basically between a mothers body and a noborn and the possibility of a crazy person with a sniper rifle? yeah no not the same.

  22. i hate that term traditional marriage because you know all they mean is a marriage is the crazy bible marriage that teaches you that women are suppose to be submissive and mold to their husband's wishes

  23. So I guess all cops are good? You'd BETTER come up with a better vetting system for law enforcement than we now have if you want to take away the right to own projectile-firing weapons.Because as soon as you take that right away from the Citizen, the wrong-minded folks who have the job of "protect & serve" will turn that in to a mandate of "stamp down the populace." It doesn't matter how you formulate your argument. You know it will go down like that.

  24. The 2nd is the Amendment that separates me from my Progressive kin. My Progressive sisters & brothers are far too pollyannaish when it comes to the Constitution that mandates the governing of our country. I -personally- believe the US Constitution to be the mandate for human behavior. I would NEVER advise a Human to traverse a world where she/he can't protect themselves from that which will kill them.

  25. Are you saying that the lives of the people who are supposed to keep criminals off the streets are worth less than the people they go after?

  26. You have it all wrong. Liberals are very consistent, logical people. They will certainly take those dangerous guns away from law enforcement, too. To stop violent black people, we must all hold hands and make love power shoot from our chest emblems, a la Care Bears.

  27. Lol, bad arguement jackass. All police are is citizens with the power to enfore the law, that's it. They shouldn't get special priveleges over any other citizen.

  28. I would get that defensive if someone said car ownership/cultue was a problem in the USA. Read the book "More Guns, Less Crime" The Facts suggest strongly that gun ownership is great net positive to saving lives.

  29. A gun ban would take away the right of an American citizen to save his/her own life. An abortion ban always has a few exceptions to it such as if the life of a mother is endangered. I wouldn't equate the two.

  30. Making a dumb statement the basis of your abortion stance is weak. Try backing your argument on something logical and intelligent.

  31. I accept that death happens in abortions and guns. Pretty hypocritical to get on a soapbox about abortion while carrying a Glock. Yes I know abortions kill more. I also know your side LOST. That is why I guarantee abortion will not be fought on a national level in 2016. The GOP will do with abortion what the Dems did with guns, leave it alone; cause when you in a hole you stop digging.

  32. Do you understand that cars are made for the express purpose of killing people but pistols are? Do you understand that this issue here is the psychology of the gun; not whether or not people are dangerous motorists? Point guards are supposed to be smart. You're a waterboy.

  33. Considering I'm a member and an avid recreational shooter, I get my fair share of NRA literature. However, I'm by no means a fear mongering racist lost in violent gun culture as Mr. Whitlock suggested and as Costas repeated. It's a tragedy what happened with Belcher's situation but just because he flipped he lid doesn't mean 87 million other gun owners are going to. Just because our high capacity magazines and slidefire stocks are legal does not mean we want to burn the town down…

  34. Why the fuck are Republicans such gun-whores? They'll do anything to protect their precious firearms and they don't care how many people die as a result. This is what makes people like me scoff at the notion of "American values".

  35. Our (We the People's) constitutional right to own guns is the reason to never let hypocrite government gun grabbers take them from us. Instead of idiotically wishing no one had guns, because that will never happen and should never happen as the forefathers laid out in their plan when creating our country, maybe you could consider self defense as a viable option…???

  36. You are upamanass so you are an Idiot Fail.The purpose of a pistol is to kill a person. Your one dimensional view is representative of the failed education system. You should not be teaching based on your lack of sound logic and drawing conclusions with made up facts.

    How many inanimate objects such as guns and knives have killed people.


  37. You really know nothing. You don't understand laws or people's rights. I would spend my time better talking to a wall then talking to you.

    You are dismissed, troll.

  38. They day the politicians try and take out guns away the day blood will flow. Patriots will never surrender their arms. NO WAY, NOW HOW. BTW when these celebrities I see wanting more gun bans give up their personal body guards who carry guns I may follow.

  39. I'm a moron for thinking people like you – people who threaten murder if laws are enacted that they don't like – are exactly the kind of people who shouldn't have guns?
    Just who are you planning on murdering anyway? The cops enforcing the law? The congressmen/senators/president/judges who made/upheld the law? The people who democratically elected them? Just how big is your hit list?
    And, other than horror, what will your little murder fest achieve, Mr "Patriot"?
    Yeah, I'm a real moron…

  40. Do you understand guns purpose are for protection? And if someone is going to threaten your life or someone else then yes a gun can be used to kill someone. The gun is a tool. A car can be used to kill someone also and has. The issue is not the gun nor is the issue the car but those using the gun and those driving the car. Get it??? Doubt it .. you wrote "psychology of the gun". Does a gun have a brain/emotions lol. I do think you need to get to bed earlier and you aren't thinking clearly.

  41. Yeah. Because the school & theater shooters were defending themselves. Because every killing in my hometown is the result of self-defense. You're a fucking imbecile.

  42. I said the purpose of guns…. All those you mentioned were sick and neurotic people and given your temper you a bit sick and neurotic yourself. Why the vitriole? Get some sleep.

  43. Yeah. Because assault rifles are made for something more than assault. And I guess you abandoned the self-defense premise because you realized how stupid it was. You're a fail.

  44. Really you should get out of the teaching profession. Anyone who can't discuss something in a civil way should not teach american children.

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