Spinning Up Close On a Drop Spindle

All right, I’m going to show you a real close-up on spinning yarn And I want you to see the action of my thumb and forefingers as well as this this twist Traveling up into what’s called the little sheep’s gate And it’s a triangle so you constantly want to make this nice little Triangular shape if you don’t the fiber gets all caught up in there And you have a mess so we’re gonna go ahead, and I’m going to show you up close What this looks like when it’s spun so? what I’m going to do is I’m going to start here going from the knee to the hip and Now I’m going to open up that sheet gate, and I’m letting that spin travel that opening the sheep gate Let the spin travel up open the Sheep day, and do you see how that fiber is not hooked together now? It’s a solid and then now I’ve lost my twist, so I’m going to go ahead. I have a nice couple inches You know quite a few inches there and roll it onto the cop and when you roll it on to the cup I want you to notice that all the weight needs to be right down in here. Don’t roll all the way down here Just keep it all towards the center right in here and that’s going to help balance when you do your drop spindling so once again rolling up and Watching that sheep gate travel up notice How nicely balanced my spindle is these Cascade spindles are really nice and very lightweight, so? I’m going to go ahead and travel up the cot put it in the little notch hook it around and rolling up Once again letting that letting that just travel up I would recommend starting with about 4 ounces of roving start with you know this the merino test That’s very nice or the core endale, but you’re just kind of just experimenting around get a nice one of these cat skates spindles and just practice travel up and Keep going when I first started Learning to suspend. It should be about a good month of just practicing this until now I do it for just your enjoyment I want you to notice the Consistency you’ve got your goal is spin with this nice Consistency where it’s all the same grist the grist is the actual diameter of the fiber itself so you want it all to be the same and Then when you’re resting. I just tie it around here hold it back and that’s how I store my fiber So it’s not going to come undone Well have a good day

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