Stratum Weighted Blanket

Sleep disorders, which is the general cause of unhappy
day to day; it significantly increases anxiety and depression. The Anxiety Quilt, designed according to scientific
studies, helps to provide the ideal sleeping environment against all these problems. Hundreds of thousands of people every day
are starting to get tired. Night sleep continues to become increasingly
difficult due to today’s stressful living standards and intense paced working conditions. This causes panic attacks and anxiety, as
well as chronic fatigue and even physiological disorders. Stratum Anxiety quilt,
With its design and the quality of the materials used, a perfect night’s sleep will help you
sleep. The pressure applied by the body to the sensor
centers increases the levels of melatonin and serotonin by giving a feeling in the womb
and decreases the level of cortisone and accelerates the sleep process. It minimizes perspiration to a minimum and
helps you to sleep comfortably, making it a habit to sleep. The easiest way to sleep

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