100 thoughts on “Stray Kids 3RACHA (스트레이 키즈 쓰리라차) – Double Knot [Han|Rom|Eng Color Coded Lyrics]

  1. although I don't know Korean I can somewhat sing along with chan and jisung but honestly fuck even TRYING to rap with changbin. it is not humanly possible

  2. Idk why but I feel like Chan has a little lisp? Like, when he says "like mate, stop procrastinating" I can hear a slight lisp and it's the cutest thing I've ever heard along with NCT's Johnny's lisp. 10/10 I love Bang Chan so much 💞💞😭😭

  3. I learnt Chan's verse now I'm off to Jisung's. But no way in hell am I going to be able to learn Changbin's. Dood's rap is faster than my own dog running away from me when I call it yikes.

  4. My 8 fastest 3racha raps
    1. Double knot(75 syllables in 8 seconds-9.38 syllables per second)
    2. Hoodie season(69 syllables in 8 seconds-8.63 syllables per second
    3. Matryoshka(66 syllables in 8 seconds-8.25 syllables per second
    4. For you(Changbin's verse)(63 syllables in 8 seconds-7.88 syllables per second
    5. Small things(62 syllables in 8 seconds-7.75 syllables per second)
    6. Start line(60 syllables in 8 seconds-7.50 syllables per second)
    7. For you(Han verse)(59 syllables in 8 seconds-7.38 syllables per second)
    8. Broken compass(58 syllables in 8 seconds-7.25 syllables per second)

  5. When i get to Changbins part in any song, i immediately slow down the video in hopes to catch a spark of his fire being spat

  6. Why isn't anyone mentioning about the beautiful message in this song, reading the lyrics you might think "ehh it's a song about their shoes" or anything related to that.

    But for what i understand, they always make sure of everything they do, even tho everyone says don't do it it's already okay, they don't listen to them, they want to give us the best content that they can offer through immense amount of effort and passion.

  7. “Like mate stop procrastinating”

    Anything for you chan

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