Studio Knit’s VELVET PUMPKIN SOFTIES 💖 Free  Pattern

Studio Knit’s VELVET PUMPKIN SOFTIES 💖 Free Pattern

Knitting Velvet Pumpkin Softies Hi I’m Kristen and welcome to STUDIO KNIT. Enjoy decorating your home in these touchably soft velvet pumpkins that you can knit up and they look great all throughout
the holiday season using the same pattern you can up different sizes of
your choice in today’s example I’ll be knitting up this cute little mini
pumpkin size and if you liked this project and would like to see more of
what I do here at studio knit please make sure you subscribe and if everybody
can like up this video it will really help me out for our materials we are
starting out with a yarn I’m using BERNAT VELVET yarn it’s a bulky weight
yarn feel free to use any yarn of your choice size 7 knitting needles you’ll
definitely want double pointed needles and we are knitting flat on straight
needles and of course scissors and a tapestry needle now for your needles if
you’re knitting a mini smaller size then just regular straight needles will do if
you’d like to make the larger size we are knitting it flat but circular
needles help you knit a longer piece and of course you’ll
want some sort of stuffing I am using just some basic polyfill I have an
Amazon shop that lists out everything that I’m using in this video I’ll have
that linked down below if you’d like to check it out for our knitting pattern
everything is available over on my website totally for free and if you
would like a printable pdf pattern that you can download that is available to
everybody on my studio knit mailing list our gauge swatch is created with 14
stitches across and 20 rows up using our materials in the stockinette stitch
pattern and I want to point out that the knitting needles are size down smaller
than the yarn suggests because we want to knit up a really tight weave
to begin we create our beloved Slipknot and we are going to be casting on six
stitches now it’s six stitches no matter what size pumpkin you choose to knit up
and here’s a close-up of the pattern we’re beginning with an increase section
so those six little stitches we’re going to be increasing it row by row our
increase section is kfb that’s knit front and back so you knit your first
stitch but we are not taking it off of our needle we’re actually coming back
around after we knit in the front we knit in to
the back to increase from one stitch to two so right here we have two stitches
on our needle let’s do that again closer up we knit into the front now we don’t
take it off of our needle we come around to the back knit again into the back and
we have increased and we do that on every single stitch so now we have 12
stitches on our needle and all of the even rows are going to be just a
straight purl stitch all the way down the row of course this is all written
out for you in detail on my website and in that PDF download I just want to sort
of give you an overview of a few little items so that you can see exactly how
they are knit up let’s look at one more increase row so Row three you’ll see an
asterisk little star and kfb so we are knitting front and back again this is an
increase stitch where we’re going from one stitch to – so that’s the kfb and
the next is k1 that just means knitting one stitch and then there’s another
asterisks and this means that you’re repeating in between those asterisks so
you’ll do kfb again we’re knitting into the front and then we’re going around to
the back to create that in crease stitch and then we just finish up
with one little knit stitch and there are increase rows going all the way down
within the pattern and then you’ll be jumping to the stockinette stitch
section say that three times fast depending on how big your making your
pumpkin so for my little mini pumpkin here all of my increase rows are
completed and you’ll see that it’s taking a nice little rounded shape
already here’s the front of our work the right side of our work it’s nice and
rounded it has some great dimension to it if I flip it over you’ll see on the
wrong side on the back the little concave bit and let’s just place it down
and next is the stockinette stitch section and that’s really simple that is
just knitting the first row and purling the next so since we are doing our mini
pumpkin we’re just knitting four rows of the stockinette stitch pattern so that
means we are doing four rows so that’s Row one two three and four knitting all
purling all knitting all and purling all it’s just straight stockinette and now
it’s time to decrease already and the decrease instructions in our pattern are
based on the size of the pumpkin so we are doing a mini so that means we are
jumping to row 13 and then knitting from 13 all the way down so let me show you
what these decreases are it’s k2 together so instead of knitting one
stitch unit two together and that decreases it from two to one stitch and
then we are knitting just for regular stitches and let’s do that one more time
we are knitting two stitches together to decrease and then knitting four and we
are just going to follow along according to the pattern let’s do one more here
this is row fifteen we are knitting two together and then we’re knitting three
stitches and then we repeat in between the asterisks again with that knit two
together until we get to the very end and we have six stitches on our needle
just like we did when we began and get a little bit of a yarn tail and you will
cut your yarn weave it through that tapestry needle and just weave it
through your stitches we don’t have to bind off on this one that’s fun so we’re
just sort of cinching up and then we are going to fold our pumpkin with the right
sides touching so on the outside is the wrong side and we are going to just
simply tack our edges together about three-quarters of the way all the way
across and now with this little opening here we will just turn our work right
side out so that nice pretty stockinette that smooth surface is what everybody
sees and we take our stuffing and just lightly stuff your pumpkin ball it turns
into this really pretty ball you can actually make a knitted ornaments stop
right here and then go ahead finish up seaming it cinch it together and I am
going to cheat you could weave in your ends I am just going to knot it a couple
times right here and cut off these yarn tails now next you’ll want to get a nice
long piece of yarn and I’m going to double it up because I’m pulling really
tightly on the yarn and this velvet yarn is delicate if you pull on it too
tightly I’m putting the two ends through my
tapestry needle and then I am going to go ahead and put it right there through
the center and I have the little loop there I’m going to take my needle and
knot through the exact same hole but a different one I’m going to take it back
down through my little pumpkin ball and sent it up nice and tightly just
threading it through that loop helps keep it secure and from here we do what
I’m calling pumpkin wedging and that is just wrapping the yarn around the
perimeter of your pumpkin and cinching it up I’m going to make six little
wedges on mine you can make as many or as few as you would like and when you’re
done you can either weave in your ends tie them off whatever you’d like to do
and cut your yarn now we’re going to make our little pumpkin stem doing an
i-cord if I cord is new to you I’ll sort of give you an overview I have a great
eye cord video that I will link to for you you need double pointed needles to
make this and we are going to cast on four stitches onto our needle and before
you knit it you slide the stitches all the way to the other side and then you
knit from that end right there I like to pull on the yarn tail when I’m starting
the icord to sort of help give it its shape and continue until your iCard is
the length you desire right is about two inches long here just tack it right on
to the top of your pumpkin and you can choose which side you want to be the top
and the bottom of your pumpkin weave in your ends cut off your yarn tail and you
are done I hope you are inspired to knit up these beautiful velvet pumpkin
softies it is my new tradition for seasonal Halloween and Thanksgiving home
decor here at studio knit thank you so much for watching please subscribe make
sure to get that knitting pattern over on my website and I will see you next time, guys BYE!

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  1. Another great pattern !! I love this 🎃 I got some of the velvet yarn today. I know what I will be doing this weekend ❣️

  2. Those are amazing! Love that yarn – making a blanket from that velvet yarn. So lovely to work with!

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