Stuff Riders Say…About Blankets: Episode 1

Stuff Riders Say…About Blankets: Episode 1

SARAH: First of all, how did you do this? Second
of all, why did you do this? Is this too loose? Are these too tight? Oh, you layed in poop again!? Do you think this fits? Have you tried a high neck? Have you tried a stock horse cut? Have you tried a closed front? Have you tried the vari-layer? Well, have you tried just duct-taping his
blankets on? Does anyone have a spare leg strap? Ah. I just patched this. Well, no, she doesn’t need it. But plaids
are her thing. How does she get hers to hang so nicely? Just tell them, you like the monogrammed blankets
better. Do you think he hates me because his blankets
are purple? I feel so bad for him. She does not know what
size to buy and his butt is always hanging out. This can probably be repaired, right? And then the cooler shocked her, and she bucked
me off. This must be the wrong bag. Yeah, sorry about the smell. I’ve got blankets
in the back. Hey, can I borrow your clippers? KAITLYN: Have you heard about
SmartPak’s Blanketing App? SARAH: Yeah, I think I saw it
on Eventing Nation. Yeah, I saw it on The Legal Equestrian. Yeah, I read it on Bel Joeor. Is that how
you say that? Yeah, I saw it on Breeches and Boat Shoes. God, I feel so bad for him. She does not know
what size he is, and his butt is always hanging out. KAITLYN: I’m sorry! (laughing)

35 thoughts on “Stuff Riders Say…About Blankets: Episode 1

  1. ive had about 4 different people send this to me because of the purple blankets comment. bc my poor pony is in the worlds most ridiculous purple sheet she looks like a pinata

  2. Somehow my mare got a hole in her blanket right where her tail is and whenever she ran somehow her tail would end up sticking out of that hole.

  3. Your horse more than likely doessnt need a blanket.. horses are great at making themself warmer, but have trouble cooling down. Unless its like -16 or cold and snowing, you do NOT need a blanket.

  4. my horse found a way to rip the inside of his blanket, and then after we patched it up, he ripped the belly straps off… then he ripped the blanket in half…

  5. I love animals and really appreciate how particular horses are… and arenโ€™t. I love this channel but so glad I never got into the money pit of horses! (Yโ€™all make it tempting for sure though)

  6. My gelding has gone through three blankets…he tears them to shreds and I don't know how he does it. It's always the belly straps that go first, then he tears the outer lining before (somehow) getting the blanket off of himself and leaving it somewhere for me to go and wander the yard to find it. Every. Single. Time.

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