Susan explains why she is excited about Blessed Pillows custom-made scripture pillows

– I am Susan Haynie, I go to Summit Church in Lincoln, California. I just ran across a product that I’m excited about and
I just wanted to tell you that you might enjoy as well, called Blessed Pillows or Blessed Pillows and they’re brand new on the market. Actually they were just put
out there on Facebook I think on Easter Sunday, so they’re brand new. Behind me you’ll see some different sizes from 20 inch pillows
down to 14 inch pillows with varieties of scriptures on them and in different colors
and patterns and things. I just, I’m excited
about it for this reason I think the time has come
for this kind of a gift it’s unique, it can’t be
purchased anywhere but online. So have fun exploring
the sizes and scriptures and fabrics and colors and
things that appeal to you. What I think is exciting
is as a gift giver myself I can share a favorite
scripture with a loved one I can use these as gift ideas
for weddings, birthdays, christenings, baby showers
anything like that. Even, I want to say housewarmings and things like that for friends, not to mention inside my own home. So choose the colors and
fabrics that appeal to you, choose your favorite scriptures check out what’s online there and enjoy. The prices range from 20 to $30 depending on the sizes from 20 inch all the way
down to 14 inch pillows I think you’re gonna find
something for everyone and you’re gonna have fun doing it, enjoy. This one is John 3:16,
everyone’s familiar with that. For God so loved the world,
he gave his only begotten son. Well I say it in King James version. That he so ever believeth
in him should not perish but have everlasting life. We have the cute, cute
little bunnies there. This one is a puppy, picture
some soft white fabric. Oil and perfume make the heart glad and the sweetness of a friend
comes from his counsel, that’s from Proverbs, and
on the back you can see the logo for Blessed Pillows, I love it, Love everything about it. This is the foil, which
is my personal favorite, the foil font here, they all have the removable, washable covers, a little zipper that keeps them hidden very nicely. So, I think you’re just gonna really enjoy having fun with these.

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