11 thoughts on “The Complete Guide to SOLAR POOL COVERS (Solar Blankets) | Swim University

  1. Regarding pool covers deteriorating … I had that problem mainly when I removed the cover, it rubbed along the edge. I bought a roller and have not had that problem the past two years … no bits/pieces of cover in the pool.

  2. Pool maintainence business owner in Jersey…. First pool blog that I found that is factual and honest…. And fun… I'm considering using your videos as tutorials for my employees then testing them afterwards… Keep it up… I'm very impressed… I will help you guys "keep the lights on" and purchase your online stuff… good work

  3. Does using a solar cover increase chlorine level? I noticed since I've put it on my levels are 5.0. I'm using stabilized chlorine.

  4. Great video. Question – I understand the longevity of the thicker covers (16 mil for instance) but I have a 27 ft above ground pool and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a reel system that can handle the thicker weights. The descriptions list info about rolling the covers up and removing the reel before swimming. It all sounds incredibly difficult. Any advice on the best reels to use for removing and rolling out covers on larger pools? Also, do you have a video that shows how the reels work? If not, that would be a great one for consumers. Thanks.

  5. I have a 16×32 inground. I disagree that solar covers do not actively heat your pool. Obviously what you said is accurate that it keeps heat in but that's the point. It's doing a job. Take a nice hot 90 degree day. Solar cover off. By about 3pm the top foot of water will probably be mid 80s. Same scenario solar cover….100 degrees top foot. Turn your pump on so it all mixes and you got a pool around 90. Best results is cover on all night and all day till swim time.

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