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  1. I dont buy the theory of the giant wave killing all three people. It feels to incredible to be true. To much of a Hollywood-movie. I think that there may have been a fight or brawl between two of the men inside the lighthouse. One person may have fallen to his death in the stair or something during the fight. One person dies. The other two panic. The two men agree to get rid of the body. They carry away the body towards the cliffs in an atempt to throw the body in to the sea. They got to close to the edge of the cliff and both men slips down in the sea. All three bodies ar carried away by the storm and the waves.

  2. Your voice is so soothing and comforting . I listen to your stories when I'm stressed or even just to wind down to sleep .

  3. Truth is it was probably a freak wave, I've been hit by one while fishing off a pier, it took all my fishing gear and the box it was in (a very heavy metal tool box) and would have took me to (all 6 foot 2, 18 plus stone of me) if I didn't hang on to a near by metal rail for dear life i'd have just disappeared!

  4. Cthulhu visited for some good old fashioned tentacle rape. A Japanese Scientist is said to have witnessed the incident while sailing nearby on an expedition to study whales…

  5. I know it's not scary depending on your perspective but can you do a story on the Third Secret of Fantim. A old alleged True happening that was to warn us of things to come.

  6. I've been binge watching these because I love them. Something about this story made me realize how handsome the narrator sounds. So noble. So charismatic.

  7. Just got done watching the movie. It was excellent y’all should watch it!! It is called “ The Vanishing” also sub to my channel please trying to get to 100 hehe

  8. The upcoming thriller "The Lighthouse" starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson may have been loosely inspired by this. Especially when you consider the historical setting and Irish folk music the trailer reveals.

  9. Those are tiny islands though. Here in South Carolina we've been battered by POWERFUL hurricanes that could easily overtake the barrier islands here in SC… I truly believe they were trying to survive a huge hurricane, Category 5. They can last for days and the storm surge and winds only keep increasing as each band rotates overhead. Terrifying. And I live 70 miles inland!!! Hurricane Hugo of 1989 was the scariest weather event I've ever been through.

  10. I bet the first guy died trying to make emergency repairs and the remaining two men stopped the clocks to mark his time of death. But as the storm continued the other two men were overwhelmed and died due to the same storm. Hurricane

  11. New sub here . That was excellent , I always believed the fake details ( the log book mentioning crying and so on ) so I have now learned some new facts ! Great stuff , thankyou !

  12. Obviously they jumped off the cliff accidentally landed in a UFO then got dropped onto a boat full of babes then lived happily ever after

  13. The physical damage around the island indicates a hurricane perhaps category 5. The fear written on all 3 men into the diary, maybe reason enough to abandon their post. Something back then men would not have admitted.

  14. Fun fact. It's been said that keepers following the event reported hearing voices in the wind calling out the three men's names

  15. There is a terrific video game made by Jonathan Boakes based on this mystery. I have played it several time and it's as spooky as the tale itself! Check it out!!

  16. I dont find this that strange…it was dangerous and 2 people probably fell in…and the 3rd tried to help and also fell in, or as the video states the wave explanation…

  17. just watched the movie and its good "The vanashing".Its a mythical tale of gold and conflict.
    but hearing this and larhe rocks would mean a large swell swept them off.

  18. Maybe pirates or other criminals came to the island and kidnapped them. That would explained the lock door….maybe

  19. I hadn’t realized that the bits about the half-eaten food and journal entries regarding the men’s mental health had been embellishments! I’d heard this story from another channel before but the presenter included those bits of info in their retelling as if they were fact. I also hadn’t known about the extent of damage that the island and lighthouse suffered from the storm.

    Given those things I’m now convinced that it was a freak wave that swept all three men out to sea.

  20. I think it was a rogue wave. Some of the weirder details might have been fabricated. Or, maybe it was a time slip?

  21. Aye we hunted high and low and hunted everywhere. Of three men fates we found no. A door ajar and untouched meal and overtopple chair. THE BALLAD OF FLANNEL ISLE.

  22. No mystery. The magnesium bath the light cone floated in heated and the gas drove many lighthouse keepers mad and many jumped into the sea or off cliffs. A well known fact.

  23. It was the distance between them and your sexy voice that caused that. I am addicted to you and this channel

  24. Maybe one of the men went insane and rushed out of the lighthouse perimeter without his protective gear. That would give the others time to lock the door and head out in search of him.

    Perhaps next they found the crazed man near the ocean and the wave got all three as they were trying to help him

  25. The Vanishing movie was about this incident but I was disappointed with the writers idea of how the men went missing. Thumbs up to the cast though.

  26. Thiz sh*t iz spooky dude them just vanishing lYke that, yeah i alwayz come back 2all your storiez i can keep hearing them over n over b4 bedtime😉lol

  27. If the clocks ran on batteries and were last changed at the same time them stopping isn't really odd. If they weren't battery operated, could lighting have stuck the tower and caused a power surge?

    I think they were swept away. Two of them go outside with gear on, one stays inside but runs out to warn the others and doesn't bother putting on his gear because he can't afford to waste time.

    The doors being locked is the only problem with that theory. Unless they were fire doors, which may or may not have existed back then. I'm talking about the kind of doors that can be opened from the inside even when locked to make an emergency escape easier, but they're still locked in the sense that you can't open them from the outside. If the lighthouse doors were like that the men could have simply forgotten to unlock them so they could get back in. Maybe the third man got to the others in time only for all of them to be locked out, and ultimately be swept away by a different wave while trying to find a way back inside.

  28. The clocks (plural) having stopped is the important clue. However, the story does not state that both clocks had the same time showing. At the turn of the century, the clocks were most likely mechanical, needing to have their main springs wound up to keep them running. Or, in the case of a grandfather clock, the two hanging weights needing to be hoisted back up to keep them running. In any event, the clocks were stopped. The question is, did they both (or if more than two) display the exact same time? If so, then it is more than likely that some electromagnetic anomaly would be the cause of these clocks all stopping (assuming they all displayed the exact same time). If electromagnetic were the cause, then you can be pretty certain that these men were abducted by aliens. Alien abduction would explain the door still being shut and the gate still remaining locked. The lack of bodies washing up somewhere in the vicinity would, more than likely, also point to alien abduction. Alien abduction would also explain why one man’s oil-skins were still in the lighthouse. Because if the one man suddenly saw a bright light just outside the lighthouse, he may have quickly jumped up (thus the overturned chair) to dash outside to get a better look at this very close, moving light. Then, his two compatriots, having noticed this man was no longer in the lighthouse, would have donned their oilskins to go outside to look for their companion; at which time those two, also, were abducted by the alien craft. The alien abduction theory actually has more evidence pointing to it than any other theory presented thus far. Thus, the more likely that alien abduction was the cause.

  29. It could also be that one of them was simply fixing the west landing when something went awry, prompting one of the men to lend support, then somehow fell to the sea, prompting the last keeper to come in assistance, but the thrd guyalso fell to the sea. And they all drowned.

  30. The doors being locked can be explained that the third guy knew of procedure to never let the lighthouse unattended, so he just locked them up to secure the gates.

  31. My guess. The two lighthouse keepers went down to the pier to fix the damage. The third keeper left to check on the other two. Since he wasn't in a hurry he closed the door and locked the gate. As the third keeper stood atop the cliff looking down at the other two the cliff gave way and he most likely fell into the water. In their rush to save him the other two also fell into the water and all three got swept away.

  32. When waves larger than the lighthouse crash against it, it can create a vacuum. Many Irish lighthouse keepers were sucked out of lighthouse windows, etc due to this.

  33. Why did it take so many years to YouTube to suggest to me your channel..? Yours is everything I like to watch, great work.

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