100 thoughts on “The Knotted Headband | Bangs or Fringe | Cute Girls Hairstyles

  1. you can do the hair care tutorial and work your favorite products into it. as you use them in the tutorial you can tell about them. I love love love your videos . my 10 year old turned me on to it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My 10 old has hair to her butt and it's pretty thick. my 13 year old cut hers to about 4-5 inches below shoulder and hers is super thick we recently got it thinned do you recommend thinning? like for the 10 year old. any other suggestions for there hair

  2. l loved this one it looks easy am gonna try it i am wondring what u use for ur hair i have thin hair what best product for thin and dry hair

  3. What a great hairstyle my friends are asking how do u do it please would u show us how to do the same hairstyle in a different form xx

  4. love this tutorial. Thanks to your YouTube channel, my 3 year old wears new hairstyles almost every day 💟💙💟💜💛

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