The Truth About Clothes Moths

The Truth About Clothes Moths

The Truth About Clothes Moths The common “clothes moth”, “clothing
moth” or to give its street name, Tineola bisselliella, doesn’t actually eat clothes. In fact, clothing moths don’t even possess
the ability to eat- they don’t have a mouth. Once they become a moth, rather than waste
their time eating, they simply mate, the female lays her eggs, and then they die at some point. Meaning the most damage to your clothes you
could realistically expect from an adult clothing moth is a stain if you go postal on one with
a newspaper. So how did these moths get associated with
eating clothes? It’s the moth babies you need to be wary
of, which are able to get proteins they need from keratin- in other words, virtually any
organic fibre derived from an animal. And boy do those things have an appetite. The full list of things clothes moth larvae
can eat is pretty insane- basically they can eat and survive on virtually any natural fibre. They’ve been known to eat wool, cashmere,
silk, cotton, linen, fur, feathers, hair, lint, carpets, the bristles of brushes, pet
fur and even dust. On top of this, the larvae will also, if no
food is present, cut, not eat through non-natural fibres like polyester to reach your ever dwindling
supply of wool underwear. The fibres the larva eats eventually also
ends up becoming a part of the cocoon it spins for itself so it can become a moth and stop
having to eat sweaty boxer shorts and get down to the much more fun act of mating. If their voracious appetite isn’t bad enough,
the larvae are also notably hardy and difficult to kill through indirect means. For example, the larvae and eggs of a clothes
moth can easily survive temperature extremes as high as 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees
F) and as low as -8 degrees C (17.6 degrees F) for short periods. As such, it’s recommended that you expose
them to such extremes for at least a half an hour to really make sure they’re all
dead. As explained above, larvae will straight up
chew through whatever they need to in order to get to their food, which for the eagle
eyed ones amongst you probably stood out as a little odd. If the adult moth sensed a wool sweater in
a wardrobe, why would it lay its eggs on a spandrels Borat mankini? Well this is because the larvae and moths
are actually drawn to the moisture in certain clothes because the larvae must get the moisture
they need through their food. This is also the reason dry cleaning your
clothes is an effective moth deterrent. You might have guessed from this that clothing
moths and their larvae are also attracted to dirty clothes, in particular ones dirtied
by sweat, as sweat contains not only moisture but salt and other minerals the larvae needs
to survive. But, bottom line, the moths themselves aren’t
doing the damage, it is their children, which is also typically true for humans…

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  1. "Moths don't eat clothes. Moths don't eat clothes. Moths don't eat clothes. OK their babies do. A lot. Like exclusively." Kinda splitting hairs here eh?

  2. but they can't survive below 0 farenheight so why worry, stick it outside and they die. Sorry people in hot climates, you are fucked I guess.

  3. "Also true for humans" AMEN TO THAT! lol. I see a facebook post that cycles through from time to time thwt definitely sums up what you said there. "cleaning your house with children in it is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos" so true.

  4. Hey man , moth larvae gets assassinated not murdered, murdered makes it sound like you're doing something wrong

  5. PLEASE I NEED HELP Only this morning when i woke up there were white worms crawling in the bottom part of my bed. like just in my feet. I freaked out cause i didnt know where they came from and how they got there since it was pretty fine the night before. I am so disgusted like ive been conscious about it till know that ive been staring at my bed. but ofcourse i threw my mattress in the laundry nd washed it like 2 times when i found out it was clothes moth. But this did not occur before and im totally confused on what i should do. Well for now ive vaccumed my room and stuff but i just couldnt let go, what if there are still many out there! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO ANY THING HOW TO GET RID OF IT? ANY PREVENTIONS? IM TOTALLY FREAKING OUT HERE

  6. I have like hundreds of these in my room, and I see the larvae from time to time, usually on the floor (because my floor is carpeted) around the edges near the walls and under my drawers, and I only discovered these when I was tidying my room and there were also dozens of these things on my wooden drawers when I'd moved all the stuff out of the way! I just hoovered them up because I was afraid they were maggots but now when I researched it they are definitely clothes moth larvae, I even see them dragging themselves along inside these cases.

  7. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!
    My home is infested with moths, exterminator did nothing and I have no idea how to get rid of them, they’re coming from a drawer in my kitchen and every packet I open, a moth will come flying out! Even if the packet is closed, this can get annoying especially when I cook a lot and I can’t use certain ingredients because a moth flies out every time I open it

  8. I had a pet moth but then something in my house killed it, and a bunch of ants 🐜. Ate him, tried to take him away. Then I buried my moth

  9. Now that you know the truth about moths check out this video and find out about Margaret Thatcher and Her Frugal Ways:

  10. I hate these little bastards, they seem to know when you're looking at them and then they vanish behind something, I'm constantly crushing them with a hand clap when I get the chance. Why because Moths left our cat bald.

  11. So, once one has an infestation, what's the best way to murder the little larvae while they're still incubating in their little eggshells?
    Also, I wish there were a way for the moderator/ poster of this video (and ones like it) to move all the no-nonsense Q's and A's to the forefront and allow others to be uncollapsed with a click. I really don't need to be reading silly questions about the band-aid on Simon's arm!

  12. I killed a moth with a electric racket and the moth blow up in bites I laugh like devil jin. All insects must DIE!!!

  13. Yep. I kill them whenever I see them. I have no idea where they are coming from. Annoying asf. Prob landing on my face when I’m sleeping.

  14. Most pheromone traps on the market that I see online-only catch the male moths and do not coat them with any powder. It's only used to catch male moths so the females won't have anyone to mate with.

  15. Hey, Vsauce. Michael here, what are moths? Why are they eating your clothes? Are you eating your clothes without knowing it?

  16. I had this tin of feathers from like all my old pet birds and I found out they've all been eaten by Clothes moths :'( I don't even know how they managed to get into there. :'(

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