Thrift Shopping in Japan! Japanese Clothing Haul 2019

if you’re interested in vintage shopping
browsing pre loved items or looking for an affordable way to shop in Japan try
thrift store shopping when I was in Osaka I found a few high-end and cheaper
third source I can’t wait to share a few in this video I finally back for my trip
to Japan it was so much fun if you guys didn’t know I was in Japan for about 16
days and Japan has been on the top top top of my travel bucket list forever
since I was a little girl I wanted to know how thrift store shopping compares
in Asia versus here in the United States we’re currently here in America in the
small little Street in Osaka this first vintage shop called Ali new and also out
of here alright it’s a little bit too high in and over our budget so that was
a fail let’s move on to the next shop Amy Mora or America village is a fashion
and entertainment district in Osaka Japan here you’ll find a lot of high-end
and cheaper thrift stores it’s like ten dollars or nine ish look at me cute I
like mustard yellow ok eighties nylon tracksuit cute cute
very hip and trendy got some jumpers patterned shirts some flat pants whoa
crazy yeah it wasn’t so funny but it doesn’t like this velour material anyone
have lenses but hey it matches your outfit all these like Americanized who do we want this about Paris hoodie
it comes in yellow you guys know I love me a good yellow Wow viagra sponsorship
no I didn’t there someone wanted it like not like coat you guys know I like me
some good Kauai Fashion Week oh is Japan’s largest and most popular fast
fashion brand with over 70 stores across Japan they offer a new fashion style
called mix use style blending together use items selected from all over the
world new and fashionable original items and curated brands Kinji is an outlet store that is one of
the best because you are bound to find a unique item regardless of your gender or
style is definitely professionally done it looks kind of I got so much stuff while I was abroad
and I am so excited to show you guys what’s inside I asked on instagram if
you want to see more thirst or clothes or sales clothes and it ended up being
kind of like 50/50 so I ended up doing both first start with Ken G which is a
used clothing store it’s really interesting how in Japan they call it
use clothing versus thrift store closing or a certain clothing they’re very
literal with their meanings I only got one thing in there and you guys saw me
try it on it has a very vintage vibe to it especially with the blazer style in
the front it’s a long midi dress on me and that has three-quarter sleeve when I
first tried it on I thought it was like a minty color but my boyfriend was super
convinced it’s gray but I liked about it is the unique neckline I like the flowy
fabric and I like the way that it cinches around my waist I’m all about a
nice fitted dress this dress was 35 99 which is not very cheap but not the most
expensive thing ever but for a thrifted dress
I thought the quality was really nice heavy it’s aligned underneath which I
feel like is pretty rare for justice these days to have such good quality in
the craftsmanship so I had to get it moving on to Rico Rico is the most
popular fast fashion store in Japan you have locations all over Tokyo and Osaka
for having this huge crazy sale first item that I picked up was this top right
here here is another $5 top for you it’s a spoke top with a stretchy elastic near
the top as well as the waistline so you can definitely pull it down a little bit
or scrunch it up if you want to show off some skin definitely don’t do that in
Japan because I feel like no one shows off their mid track there plus it was
like 30 degrees and it was freezing this retails for 1990 yen which equals about
120 u.s. d so yeah that’s in-state like 75% off
oh my gosh so cute for summer I also asked you guys about this on Instagram I
picked up this paint a pullover you guys wrote it for me to pick up the
strawberry milk sweat top sweatshirt hoodie hoodie top no this is a sweat top
sweatshirt it says strawberry milk on the sleeves on both sides I think it’s
very cute and comfy and perfect for the weekends unfortunately as resize so they
don’t have like a size small or anything so it’s like a one size fit all here’s
another five dollars pop for you this has a really beautiful eyelet print to
it it’s not like the brightness yellow it’s almost like a chartreuse a little
bit green mustard with this top you can wear two different ways you can wear off
shoulder which I like way more we’re just gonna shimmy it back down and give
you some shoulder action this top also has a little smock detail around the
waist so it gives it a peplum shape when I wear on the shoulder I feel like
there’s this little like pooch happening in the middle like a uni move if I
really love the eyelet print on it which will be perfect for spring and summer
you guys know I’m obsessed with pastel colors and rainbows so I found this
oversize tunic sweater and I swear it kind of fits me like a dress and this
was again only five dollars I could not believe it when I got to the
register and I thought it was a mistake but yeah this whole like follow them on
Instagram thing was totally working because it made me really excited to
shop there look at these long crazy sleeves on the sweater it’s so ginormous
but they’re really fun I love this rainbow print it goes all the way across
it hold my arms out like this be a human rainbow I think what you’re
meant to do is to scrunch up your sleeves and then it says the length is a
bit long for me I’m going to fold it up once and then tuck it into my
high-waisted jeans I could definitely style this and make
it look super cute for a photo on Instagram so what do you guys think
comment down below when I was at Osaka in the Amy Mora area
literally means like the America area of Osaka I went to a we go and in the we go
they had a thrift section or like a used clothing section which I thought was
pretty different I’ve never been to say like a regular
fast fashion shop where they sold used clothing and I think that concept might
actually come to the u.s. very soon what do you guys think of that would you shop
at like Urban Outfitters they had like a used or vintage section I think it’s
pretty cool so I found this pinafore he is two thousand nine hundred ninety yen
which is about $30 USD it has this cute little like picnic print to it with the
buttons down the middle and then I really like this button detail on the
back I definitely see myself layering like a white blouse underneath with like
puffy shoulders this kind of for most $30 which I feel yes that’s pretty
outrageous but here in America we aren’t spoiled with all the thrift store
shopping it’s so incredibly cheap here and I I don’t know why if someone can
explain to me down below maybe because these clothes are imported from the US moving on to accessories I was really
really into this pearl clips I saw at we go this was a set for six dollars comes
with this giant pin and the school pins seen these everywhere on Paris runways
in New York everywhere online there’s like high end low end and I scored this
baby for like three bucks I also got this gold beret if I can get it off so I
picked up this gold array and I really like the way that you could just like
clip up your hair and a little bit of like metallic touch to your hair that
makes it look a lot more luxe than it would on it oh it really feels like
allergy season these days I saw so neat Sakura flowers oh so pretty so I picked
up two pairs of sunglasses these ones are a little bit more retro now kind of
on the fence about them I think they’d be the perfect accessory for a fun
little photo shoot as I was shopping I got a little hungry and I picked up some
kickass these Kit Kats and Pocky sticks oh my gosh something about Japanese
chocolate is so much tastier than the ones in the US so here is the strawberry
KitKat let’s open it up so it looks like this the way I would describe this it’s
super tangy but so sweet but it’s not like the American sweet where it tastes
like sugar mmm no Sokka is what kind of shower mmm it’s so good I can eat this
all day you like these with you much IV dark
green goo jalaja and
strawberry Muji is another very popular Japanese store they also sell home goods
Jorge been stationary picked up this Muji pajama set was a little bit pricier
$40 for the top and the bottom you guys know I spend a lot of time at home and
I’m usually editing video so I wanted to invest and more comfier
at home clothing I have this pink stripe top it has pockets in the front so you
know I’m gonna be putting my snacks all up in these pockets in Japan a lot the
clothes are a little bit more petite so it fits me a lot better than it does
here in the US I really like the color it’s super cute and oh so soft last but
not least I have one thing here from Uniqlo Uniqlo is huge and super popular
in Japan especially in Tokyo the one in Jen’s –i was so tall I think Jen’s eye
has the largest Uniqlo in all of Japan with ten plus floors of clothing it was
just insane so I was really basic and like the basic American that I am i
picked up some leggings so these are from their eras in line and i wanted a
pair of blue leggings i don’t own anything like it i wanted to show you a
little bit away from the black the band is nice and tight
i don’t feel like they’re going that sag or fall down i do feel like there’s a
little bit of compression going on so I feel like everything’s sucked in got
these in a size medium for those of you’re wondering and yeah I love Uniqlo
I owned their fleece tops and their fleece hoodies and they’re so incredibly
soft last but not least I picked up this ribbed sweater top it has these cotton
candy stripes all across I think it gives it a very vintage fun whimsical
vibe I found some cotton candies that match the top perfectly if you’ve seen
this Instagram photo be sure to comment down the love with the rainbow emojis so
I know you’re from my Instagram oh I lied last but not least I was
searching all over Japan from one like top or t-shirt with some Japanese texts
on it because I wanted to just buy something as a souvenir and I didn’t
want the classic like konichiwa or just like Japan I wanted Japanese words and
this was the only one I found tell me why it was so hard
am I like a snack mini machine or like I wanted it to say snack model but I don’t
think that’s what I said so that was pretty much everything I
purchased in Japan in terms of clothing I hope you guys enjoyed today’s third
store haul and try on let me know if you’ve gone through everything recently
if you purchase anything good be sure to send any other video requests down below
only on Instagram for daily outfit inspiration I love you guys all so so
much and I can’t wait to share with you more Japan videos bye

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