Tiger’s Eye Cufflinks with Eagle Claws – 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated

Tiger’s Eye Cufflinks with Eagle Claws – 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated

These vermeil sterling silver cufflinks with
tiger’s eyeballs are a wonderful addition to any gentleman’s jewelry box who really
like casual outfits or sport coat combinations or tweed. Unlike our black onyx eagle claw cufflinks,
these are not suited for formal events because brown and gold are much better suited to green
tones, brown tones, khakis, and blue tones. So what makes these cufflinks so special? They are all made in Germany from start to
finish by an artisan goldsmith. First starts with hand carving, the claws
are actually inspired by real eagles and they are then cast in solid sterling silver and
plated so they don’t tarnish. The whole concept of our cufflinks was inspired
by Jean Schlumberger who designed nature inspired cufflinks. Unfortunately, they would always range in
a $2000 price range and so we decided to offer an affordable option. If you take a closer look at these cufflinks,
the scales, the claws. and even the bark, you can see that everything says quality made
by a master craftsman. Since there are no moving parts, these cufflinks
were made to last. You can see that the claws actually reach
over the half of the ball which means they’re really set in there solidly and they won’t
come out. As the name implies, the tiger’s eye is one
of the highest qualities, has a nice rich brown and it changes the look like an eye
with the lighting. The yellow gold plate is very thick so it
won’t come off and you can enjoy it for years to come. Overall, this is the perfect cufflink for
anybody who loves informal occasions, who has a lot of tweed, flannel, checks, houndstooth,
and patterns.

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