Top 10 Must Have Items For School // Outfit Inspiration // Mens Fashion // Neon Hoang

Starting up from the Top, We have the graphic baseball or graphic tees They are literally the most common
things for guys wear school They are super cheap and incredibly comfy to wear I recommend buying t-shirts that in regular size or a bit slightly bigger
size for extra comfort Graphic tees are super easy to style with a pair of classic black or indigo jeans and a pair of white sneakers I love wearing sweaters
so much not only because it’s super cozy but also for its sophisticated and high-end
touch to the whole outfit I recommend buying a grey one for start and you can
upgrade the different shades of grey I mostly wear sweaters with denim
jackets and chinos because they always give me this classic and prep look Not only I wear this Flannel shirts as a piece But I also wear it as a layer item. You can style it with mono color T shirt and layer it with a denim or bomber jacket
outside. Since that flannel is pretty much complex in color and texture I recommend
mixing it with plain and basic colors black, white, navy or grey to
balance your whole outfit. This bomber jacket is no doubt my
all-time favorite jacket. It is perfect as a layer piece and goes effortlessly well
with graphic tees and hoodies A black bomber jacket is always a smart
investment for everyday style The next jacket is a must have to have a solid WARDROBE. A light washed denim will give you an instant fresh and youthful vibe and it
would go perfectly well with sweaters and tees. Avoid having contradictions
between your top and bottom by not wearing pants, instead pick jeans or chinos that complement your jacket Whenever I feel
like doing nothing or just too tired of layering or stepping out the doors I always think of this Track jacket Track jackets are super lightweight and have
this laid-back vibes I recommend styling track jackets with
track pants and graphic tees They are made for each others and will give you this instant retro and norm-core outfit Carry on to bottoms, You’d better tell me
that you have at least one pair of black skinny jeans in your closet because they
can elevate your outfit within a second You can style them with almost like
everything or even nothing because you don’t have to try too hard to look like
a model with the black pair of skinny jeans For fun day I would totally rock
this light washed denim with a pair of sneakers and confidently strut down
the campus=) A light washed denim jeans will look so
much better if you have a bright color tee to pair it with For more the classy guy, a pair
of BEIGE Chinos can turn you into this American prep who just looks good
without trying too hard I recommend styling chinos with
button-down shirts and a pair of oxford or leather shoes to achieve this Holly
grail gentleman outfit. Last but not least, a pair of fresh black sneakers
will complete your outfits with attitude and comfort for every day look. Sneakers are
super duper comfy and your feet would definitely thank you later I guess this
is the end of the video thank you guys so much for watching this. I know the
editing of this video is a bit extra but I hope you guys like it. The lookbook
for this video will be posted soon to remember to subscribe and join the club
and yeah see you the next videos Bye guys

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