100 thoughts on “Top-Knot into Banded Pony | Cute Girls Hairstyles

  1. @PurpleSatin1 if her hair is super curly, the hair gel might help it stay laying flat better. Try it both ways one day and see which works best! Most of my styles still work with curly hair–you can try wetting it down before styling. That might help the curly be a little tamer too!

  2. @supereg1234 If the knot is too far up the hair strand it won't stay put. Try making the knot down further. Or try wetting the hair a little. Or a bobby pin.

  3. @Jellybean1867 just untie it like a normal know–only it's not hard. Hair naturally just sort of slides out of the knot.

  4. Wow. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!
    I love your tutorials. Whenever I don't like my hair, I use your hairstyles to make it look good. 🙂

  5. @dinocoaster Yeah, that is because those were my twins in that movie! They loved spending so much time with Lucas! He was soooo good to them!

  6. I really enjoy your videos and to see how your husband helps you recording them! 🙂
    Thanks for helping me with new styles for my almost 7 yrs old daughter!!

  7. You're kids are so obedient! They're so cute, I don't know how u stop huggin' and kissin' them! That's probably why my nephews hate me LOL but I can still bribe my nieces w/ makeup.

  8. I am so so so Glade I came across your videos love love! I have a little 4 yr and was wanting to try cool hair styles..Thank you so so much I have tons of them to catch up on..

  9. K y don't they look happy like I am not dising the hairdos but I would not be that happy either if their were ginormas things sticking out the back my head


    I HAVE MY CHILD, 4 years, and combed her MODELS WITH YOUR


  11. Love the styles~Also thanks for reminding me how fun it is & such a perfect bonding time to spend w/ my 3 girls=)

  12. I just though of an awesome hairstyle I hope you do a vid of it!! Ok so my idea is you take some hair on the left and band it the same way you banded the ponytail in thus video abd have your daughter hold and then you do the same to the right!! [: I think that would be a cute hairstyle

  13. i love these ideas their so gorgeous and now i can go to school with new hairstyles everyday instead of having my hairdown with a bow

  14. Thank you. for two reasons:
    i'm now a hair genius at my school, and
    I now do perfect regular and side ponies. with nothing but my fingers and an elastic.

  15. That joke is offensive to me. I'm English and that is how I actually say banded pony. I'm not impressed.

  16. I don't think they were making fun of the accent. Lots of Americans or Canadians say things in British accents because they love them

  17. I dont thinkt that my daughter would let me do this with her hair… 🙂
    She can´t just sit, she always have to move 😀

  18. im enlish and i dont say banded pony like that but i still luv hearing the way americans doing a really posh english accent

  19. your kids have school uniforms? Thats kind of horrible. Especially because when in other videos I see your kids wearing normal clothes they're super cute!

  20. the two younger ones go to private schools so they wear uniforms. The older ones go to public school so they can wear whatever they want.

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