Top talent show winner (produced by. open fly) [Blanket Kick at Night] – EP.09

Top talent show winner (produced by. open fly) [Blanket Kick at Night] – EP.09

(It got an explosive number of comments.) (The king of freestyle dancing) (Bob Dylan) (and a crying fairy’s) (just another peaceful day) (Blanket Kick at Night:
Share your embarrassing moments) It’s time for empathy icons’
blanket kick by proxy, “Blanket Kick at Night”! Wow! Hello! It’s the small and precious
empathy icon, MJ! I’m the tall and precious,
ASTRO’s San-ha! So cute! San-ha, you know what? What? That I’m handsome? No, it’s not that. – The fact that you’re ugly?
– It’s not that. With each episode, our hairstyles changed every time. Yes, the apple hair
from the previous episode got an explosive number of comments. Really? You remember my hairstyle
with the glasses and all? I don’t know. (Yoon San-ha, 20,
only knows about himself) What kind of concept
are you wearing today? Today, I’m wearing a bear headband. A bear was about to eat my head, but it was too small, so it’s living on it instead. (Did anyone understand that?) Let’s start the show
with the Blanket oath. Sure. Oath! MJ and San-ha will
sincerely read every story. Whatever the story, we promise not to laugh
and relate to it as much as possible. With each episode,
we promise to react with better and better reactions. If we laugh, we will accept
any penalty without complaint. Empathy icon, MJ! San-ha. At ease. When are you going to get it right? (The producer agrees.) Now, it’s time
for the highly-anticipated moment. What is going to be today’s penalty? (Penalty: Reenact legendary images
or GIFs) (Really?) I better not laugh. We shouldn’t get anything wrong today. Better not get anything wrong today. All right. Shall we officially start
reading some stories? – Sounds great.
– Let’s go. This story is – about a talent show.
– Wow. A talent show. In that case, we should read it
since we have a lot of talent. Wow, you seem confident. Yes. (Focused) Hello, I’m in my third year of high school and I’m a fan of “Blanket Kick at Night.” Four years ago, when I was in ninth grade, I ran for class president
for the first time in my life. Desperately wanting to win the election, I ended up making a dangerous pledge. “If you select me
as your class president,” “I will do anything you ask me to.” “Wow! You’d really do anything?” – “Yes!”
– “Then wink.” “Why do you want me to wink?” “I’m not voting for you then.” “If there’s anything
you don’t feel like doing,” “you can hand it to me.” “I’ll make you do everything.” My friends responded with a lot
more interest than I thought and with the added momentum,
I ended up being elected class president. After some time,
the whole class went on a school trip. Something is about to happen. “All right! Class 2-4, gather around.” “Class president, where are we going?” “When are we going to eat?
I want food!” (Where did that come from?) He laughed. – Come on…
– It’s a success for me, right? One, two, three. (“Drama Special,” Lee Sun-kyun) (Title: I’ll do it since you asked…) (Laughing) (Moaning) I made a new meme! Okay. You need to do better
so I can laugh too. – Okay.
– Please. “They said if we stand in line sooner,” “we can eat first,” “so hurry up and get in line.” “Wow! Food!” “Food! Food!” “Anything for food!” Wait. That’s not it. Honestly, that deserves a penalty. He got too excited.
He should do the penalty. One, two, three. (If you guess the original,
you can win a prize.) That’s good. Hang on! My contact came out. (A new image titled, “Contact”) “Wow! Food! Really?” “We should listen to the class president.” “Hurry, let’s all quickly get in line.” With my leadership, the school trip seemed
to be running smoothly. Then on the second night, it was time for the highlight
of the trip, the talent show. “Let’s have the best freestyle dancers” “from each class come up to the front!” “The class with the best
dancer will get five points.” “No, 50 points!” “No, 500 points!” “No, you’ll get 5,000 points!” “Wow! Yo!” “It’s worth 5,000 points!” “Who’s going to represent our class?” “Min-jeong, will you go up?” “You do it.” “How about Jung-hyeon?” Right then, I could feel everyone look at me and hear their whispers. “Shouldn’t the class president
do something like this?” “Didn’t she say he’d do anything
we didn’t want to do?” “You’re right. She should do it.” – “Class president!”
– “You do it.” “You promised to do
whatever we tell you to.” “That’s right.” Why did I say that as a pledge
for the class election? I regretted it for a moment, but I decided to maintain my honor
as the class president. You should keep your promise. “Fine!” “You don’t want to do it?” “Sure, I’ll do it then.” I shouted and put on airs, but when I got up on stage, my mind went blank. That’s bound to happen. “What should I do?
Maybe I shouldn’t have come up here.” “All right!” “Let’s…” “Begin!” “Whatever!” “Music, cue!” (Singing) (The king of freestyle dancing) Sit down. – Let’s read the story.
– Okay. As soon as I started dancing, everyone there started laughing hysterically. “What was that?
I can’t even copy it.” “How do you even do it?” “Gosh, my stomach!” I was a bit surprised
by the unexpected response, but I shook my body and danced
with even more excitement. (Acting like he’s having
a fun time dancing) (Acting like the cheering classmates) My classmates seemed like
they were about to faint from laughter. “Class 4 had the best reaction.
Make some noise.” “Whoo!” “The freestyle dance competition” “goes, not to Class 3, but Class 4!” “Really? Thank you.” “Congratulations.” “What? Did I always have
a knack for freestyle dancing?” “Class president,
you were really amazing.” “Thanks.” “By the way,” “did you do it on purpose?” “Huh? What do you mean?” (Scrutinizing) You know… (Giving a hint) “My gosh! What is this?” I finally realized why my classmates gave
such a heated response. It wasn’t because of my dance. It was because my zipper was
completely undone. What was even worse was
that it was all caught on tape. “Hey, erase the footage.” “Do you think it’s that fun
to tease others?” “Okay, I’ll delete it.” “But let me watch it one last time.” (Crying) “By the way, this is legendary.” League of Legends. That deserves a penalty.
It was honestly so not funny. (San-ha tends to shake his leg
whenever he gets nervous.) He laughed. He seems like the only one
who finds this amusing. You laughed too. – He laughed first.
– What are you talking about? VAR? I’m sure the camera director knows. Should we do a VAR? Didn’t MJ laugh first? (No.) I can do it. You can just look at the camera. Here. One, two, three. (From “Screening Humanity: Some Brothers”) (Title: San-ha asked MJ
to do the penalty with him.) (Why did I agree to do this…) – Okay.
– All right. After that, I suffered
because of that video. Whenever I think of that day,
it still keeps me up at night. When will I get over this? She’s still tormented by it? I think they would have
constantly teased her. – Of course, because…
– For six months. Right, when you’re about to forget,
a friend would show you the footage and keep reminding you. I think you should delete the video. How would you know
how far it’s been disseminated? There’s nothing you can do about it. There’s nothing you can do,
but if it’s a friend you see often… You could at least delete theirs. I said this earlier, but if it’s shown
to friends of friends, you could end up knowing each other. That’s how you become an insider. What San-ha is saying is… If you want to become an insider,
dance with your fly open. (What?) Was there a time when you felt
embarrassed on stage or flustered like this? Before I debuted, I had to prepare something on the day of
for a show at an amusement park. You were there as a replacement. So on stage that day…
How many seconds was it? 20 seconds? 10 seconds? I was just dazed out on stage
for 10 to 20 seconds while the others were dancing.
I had forgotten the moves. – I know.
– I was so flustered then. It was pretty serious at the time. (How could you?) It’s a mystery how he passed the audition. (So happy) To appease the humiliated
from embarrassing moments, we have a very simple and tedious tip! Tedious tip? A very simple and trivial tip called the Calm State of Mind tip. This week’s Calm State of Mind tip is – none other than…
– It is… a massage that relieves fatigue. You want to start from the shoulder line. If you have the shoulders here,
you want to slowly move outwards. – Just lightly massage the shoulders.
– Yes. It’s important to massage your shoulders, but neck massages are also important. (Second, a neck massage) – He’s showing you what not to do.
– This is important for circulations. It’s for circulation. – Stop it!
– All right. (Third, face massage) – That hurts!
– Look! He says to continue shooting. How was it?
Do you feel more relaxed? Well… It was so painful that I’m not sure if it’s making me
feel more tense or not. You should get massages done
by a professional. – Shall we wrap up for today?
– Sure. We’ll kick your blankets for you tonight so you can have sweet dreams. One, two, three. Such a good night. (There’s one more GIF.) Go. Was that okay? He’s good.

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