Travel Tips: Which packing method REALLY packs the most clothes? (CC)

(music) Hey guys! Okay, I gotta start over
’cause I feel really awkward. (Jesse laughs) Okay, I’ve been watching a million packing
videos on YouTube, and everybody has all these great ideas about folding and rolling and
pack stuffing and maxing and things, so I I thought I would run my own little experiment.
I’ve got a suitcase and some clothes, and I’m going to try packing this in four different
ways. I’m going to try just packing it normal, folded. Second way, I’m going to roll. Third way, I’m going to do the I-don’t-know-what-it’s-called-but-it’s-the-strange-foldy-thing, which I kinda like. I think it’s cool. And then the fourth way is I’m going to use some packing bags. So, first we’ll just go with
a straight pack things as they are folded. Shoes first. I’ll go ahead and stuff the socks in the shoes and then put them in these shoe bags. (music) These I’m going to put on the
bottom of the suitcase, and then we’ll go with the curling iron. (music) As you can see, not a very efficient way to pack. Not gonna bring any souvenirs back. Okay, contender two: rolling. (music) All right, much better. I can easily zip it closed. There’s not a
lot of wasted space. It’s definitely better than folding the traditional way, but it’s–we’re
still not really coming home with anything. Option three: let’s do the fun-folding-of-fabulousness-thing. (music) So, the test. Well, it’s looking about the same as the others. Contender four are
the pack maxes. (sound of crinkling bag) (music) Okay, well, it closed fairly easily. Here we have a little itty bitty space
right here. So, we can get a souvenir. Just one. The thing that I don’t like about
them is that you’re stuck with something that is this shape and size and that’s awkward.
This compressed the clothes better. To recap, option one, our regular packing, was the worst
option of all. It was really inefficient, and we really had to press the suitcase down
to get it to close. Option two, rolling, everything fit pretty efficiently, nice and snug in our
bag, not any extra space. Option three, the fantastic folding, worked really nicely except
when we threw in awkward-shaped items. And option four, the pack max bags, that was the
only bag that we had any extra space available. Of course it was that big. But, the pack bags
did actually make the clothes smaller. I thought that the fantastic folding and the rolling
were going to be a lot more efficient than the others, but nothing was so much better
that I think we can really say there was a clear winner. So, I don’t know. I guess it’s
more of a matter of personal preference.

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