Trying On Literally ALL My Upcycled Clothes! 😜

Trying On Literally ALL My Upcycled Clothes! 😜

Don’t you just love playing dress up. It’s so liberating. Like, I can be anybody I want to be. So let’s do something fun today. Let’s pull out every single upcycle that I’ve
ever made, that I still have that is, and let’s just try on and re-style all of
them. Oh, I’m Angelina and this is BlueprintDIY where we remake our clothes to be just as
unique as us. Ok, so quick dance break while I make a few
service announcements. First, all of the how to tutorials for these are linked in the description box below. Some of these upcycles are from very early
in my channel, so I may not have a direct tutorial for it. But, if there is a similar one I will definitely
link it below. Second, this video was shot completely vertically so if you’re watching on a phone or tablet, just hold it vertically and hit the little
square at the bottom so you’ll have that full screen experience. Alright, let’s do this! Ok, let’s come up for air just for a moment while I show you a few upcycles that I didn’t
style in this video. I know that there is a whole lot packed in
this video so please feel free to watch it multiple times
to take it all in. But today I want to know what is your favorite item of clothing in your wardrobe right now? Like every time you wear it you feel amazing. Let us know in the comments and I’ll show you mine towards the end. Lastly, I just have on this subscribe tee that I upcycled. And these shorts which were made for like a swim cover up which I haven’t been swimsuit shopping yet for the year. And my fancy beanie. So definitely let me know in the comments which outfits and which pieces were your favorite. And definitely check out some more videos. All the links for anything I’ve made a tutorial for is in the description box so check that. And I will see you guys in the next one. Bye!

3 thoughts on “Trying On Literally ALL My Upcycled Clothes! 😜

  1. My favorite upcycled piece in my wardrobe is a denim maxi coat. It’s made from 1 jacket and 3 plus size skirts.

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