Tutorial Babbo Natale Amigurumi Parte 1 di 2(sub. español and english)

hello everyone, with today’s tutorial we make a new Christmas decoration in our collection could not miss a Santa Claus so today we make this cute amigurumi Santa Claus I made this beautiful beard with a particular yarn, but if you don’t have a yarn like mine, there’s no problem, in the tutorial I’ll explain how to weave the beard using the yarn you use to make your amigurumi to make eyes I used pin-like eyes but if you prefer you can use beads, buttons or embroider them this project is fast and fun to do the puppet is about 27 cm tall you can weave this Santa in the time of an afternoon you can do it for yourself or as a nice gift Today we make this gray Santa Claus as you can see, using different colors, we can also use this pattern to make a cute gnome the tutorial consists of 2 parts in this part (1) we do: the head, the beard and the hat and in part 2 we do: the body, the boots and the assembly let me know if you like this tutorial, giving me your like and writing a comment below this video and if you want to help me share this tutorial, so more people could use this pattern and subscribe to my channel if you like what I do and now let’s start the tutorial for this project I used this yarn the label recommends using a 4 mm crochet hook I have woven using 2 threads together and I used a 4.5mm crochet hook for the beard I used this yarn “Bambolina” by Silke it is a curly yarn but you can replace it with any particular white yarn in addition to the yarns we need: a 4,5mm crochet hook a 6mm crocjet hook for the beard a scissor, a wool needle, a marker wadding and 2 pin eyes Head: we make a magic ring round 1: 6sc we close the ring if you don’t know how to make the magic ring, find the link to the specific tutorial, in the upper right corner round 2: (1double inc 2sc)x2 (10) round 3: 1sc 1dec 3sc 1dec 2sc (8) round 4: 8inc in FLO (16) round 5: (1sc 1inc)x5 … … (1sc 1inc)x3 in BLO (24) round 6: (3sc 1inc) in BLO … … (3sc 1inc)x2, 3sc … … 1inc (3sc 1inc)x2 in BLO (30) round 7-9: 30sc in BLO (30) when 9 rounds have been woven we position the eyes the stitches we have woven into BLO will help us weave the beard we will not use them all, but we have prepared the base so let’s put our eyes in the area where we have not woven in BLO between rounds 4 and 5 in the back we fix them with the stops and we continue round 10: (3sc 1dec)x6 (24) round 11: (2sc 1dec)x6 (18) we stuff with wadding round 12: (1sc 1dec)x6 (12) round 13: 6dec (6) we cut the yarn we close the hole with a wool needle we pull the yarn to close the hole we make a knot and hide the yarn Now let’s see how to make the base for the length of the beard do not remove the thread marker because we need to identify the starting point of processing we identify round 6 and we count 21 stitches from the start of the round 6 this is stitch 21 of round 6, we mark it with a marker we hook the white yarn at this point we make a slip knot we hook the loop here we weave in the free loops of stitches woven in BLO ch1 row 1: 13sc (you can hide the tail of yarn between the stitches) row 1: 13sc this is the row 1 ch1 and turn we weave row 2 in FLO row 2: skip 1st, (1hdc ch1 skip 1st)x5 1hdc this is the row 2 ch2 and turn we weave row 3 in BLO we work only on the hdc of row 2 row 3: (1hdc ch1 skip 1st)x3 1dec of hdc this is the row 3 ch2 and turn we weave row 4 in FLO we work only on the hdc of row 3 row 4: 1hdc, ch1, 1hdc, ch2, 1slst in the las stitch ch1 to secure and we cut the yarn in this way we made a grid on which to weave the beard all free loops of each row are on the front side we weave the beard in the free loops of the rounds we have woven in BLO we hook the yarn in the first free loop of round 5 this one and we weave following the path I’m showing you in this way we weave all the beard maybe you don’t have a yarn like mine to weave beard, so let’s see how it is using a normal yarn we make a slip knot and hook the loop into the first free loop of round 5 the sequence we repeat is: ch2 1slst in each stitch we repeat this way in every stitch of the path that I showed you if with the regular yarn, ch2 are not enough to fill the beard, you can work ch3 instead of 2 also if you want you can replace the slst with a sc to get a thicker beard when all the free loops on round 5 have been woven we weave on loops on free loops of round 6 if you use regular yarn I suggest you do sc and not slst, the result will be better we work in all the free loops of this round up to the grid woven with white yarn if instead you have a wool like this, to weave the beard I suggest you use a bigger crochet I’m using a 6mm crochet hook and repeat (ch2 1slst) in each stitch also in this case you can work 3ch instead of 2ch but in my opinion with 2ch the result is perfect we arrived at the white grill this is the result obtained so far if you like Santa with a shorter beard, you may not make the white grid, and the beard would be ready but we want to make a long beard and then we continue and we weave on the 13 free loops of row 1 of the grid we repeat (ch2 1slst) in each stitch before weaving on row 2, we weave 1 sequence on the side to better connect the work now we weave on every free loop of row 2 we weave on every free loop of row 2 1 sequence on the side every free loop of row 3 1 sequence on the side and every free loop of row 4 in this way we weave all the beard ch1 to secure and cut the yarn this is the result the white grill served as a base for weaving the beard these other rounds that we have woven in BLO we can use them to weave a bit of hair, after sewing the hat, if we see empty spots, but I didn’t use them Hat: we make a magic ring round 1: 4sc (4) we close the ring we weave in a spiral, mark the beginning of the round with a marker or a thread round 2: (1inc 1sc)x2 (6) if we weave a few increases in one round, the work rolls up on itself, so we have to straighten it, this is the right side round 3: 6sc (6) in the next round we change yarn color then we close the last sc of this round with the new color yarn how I show you in the tutorial every time we have to change color we do this round 4: (1inc 1sc)x3 (9) (we hide the yarn tail between the stitches) round 4: (1inc 1sc)x3 (9) we close the last stitch of the round with the gray yarn from now on we will not hide the other yarn between the stitches we leave the other yarn behind when we need it we will take it round 5: 9sc (9) round 6: (1inc 2sc)x3 (12) round 7: 12sc (12) round 8: (1inc 3sc)x3 (15) round 9: 15sc (15) round 10: (1inc 4sc)x3 (118) round 11: 18sc (18) round 12: (1inc 5sc)x3 (21) round 13: (1inc 6sc)x3 (24) round 14: (1inc 7sc)x3 (27) round 15: 27sc (27) round 16: (1inc 8sc)x3 (30) round 17: (4sc 1inc)x6 (36) round 18-19: 36sc (36) round 20: (7sc 1dec)x4 (32) round 21: 32sc (32) we no longer need white yarn, we hide it between the stitches round 21: 32sc (32) and we cut the white yarn when round 21 was woven we weave 1slst round 22: 32 crab stitch watch the tutorial to see how to do it this is 1 crab stitch in this way we complete the round 1crab stitch also in the slst we cut a long tail of yarn to be able to sew the cap to the head I’ll wait for you in Part 2 of the tutorial …

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