Understanding & Raising Sheep : Types of Sheep Wool

Okay so types of wool. Here we have a basic
wool breed sheep that produces a lovely lustrous coat, the Romney Corriedale’s are long, very
kinky wool that produces a strong fiber. It is a wonderful fiber and very sturdy. This
wool would be used mostly in things like rugs or coats, things that need some strength and
don’t need to be super fine. This is not a very fine, fine wool. The fine wools are the
Moreno’s and the Ramblas and those come on a completely different kind of sheep. Any
given sheep will give you a somewhat of a variety of fineness to their wool but it is
pretty much by their breed that you can determine whether the wool will be fine or not. This
wool once she is full grown by next March, she will have a fleece that is anywhere from
4 to 5 even 6 inches long and some sheep are longer and some sheep are shorter but that
is what we are mostly concerned with for wool, is the fineness. When you get to a fine grade
suit or sweater or any article of clothing, usually you are using a Moreno. A wool like
this one is great for a hand nit sweater or as I said before, rugs. And mostly this type
of wool comes the Romney now is grown mostly in New Zealand. Believe it or not, most of
the wool in the world is still grown in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia and New Zealand
are the largest wool producers in the world but the processing happens in the Northern
Hemisphere so wool is really part of our global economy.

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