VEDA 19 2019 Finished Blanket

Hello fellow fiber collectors and Stitch
enthusiasts welcome to YDC tv I’m Dee and today is Monday August 19th and this
is part of the VEDA series and today I will show you a finished object let me
get a little more light okay so I finished the baby blanket I can’t
seem to find my little container of needles but I’ll find it so there is the
finished baby blanket with the border hopefully you can see all the little
flower patterns and everything yeah there it is
got yellows and pinks and purples a little bit of blue in it oh yeah I’m so
thrilled with how this pattern worked out and I started the purple one just
because I couldn’t help it that will show you that the stitches were pulling
out and there’s how the purple one is turning out see if I get the here you go
and see a little bit better there and this one is that I did the moss stitch
on this one to get that pattern and that yarn is linked in the description below
and the yarn and the from other one is in the last video so you can see that one
so again pretty fun on that yarn it makes a beautiful design and
lots of fun I was very surprised to how it turned out I love it I have to get me
some more eventually so hope you enjoyed it if you did give me a thumbs up
until we see each other again I

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