Let’s go, we’re going to an unknown activity this afternoon And Aurane doesn’t know where we’re going Are you ready? That’s the swimming pool We spent the afternoon, I mean the morning and now we’re leaving. -Andréa are you ready?
– Oui for this activity that has remained unknown for Aurane So we’re on a farm Aurane So we’re in a lama farm *I just learned right after that we were in an alpaca farm* With 8 or 10 lamas, and they use their fiber to create clothes, scarves, etc. it’s pretty cool, everything is made here so we’re going to visit that today So first, we’re going to visit the lamas and then learn how they do everything. how they sheer the animals, the spinning wheel, etc. that’s cool, let’s go !! – Do you understand where we are? What kind of farm is it?
– no You can smile rabbit farm? We’re in a particular farm… And Aurane is going to discover what it is… and we’ll discover it together actually – Roster farm?
– No cows? birds? We’re in an alpaca farm Is it cool? touch it ! free lamas ! give your hand ! What do you think of this farm? it’s so awesome! Tell us a little bit about what you learned today Actually that woman over there Jenetta? She has alpacas they sheer them once a year next time is going to be next April And with that she cleans the fiber in her workshop in the basement of her house she cleans the fiber etc. then she sends it in a windmill that cleans it with water and soap then, either she weaves it herself or she asks to have it sent back weaved and then she makes hats, etc. scarves, sweaters… So what do you think of the alpaca’s life here? It’s cool ! They’re pretty happy what did you learn about the rules to have a good fiber? -a special diet
-balanced diet filtered watern to avoid iron and a stress-free life ! Voilà, a happy life! pretty cool! a beautiful life! the beautiful life of an alpaca there we go… nature… they don’t want to hug you… the cute little baby so we’re live with our friends the alpacas… hello! hello but they are spitters REJECTED There we go, the tour is over in the alpaca farm I hope you enjoyed it it was so awesome and we met a couple passionate about their animals who take care of their alpacas just like their babies they do cool things with the wool So, those alpacas partially free here in Illinois so if you are around feel free to come visit them! I put all the information in the description below And for us, we’re going to end the day here with our cute alpacas behind me so that’s it… I hope this moment was as relaxing for you as it has been for us bye !

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