Vocal Coach Reaction to Pearl Jam – Eddie Vedder – Even Flow – Ken Tamplin

Vocal Coach Reaction to Pearl Jam – Eddie Vedder – Even Flow – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
I decided to go ahead and do a vocal coach reacts to Pearl Jam obviously the
vocalist is Eddie Vedder and Eddie sort of wrote the book on Modern Rock singing.
I know we’ve talked about this before I decided to do Even Flow and in fact I
have a version of mine that I’m gonna put in the description where you can see
how I stack up to Eddie’s version here and.. but I want to talk about you know
marble mouth. Now it’s the idea of closing down (sounds) and
so for some reason after Eddie did this in Pearl Jam, it seemed that it was the
only way people felt, that it was the new way to sound like a modern rock singer
Now I know it’s not so modern now cause it’s been a lot of years since then but
people still do it to this day where they’ll roll their “R”s and they’ll
close their “R”s down really hard which inhibits range and inhibits your ability
to go up. Now I know it it makes it sound more modern etc and there was somebody
that did it before this by the way it was Tom Petty was sort of the originator
of what I call marble mouth but as far as rock and sounding you know like a new
rock singer, Eddie was certainly.. set the precedent and wrote the book on it. So
let’s go ahead and do Even Flow. I’ll make some comments along the way. Here we go. Crowd surfing right out of front Just had to do that, I still have hair
left to do that. see right (singing) right it’s just everything’s real closed down and that’s
gonna inhibit range but you know you might not even care about range cause it’s
more about tone and energy and stuff and he’s not looking to you know be like
Chris Cornell or something like that someone from that era okay. Let’s
continue (singing) and by the way, it actually is hard to
kind of understand the lyrics when you closed down the “R”s that far. I remember
what song was I doing oh I was doing Axl Rose it was Paradise
City and I was trying to like get through the lyrics I’m trying to go, well
do I want them to hear the lyrics do I not want them to hear the lyrics do I
want to split the difference and I remember singing the verses to Paradise
City. I never knew what that song ever even meant, same thing with this. I just
(singing) you know I kind of got like one word here and there
but it does it kind of sloshes and you know slurs the words together where you
can’t really make them out so anyway but again this is Eddie Vedder, the guy wrote
the book on you know modern rock singing a lot of the grunge stuff that came
through and I think the video’s got like 80 million views so yeah he’s doing
something right right? Alright let’s continue. Great energy. Now look at this strain (singing) right. The type of compression that he’s using is (sounds)
and he’s really pinching and squeezing in the throat and he’s really kind of
clamping down and closing off the throat. Guys think of this again and I know I
say this over and over again and I cover this in my singing course. It’s
so important. There’s a really strong chance you’ll lose your voice if you
close down the vowels that hard and have that kind of distortion. We want (singing) we
really want to get that sound nice and open so we have more of a healthy,
distorted, if you can call that healthy in the world of distortion, yes we’re
distressing the chords but it’s a whole lot better than squeezing and pinching
and closing down this way and this also inhibits range and after a while you
can’t even get anything out, in fact if you’ve seen and I’ll shut up in a minute,
but if you’ve seen like a lot of AC/DC concerts live and and you watch some of
the lead vocals that’s going on, you’ll notice that it literally after three
four or five songs, poor Johnson, Brian Johnson, his voice starts to hunker down
and he gets less and less and less range as he goes until he can relax kind of
massage the larynx pull the larynx down away from the up and getting tucked up
into the throat, so that he can come back out and do another song because he
actually also distorts in a very similar kind of way as far as pinching and
squeezing to close the sound down. Okay let’s continue. you hear that (sounds), you hear that (sounds) right. You want (sings) We want to
open up that sound. Okay so here we go. Did you understand what he just said? I didn’t (singing) it was cool, whatever it’s kind of.. it’s funny um you know in a lot
of the Motown era I remember (sounds) you know, a lot of those guys would say stuff
you go I have no idea what he said it but it was cool right.
Oh man that’s funny. Here we go. something about halls of shame So let’s do this again, now instead of
closing down (sounds) that sound, I want you guys to think of the word “eight” think of a
“eight” (sings), think of (sounds) in the sound don’t go (sings), it’s (sings) right? So we’re gonna go “eight” instead of (sounds) that chirpy sort of sound, we want to get to
“eight” (sings) right? And if you want you can also throw a little “H” in that sound so
it doesn’t shock the chords and just gonna really just freak him out, where
you can kind of get into the in and out of the sound, more safely than this sound
here, and again killer stuff king of grunge. You know I’m not dissing
anyway, I’m just trying to give you guys quality information on how to be safe on
this sound so you can have more longevity and more range for your voice.
Okay. He did that to me so I’m doing it to you And again it takes an incredible amount
of breath to do this, these guys are like thrashing around on stage, jumping up and
down, mosh pitting, Chris you know crowd surfing and and and and, so it also takes
a lot of effort and energy just to be able to pull something like this off, an
incredible amount of adrenaline. Now they do a big long instrumental break and
then they close out with the chorus which is basically the same thing over and over
again but anyway you guys, hopefully this information was beneficial to you. Again
the king of kings of grunge Pearl Jam song Even Flow and I have a singing
course called How to Sing Better than Anyone Else and I will walk you through
this stuff, step by step if you’re interested, especially the distortion
stuff. We actually have a lot that we cover on that subject alone so.. in the
course. So until next time, God bless Peace out. Hey guys if you like what you heard please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE
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100 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reaction to Pearl Jam – Eddie Vedder – Even Flow – Ken Tamplin

  1. I miss the days when kids wore cheap cut up shorts and band shirts and stuff… These days it's all about "Versace, Versace, Versace" and gold chains. Miss the rock days man

  2. Was lucky to see them live in the 90's my fave band from that era, in the 00's their show was really dull , all that intense singing took its toll

  3. Funny thing is that Scott Stapp from Creed sang like this in the late 90s. Especially in the music video for With Arms Wide Open.

    Well aye just hurrrrrrr, the news todehhhhh
    With ahms wide Opahn, unduurrrrrrr the sunlaiiiii.

  4. Its almost 30 years and Ed still sounds amazing. Think his voice was a natural gift and his style not a brutal long term breakdown of his vocal chords. One of a kind. Damn you sound amazing.

  5. love the vid. By the way, didd you notice (or did you on purpose) that the promise "sing better than anyone else" its actually impossible…just one sudent (if) can be beter than anyone else, so, al the rest of the peple who take your course its not better tahn anyone else….ha

  6. Nice reaction – not sure if you've done Coheed yet but if you can please do Welcome Home by Coheed & Cambria

  7. Nice reaction – not sure if you've done Coheed yet but if you can please do Welcome Home by Coheed & Cambria

  8. Nice reaction – not sure if you've done Coheed yet but if you can please do Welcome Home by Coheed & Cambria

  9. My top 3 vocalists of all time :
    Layne Staley
    Eddie Vedder
    And wait for it…. Pavarotti (always brings me to tears) 🤘

  10. id love to go to a pearl jam concert, especially if i couldve gone back then, the energy and emotion that they give out is just awesome.

  11. It is amazing to me how you can mimic any sound that we hear from any singer or genre. If you are looking for a vocal coach and see Ken be able to explain what is happening, but also show you with his own voice…. what more could you possibly want in a coach? I have NEVER thought about singers techniques in my life until I started watching your videos. Thanks Ken!

  12. I just love Eddie Vedders voice and Pearl Jam, saw them live in the Lollapalooza concert in San Fransisco 1992 🙂 I think Red Hot Chilli peppers was main band

  13. Great critique as always Ken but I don't know if I'd put Eddie in there as the number one voice of modern rock!! Lol! 😂 He wasn't all that! Anyhow, God bless Brutha & keep on Rockin!

  14. Nicely done Ken, do you see any similarities with Burton Cummings, he also had a deep compressed wobbly melodic technique. I always wondered if he was an influence to Eddie. The song "Share the Land" which was recorded in the early 70's and a few others as well clearly show the deep Rock voice was also in style back in the days. Although i agree with you when watching Cummings in the compressed high notes, he does open it up more (better technic as you described) and he has lasted all these years and still sounds awesome. Just a tought i wanted to share….your Awesome btw!

  15. I agree with you about projection/enunciation of words, because I like to hear the verses clearly in a song. However, for some singers emotion takes over and words get in the way. lol

  16. Awesome video one of my fav grunge bands can u do a reaction to Sirens by pearl jam love that song its one of there newer ones

  17. Love it! I have never been able to understand the words Eddie is singing… reminds me of when you say to sing vowels in a song before adding the contestants, except in his own language lol!

  18. Last year concert in Amsterdam, amazing; Eddie knows how to mix his wild younger singing style with more spiritual and deeper now, like Robert Plant… I love it. Just Breathe.

  19. If Eddie Vadder sang just like what you suggested then he might have never been what he is today. He would be same old regular rocker.

  20. In his first part with PJ usually he was more nrg n rage and never did finish one concert with full voice . Since 10 15 yrs he is able to sing 3 hours , perfect from start to end . Great man n singer .

  21. What a great band, I love those drums from Dave Abbruzzeze or Dave Krusen but I think was Dave Abbruzzeze in this video, was the best Pearl Jam Drummer and after him Matt Cameron.

  22. Ken, obviously you're a talented singer. While I don't question your advice on techniques and looking after a singing voice, I do question telling everyone to effectively sound the same. There's many a singer out there who hasn't made millions and feel that they're technically better than many of the ones who have. But it all comes down to emotional, soulful, individual, unique delivery and on stage presence. That's what makes the difference, so your patronising "he should do it like this instead, I'm better than" rhetoric is pointless
    Dylan and Lennon weren't great technical singers, what they were was so much greater than that…and ultimately unteachable.

  23. Very cool video!!!
    1:42 i honestly never saw or felt eddie vedder sing that way compared to another imitators of grunge. Eddies mouth or tongue movements feel natural and well positiones…its just he's pure voice.

  24. Watching this again because i love Eddie Vedder. The whole band has some of the best hair in rock music. You definitely have the hair for it lol

  25. Thoughts arrive,,, buddy.
    And when they do…
    They arrive like butterflies…
    Come on now this guy is a lyrical genius.
    That's what it's about…
    What's he saying.
    If anything back then I'm pretty sure Eddie would have been anti vocal coach..
    Edward Vedward… the one and only
    And the one part he says
    "DARK GRIN….. he can't help it when he's happy he looks insane..""
    That makes me so sad

  26. But he sang the way you want he wouldn't sound like Eddie Vedder. It was short but memorable. Let it be….

  27. Dr. Ken …. once again you blow me away with your ability to simultaneously analyse and exemplify every aspect of all singing styles .
    We love you to bits here on the Gold Coast Australia. Ps … I would love you to do.. “ sweet child of mine “ by the gunners . It’s my favourite….. I’ll wish upon your stardom to do this song one day soon 🙏
    Cheers 🍻

  28. Mike Patton next:-) He seems to know different ways to produce sound: 

  29. AND! If it wasn't for Eddie's singing style, we wouldn't of had the experience of Opera Man paying tribute! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMmp5rGtW4Q

  30. Hi Ken, wow you are so right! Thank you for showing the example of singing with the throught open!Cheers to you Ken boy you sound so much better! Happiness and peace I wish you!

  31. I love your analysis and also talking about technique and singing in a Safe way but I think
    With Vedder he's not trying to be Robert Plant or Chris Cornell or Rob Halford he's never ever gonna have that kind of Range I don't think he wants that he's just got this kind of poet musician mentality and just trying to get it out there the best you can almost like a punk rocker likes Johnny rotten who wasn't a great singer but damn it the sex pistols were cool as hell

  32. Oh god dont shut up with your stories, your stories are what brings me in. When you were saying did you understand what he said? It sounded cool though I felt like I'm in the room and I'm answering you back and laughing with you. So refreshing. I've said it before and will say it again your enthusiasm is addictive. Thank you so much for these videos.

  33. Great pipes , Dude . I felt he limiting self trying to sing with rage. Pantera' s Phil Anselmo does this great. I seen "Cemetery Gates" was previously requested, i 2nd that

  34. There's no other band that's more choreographed than Pearl Jam. Everything about them is rehearsed. It's kind of funny how some people don't realize this.

  35. i think eventhough theres a set of techniques singers should follow to get a good base for singing, like the things ken was picking out in the video. Its completely unnecessary to follow them as individual sound and tone of trademark singers sounds alot better than following the book. Like imagine if Vedder sang like Ken covered in the video i.e taking off the compression in his voice or opening up his mouth for the range (which might i add is unneccesary considering he got a mic hooked up to a fucking huge PA i assume), it wouldnt sound even half as good. Dont learn by the book singing if you can already sing with your own tone and voice. Probs not worth it

  36. Marble mouth was (possibly) invented in 1974 by the so called Phantom Divine Comedy singer (Arthur Pendragon). It's an almost unknown album but marble mouth vocal technique was already there in 1974.

  37. Still saddens me that Eddie is the only vocalist left from the beautiful music shift in the early 90s
    God Bless Layne, Chris, Scott, Kurt and Shannon🤘

    Thank you Ken

  38. So glad I was able to experience this music while in high school! We had the best!🤘🏼🎶💗
    Our song for my wedding ~Black
    Yes weird I know

  39. Ken…brother, I agree that Eddies vocals are Throat murder! BUT…the pinching effect with his chords are what gave him his grunge-style uniquness. I know this is tough to see, but utterly Amazing at the same time and if he had done it the way you put it, his voice would cease to produce the its effective sound. I must wonder right along with you about how his voice stands today after many years of this sort of strain and abuse:(

  40. Ten IS a great album. The only pearl jam I will ever listen to!!! Grunge is so full of mangled inverted jimmy page riff's!!! My throat would swell singing closed throat. I have done it for a specific recording, like waking with scratchy throat at the edge of a cold or a late night party and saying……wow I gotta record this sound to that song. But open throat leaves the power in the breath or the breathlessness.
    I love your explainations!!! You are a great teacher!!!

  41. Eddie is the last living grunge vocalist. His voice is worth so much. (Jerry cantrell is still alive but hes only backup vocals)

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