We Wear Only Thrifted Clothes for a Week – Outfits Under $12

We Wear Only Thrifted Clothes for a Week – Outfits Under $12

– I think this is the first video where I have not gone over budget. (beeping)
– Did I just find the pants for all outfits?
(beeping) – Did you cry the first time you did this? ‘Cause I’m going to.
– You have to have low expectations and
don’t do it on your period. (beeping) What’s up, you guys? Welcome back to Clevver Style. Today we are about to do something
that is my pride and joy. We are gonna go thrifting at Goodwill. – You know here at Clevver Style, we like to do all types of styling. Things like dressing up as celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. We do sizing just to
figure out our own sizing but today we are doing thrifting, y’all. – And thrifting can be
definitely overwhelming especially at a Goodwill, so
I have some tips and tricks that not a lot of people might know about or like think of off
the top of their head, you know what I mean?
– Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Also if you guys don’t know,
she’s being really modest. Madeleine is like the thrifting goddess. Like she’s really good at this and me on the other hand? I suck.
(beeping) – There are some rules
for our challenge today. What are the rules, Drew? – Okay so we each have $100–
– Yes. – To buy four outfits to wear
over the course of the week just to test our thrifting knowledge, how we apply it, you know. – Do we have some ideas? Let’s think about that. – Well, I have a brunch
coming up this week? I feel like that’d be cute,
like to get a brunch outfit. – Love that.
– Like a work outfit because I feel like that’s just handy. You have to go to work, you know. – We work.
– Like I really like graphic tees.
– Yes. Like a go get coffee tee.
– Yes. And then maybe like a date night outfit? – Oh!
– Should I do that? – I mean, I could see you on a date. – Ambitious?
– Not at all. – Let’s get one. – Okay, you actually just
gave me some great ideas. I’m thinking a date night
would be great as well. I’m thinking a girls’ night would be good because I like to do something
maybe a little bit more like a blazer or something
like a little bit more edgy or high, that’s my version of edgy. (laughing)
(beeping) And then I’m an actor as well
so maybe an audition look. I have an audition coming up this week. That would be really cool.
– A good audition. – I have kind of like an
idea in mind for that. – What else?
– I think an athleisure, kind of cocky walk my dog
outfit would be nice as well. – Yes, yes it would.
– I love a graphic tee. I refer to it as the Jessica
Biel in “Summer Catch” tee. – My parents are having a party tonight. – What?
(beeping) – Are you ready?
– If, yes. – Are we–
– Because she said so, I’m ready.
– It’s gonna be good. You have me to guide you. I’m your spiritual leader. Let’s go thrift.
– I’m not scared at all! – Okay guys, we made it to
Goodwill, we’re finally here. I wanted to give Drew some
tips before we went in– – Love the tips.
– Because I know it’s about to be, it’s gonna be maybe some chaos. You don’t know what you’re going to get into depending on the Goodwill. – I don’t.
– Okay so things to be on the lookout for. I love going in the men’s section because the men’s t-shirt’s
actually are a lot more of that kind of like baseball
tee that we really like. And you can easily DIY them. And when I say “DIY”, just
take some really good scissors and crop it.
– Cut it off. I love that.
– I’m the queen of cropping. Second tip I want to give you. Go in the kids’ section. Kids’ t-shirts, like a lot
of times if they’re kind of in that middle school age,
they’ll fit you a lot better, a little bit more cropped like we like. – And snug.
– A little snug. – I don’t know any 12
year-olds who have my boobs. (beeping)
– Okay, third tip I want to give you is going in the jeans section. A lot of times, men’s and women’s jeans, you can find some like cool Levi’s. I found the best brand of jeans thrifting. – I feel like the men’s
section would be clutch because I like this whole new like– – Baggy?
– Boyfriend, baggy style? – Yes.
– ’90s. – Yes.
– Okay, okay, I see you. – Yes, very ’90s, ’90s is coming back and I’m telling you, it’s all at Goodwill. Everyone’s like going back to Goodwill to find what they gave away. – Yeah.
– Because it’s coming back. Fourth tip is to look at the accessories, the shoes, the purses, the belts. You can usually find
stuff for like two bucks and sometimes you can find like
great bags for really cheap. I actually got this
Versace purse thrifting. What’s up?
– What? (beeping)
– We’re gonna go in. – Let’s do it.
– We’re gonna nurture her in and then we’re gonna probably gonna divide and conquer a little bit. But we’ll keep checking in
throughout the way and– – You’re gonna stop babysitting me? You’re gonna let me on my own?
– I’m gonna hold your hand for a second and then I’m off to the races ’cause I wanna find me some good stuff. (hyperventilating)
Bye, Drew! – I can do this (laughs). (upbeat music) Okay this is nothing like I was expecting. First of all, it’s huge. Second of all, extremely organized. This is like a, like a Marshall’s. – No, I’m already getting excited. Like I see some cool shoes and
I’m ready to get out there. Let’s do this, baby.
– They have chips? – Stay away from the snacks, Drew. – How do they have–
(beeping) I’m just a little overwhelmed. Just a little bit. It’s very organized though so I feel like if I just follow signs,
categories, I’ll be fine. – I’m finding actually a lot
of good tees for auditions, a lot of really good striped
t-shirts which is great ’cause that’s exactly what I wanted. Bottoms have been really hard to find. The denim at each thrift
store you’re gonna go to is just specific to that thrift store. So you’re not necessarily
gonna find your perfect fit that day but that’s what’s
kind of fun about thrifting. You can almost make it a hobby where you just start going every so often and then you might come
across something amazing. – Now I’m just trying to figure
out how sizes are split up because I’m used to like there
being a divider that’s like, “These are the smalls,
these are the mediums” but I don’t know if it’s
different in thrift stores. I’m sorry that I’m an idiot
when it comes to thrifting. I’m learning, okay? Bear with me. – Okay so something I found that I actually am
really excited to try on, it’s this blue silk button-up top. And the color’s amazing,
I love wearing blue because I have blue eyes. Normally I think people just
think, “Oh, like button-up, “I don’t really wear
button-ups that often” but nowadays like you can tie it so it’s a little kind
of cute, almost cropped, almost like sailor top. Do you know what I’m trying to say? You know what I mean, you feel me? – I’ve been wanting a jeans skirt even though I’m not really a jean person. I just feel like it’s so versatile and you can dress it up,
you can dress it down. This could be cute for a lot of different things but let’s see. It’s $5.99 for a skirt? I’m sorry, thrifting, where
have you been my whole life? – Okay, I’m going through some jeans. I found a leather skirt
that might be really cute with that blue kind of silky top. Jeans are hard for sure. They definitely take some
patience to find a good size and then you have to try ’em on. But I got a lot of tops
so worse case scenario, I’m wearing a lot of shirts
with underwear this week. – I can’t deal with these prices. $8.99, $14.99? I’m easily gonna be able to
find four outfits for $100. Maybe under that. – I’ve really got to focus and see if I can put together an outfit ’cause right now all I
have are potential pieces. But you know, it all comes
down to the dressing room too. Sometimes you really gotta overgrab just so you’re not underwhelmed
in the dressing room. – I always see shirts that
say this and I love it because I’m a big Beyonce fan but I just can’t buy them because I didn’t wake up like this. I never do. I wake up looking like troll
who did it and what for. – Okay, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11. I have 11 things right now in my cart. So I have plenty of stuff to try on and we’re going to try
to make them outfits. – Oh wait, is this a dress? Oh my god, of course it’s
Fashion Nova, love them. Date night? A little fall situation? Pretending like it’s cold enough in L.A. to wear a long-sleeved sweater dress? (beeping) – Hi, Drew.
– Hi, boo. – How are you doing? – Okay, I have two outfits so far. – Wow, you have, do you
have like the whole outfit? – [Drew] Well, it doesn’t really count ’cause one whole outfit is like a dress. – (gasps) Wait, that’s cute.
– Right? – [Madeleine] That’s
actually very like you. – Listen and it’s Fashion Nova. – I got this to maybe cut and do like with some cut up shorts. I don’t know, just more athleisure. – Cool.
– You know? And then I have this blazer. It’s from Topshop.
– Ooh. – And I thought that could be cute with like a cut-off tee and some jeans and just a little bit maybe for the girls’ night dinner like– – Yeah.
– A little fashion-forward. – [Drew] I was gonna say, or
with no shirt under it at all. – With some boob tape?
– Yeah. – That’s Drew.
– Listen. (beeping) Um, excuse me? Like how perfect is that shirt? I’m a real menstruating human, love that. Like I know this isn’t
necessarily a graphic tee but like kind of, right? Like bleeding is graphic, menstruation. Does that count? It’s going to. – My first pair of pants I’m
trying on are a total success. These are the Paige brand Moto jeans and they like fit me
really well in the butt and they sit maybe not
as high as I normally go but I think those are pretty cute. I could wear these for date
night, girls’ night, audition. Did I just find the pants for all outfits? – This top and this skirt, super cute. And I was so worried about this skirt because it’s not my normal
size but it’s working. Mama got her booty in it, yeah, okay. – One thing I’m noticing with
jeans and you guys will too, you gotta grab a lot because a lot of them are still so low-rise. We all tend to wear high-rise
I’m noticing nowadays and a lot of these kind of
are maybe an older style. So don’t get discouraged if they kind of fit weird
and they’re your normal size. It’s just that styles have changed and so they’re not really doing as many high-waisted anymore. So it’s coming back for you soon. Gonna keep trying. I have a couple more. – Okay, so you guys,
I’m in the dressing room and I have this first top, like one of the first tops I found and Houston, we have a
problem because I hate it. I hate it. I don’t know if it’s ’cause
like the bra I’m wearing. I’m wearing a strapless bra so it just like doesn’t work with this. I’m not crazy about it. These are the jeans I
found which I love but hmm. – Yeah, I liked a lot of it. I was actually really happy with the tops. How did you do?
– Horribly. Horribly, it was tragic. The top I initially
found was horrible on me. Horrible.
– I get it. – But I did like this skirt and I did like the shirt with the skirt. How ’bout you, how’d you do? – I did all right. I did half, half for each outfit. So I really liked this
shirt for my audition look. – Love it.
– I really loved this one. I’m excited that I tried it and tied it up and it was super, super cute. These jeans actually fit so
well, these Hudson Moto jeans? – Perfect.
– The blazer’s cool. I can’t quite figure out how to wear it. It’s not quite fitted enough
to wear without a shirt so I’m gonna keep looking for some stuff. – This is why you are thrifting queen. – You find one or two
things that fit you well? That’s pretty awesome and you probably got
them for really cheap. – Did you cry the first time you did this? ‘Cause I’m going to.
– You have to have low expectations and
don’t do it on your period. (beeping)
– We did it! – Okay, we have made a
thrifter out of Drew. Okay, do you want to go
do a little comparison– – Yes.
– Price-wise? – You ready? $54.94 for seven items, seven. That’s like a shirt at Topshop. – I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight things, $45.92. – Thrifting queen. – We were given $100 each so we each literally
spent half of our budget. – I think this is the first video where I have not gone over budget. Do I get a trophy? Validation?
– But that’s just showing how much you can get at a
Goodwill for like nothing. Like we each got outfits for
four days, we spent 50 bucks. – Now Madeleine and I are going to wear our outfits throughout the week and blog our experiences
in our thrifting ‘fits. – Yeah because we want you guys to know that we actually will wear this stuff. We’re excited about it. So stay tuned because we’re gonna film us and take you guys along. – [Narrator] Eventually. – Okay, guys, we made it
a week wearing Goodwill. Drew, I wanna know how your week was because I know that
going into this challenge was a little bit harder. – It was hard.
– Okay. – It was difficult for me at first. You guys saw. In the store I was struggling but I will say I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, the gray dress
was my absolute favorite. – I know, I still need to see this. – Girl, it was so banging, I was shocked. I was like, “This dress cost me $9.” Hey, you guys, so I’m
about to head out to brunch and I’m in my thrifted brunch dress. Look how cute this is. Like, so cute. I paired it with some little sneaks and I have my little black bag, purse, I’m gonna wear it with. But you guys, what the heck? Why haven’t I been
thrifting all this time? This is so cute. – It’s like literally I
feel bad how cheap it is. – Right?
– And when you find something amazing,
like even the outfit you were wearing the other
day to film Clevver stuff, with the little black top and her skirt. And I was like, “This is such a cute, “wait, is this the Goodwill outfit?” And you were like “yes” and
it fit her like a glove. – Another day in the life of thrifting. Your girl’s at work, I’m at Clevver today and I’m wearing my
Clevver thrifted outfit. I have the black top paired
with this adorable brown skirt. I’m usually not a skirt
person but this is so cute. A little zip closure,
paired it with some boots with the nice little gold buckle detail. Obsessed, right? How cute. And then I just tied it up
a little bit in the back to make it a little bit
tighter and more of a crop top because without it, it’s not as croppy but how cute is this? Because we are spilling the
tea right here on Rumor Patrol. – Okay and this is one
of your outfits too. – Yep, yep, yep, the jeans and the top. – So “real menstruating human”. – You know. So I tied it up because
it was really long. I tied it up old-school
style with a little hairband and then I just tucked it. And then I paired it with
these ripped boyfriend jeans and a cute little simple
pair of strappy black heels. I just wanted a graphic
tee that was super caszh. Something to wear out to coffee, to go shop and do whatever, you know. – Yeah, and it’s like perfect. Hello!
– Clink, clink. Clink, clink.
(beeping) So now I have my date night outfit on. I’m not going out on a date right now. Instead I’m doing like a
little girls’ night thing. Because (sighs) dudes suck (laughs) (beeping) But check out my outfit,
what’s really important. This is so cute. So I added this belt just
to help accentuate my waist. And then I paired it with
these nude sandal heels and it’s cute, right? This dress was $8.99, you guys. Like, are you kidding me? $8.99. Okay, I’m officially
converted to a thrifter. But girl, I need to hear about your week. I know you had some auditions,
some date night situations. How’d it go?
– Yes, okay. The week went really well. I feel like out of the four, my favorite look was probably
the date night outfit. I was really excited to find that teal silk long-sleeved button-up. Hey guys, Madeleine here,
back from the thrifting haul. I’m in my date night look. I’m wearing the blue silk top that I got. This one was $6.99 and then I got it with this
leather, fake leather skirt. This one was I believe $7.99 and the tag actually was still on it from the original purchase
and said that it was $35. So I feel like that was a good steal. Paired those together and
did some boots of my own. I was thinking maybe of
throwing a jacket over it. This is definitely something I would wear so let me know if you guys like it and if you guys, how you
guys would pair these out of your own closet. So that to me was just
like a really exciting find and I looked at the tag
further and it was 100% silk– – Oh my god.
– And I think it was $7. That was really cool. And then the girls’ night
outfit, I did denim shorts and I did that Topshop blazer. This was the awesome
blazer I got from Goodwill but originally it is from Topshop and why I like it is because
it actually has these sort of, I guess it’s double-breasted
is the term, buttons. But they’re just snap-ons so they’re super, super easy to wear. But if you don’t want to wear it closed, I also got these shorts there. This jacket was $6.99 which is crazy because I go to Topshop all the time and their jackets are usually like $70. I actually think one of
my favorite purchases from Goodwill was part
of the audition look. I had the Hudson Moto jeans. I think honestly those might be my best fitting pair of jeans. – See?
– How crazy is that? This is the third look I got. It is for my audition look. These were the jeans I got, they’re black moto jeans
is what they’re called. And then I have the shirt on. This one is actually a velour material so it’s kind of one of those shirts that you just end up
keep petting yourself. So I’m gonna go ahead and stop doing that. And these jeans were $7.99. Such a steal. Hudson jeans are like
a couple hundred bucks. – Hella expensive.
– Yeah. And the audition went really well so I was super excited about that. I’ve been really into
striped tees as you can tell. Oh and then the athleisure look– – Yeah, yeah, yeah, love that one. – Was kinda just like my basic everyday, kind of like you running errands look. I wanted to show you guys
the kind of DIY stuff I like to do with the graphic tees. So got this Kansas City
graphic men’s t-shirt. It’s like, pretty basic. It was $1.99, god, I love that price. Let’s see, I’m gonna cut
probably just under the 13 there. It doesn’t have to be a straight line because I’ll show you a little
trick for after I cut it so that nobody can tell if
it’s a little bit jagged. Okay, so it’s a little jagged so what I’m gonna do is take it and just pull it actually and these cotton tees are great because the fabric rolls up really easily and now you can’t even see where that kind of jagged line was. And there you go. It actually looks cool with these jeans. My favorite form of athleisure is usually just one of these kind of baseball tees, some cut-up shorts, some Converse, and that’s what I like
to wear to go get coffee, to go to the grocery store, doing any running errands during the day. That’s my favorite stuff. Why do I feel like we both had a really fun, unique experience? I’m really glad that you had
a good time at the end of it ’cause after all that work,
you just want to be like, “The outfits ended up being cute.” – You popped my thrifting cherry and converted me officially. – It’s been awhile since I’ve done it. – You guys, please let us
know if you love to thift, if this inspired you to thrift. Also let us know in the
comment section below which outfits of ours you liked the best. – Yes.
– Subscribe, hit the bell for notifications
when we post, and come back. We’ll be here, being
sustainable with our fashion. – Cheers!
– Boop. (whooshing)

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