Okay, so *clears throat* *smack…… smack* This video is about.. ehh.. prom Prohm Perom This video is about prom.. and graduation… Graduation things. That- that thing. So.. Yeah. This video.. is about prom, as I said before. Here, prom, (because I’m not from the USA) As you can..I English is not my first ..eh.. language… So, I’m trying, ok? I’m trying to talk… erm… in… English. Prom is different here. No, it’s the same, it’s the same… I think. I don’t really know. We have to.. be like.. well dressed and all that stuff… and boys wear suits and girls wear dresses, and they give us those things. And with those other things. It’s that– I’m not.. I’m not sure, I should’ve paid more attention. Ok, so, that’s that. So the first thing. 3 days, this video is gonna be filmed in 3 days. Today is the first one: The second one: And the last one is: Getting… ready and… ..and going to prom. So, hope you enjoy the video! [noise] The first thing… it’s getting dressed. Boys have to wear suits to graduation, but, I don’t have one. I don’t have suits, so, I was thinking like.. to wear other things..? I-I don’t know if I can wear.. other things… but I don’t have a suit, and I’m not going to buy a suit or rent it to go to prom. I don’t like suits. So, that’s why… that’s why I’m not wearing them. I-I don’t like them, suits… eh, no. Ehm.. oh! I was thinking about wearing other things. Not suits. And I first thought about wearing ..ehm.. my merch. The one I’m doing with Benji. But I don’t have merch yet, so that’s not possible. Right? I-if I don’t have merch I cannot wear it… *awkward latino silence* to prom… so, I was thinking “well.. then I cannot wear a suit, I cannot wear my merch,” and then I saw a video on TikTok, talking about a boy wearing a dress to his prom. And I thought, “…oh… oh okay.” And I thought my mom had dresses because I-I don’t… usually wear… dresses. But like, my mom– and no, she didn’t have– But in my mom’s closet, I found one thing that I could wear. I’m wearing that. So… I found this thing… I don’t know if it fits me. If it FITS me. This thing– But like– *struggles* It’s like, formal. And it’s simple and I’m thinking of wearing this. But.. I didn’t have um– a pen… pants… Like, good pants. (struggling saying “pants” for 2 seconds) That combine, combine, combined… with that. Aaannnnnd– I didn’t have pants. And I had to buy ones. So that’s what I did. I went– I was searching for like.. a Japanese style to combine with that. With this.** With this. Oh, yeah, I, (struggle) yeah. So, I went to the street and I went to that.. eh, MUJI store..? Where there’s all this classy, like, Japanese style clothes. And I found these pants… but… prices were, like, too high for me and… I went to another store that… it’s called, eh, UNI, UNI QLO. I-I, I don’t know, I don’t know. And it’s also like, Japanese style… Aannnd, the store was, like, very cool. And… here’s me. Okay… erm… Then I… bought. I buy it. B-b-both… ones. Um.. apparently I was.. happy with that. So yeah, (clears throat) let’s get started. Let’s get started. So, um, first… Ummm… Okay, so, I’m gonna prove this, right now.. to know– Okay. So, this thing– Okay. I hope it fits because, if… not, I’m gonna– I’m gonna… cry. Wait… this has, like, some– I have to put my arm here? I think? Okay. Okay, so, I think it goes… like this. Okay. (seam rips) (gasp) No! No no no no! For what? Why’d they put this thing? There you are. So. Yeah. I dunno… I– but this looks… fits? See? How? Okay. So, this is weird. If I.. roll it like this… Is that– Okay, so, it’s kinda… okay, I guess? I don’t really care, like, I don’t really care about– prom– So… mmmmm.. If I put like.. like something like this? And then… Well, it’s… Okay. (sniffle) (sneeze) Okay, so, I’m gonna um… prove… the pants, the PANTS– So, I have my… pants… on, and, it looks great. I think. I guess. It looks great. With… these ones, so. And that looks great, so. The pants, has these, like, This has these… things. And, and I’m going my… stand. I’m, it’s, it’s so freaking hot. So, Hi, so … this is day two. Two … day two! Eh, yeah. Eh… I got punched by my brother yesterday. But everything is cool. And I also hit 1 million followers on TikTok and that’s, that’s awesome. So yeah. Everything cool. And… So, skin routine… I don’t really have like a skin routine. I don’t really have like… a skin routine but– This video, this video is horrible… Sorry. I’m gonna get naked right now and– And… go to shower. Hey. Cool. So I just got out from shower and, I also shaved my legs. I normally used to shave my body. That cream that you put and burns the hair, and it’s like very easy to take and– I only used that cream, but I wasted all– and I had to shave my legs with this. With this thing and– It’s.. dangerous! This thing. And– Okay, so… I don’t know what to put in my face. Uh… I have… this… olive… of? Something? I don’t know what is this. Whatever, I’m gonna put this on my face. That’s all the things I’m gonna do today. Oh no! Um… I will be dying my hair today in a live I’m doing on TikTok. And– It’s gonna be like my first live. Talking in English and– How it’s gonna turn… I just did the live, and it wasn’t the best idea because– my hair, like, I didn’t dye my hair right. At least I have this part. But it’s okay, I think the live did good… I was kind of nervous, but it’s okay! Um… Oh. Oh yeah. I’m gonna shower again. And I will have to do something to my hair, so it’s not like this tomorrow. I- what I’m gonna do right now, right now. Also, I’m naked. So, I’m gonna put this. Cause this, it’s supposed to clean my skin. This is for, eh… pimpled? Pimpled? The, this thing, like… So I’m gonna put this– And for all the night, so I’m gonna sleep with this. It’s supposed to dry the pimples. I, I don’t know. I did a lot of money with that live, like for me, it’s a lot of money. And, that’s great cause, eh… I’m probably moving out from home. I… Okay. So I was going to cur- curl my hair, with these things, but like tinier. So I could make a lot. But I’m not. I, I, nothing went right today. Everything I did was wrong. And, even the dye– and– And– what?? Tomorrow can be better. Okay… The video, it’s (censored), it’s bad, it’s horrible… Sorry… Sorry… Sorry. Sorry. Day three. Okay, so, prom starts in eight hours. And– I need to get my hair done and, put makeup on. And get ready for… that. So. I did– some freckles. I put some makeup– I’m going to prom… in… three hours. So I’m gonna get dressed right now. Yeah. Okay, so, I was almost ready, erm… and– from here I stopped talking because I was getting nervous. ♪ Prom queen, sing was a contest ♪ ♪ I need to– ♪ ♪ I’m standing here, crying in my prom dress ♪ ♪ I’m standing here, crying– ♪ Okay, so, here starts the blog. the vlog and– it’s really… messy and– I didn’t film that much and– Okay here… it’s me… eh– going to prom. Eh, I, I was really nervous and was scared and– But, oh! here it’s me… eh– ready with that… things. But everything went well and– I graduated! And here’s me after– smiling… so… it went well. And here’s hours later, in a car going to the party. Erm.. Here was the party and– It was a really cool place and– everything. But– it started being boring and– I started drinking wine and then I dropped all the wine on the sweater… And then this is me in the disco… thing and– So… I wasn’t really having… that much fun. I mostly talked to people and– It was 2 A.M. and I already wanted to go. So I decided to go walking, and it was really far away. So I was going for Barcelona. Erm… I didn’t know where I was, I was just walking around there… and… it was at night so there was no people in the streets. And a car of, full of drunk people… erm… came at me, stopped and start screaming and like, saying bad things because of what I was wearing. I don’t know, and– Now– What– Ugh… ♪ I’m sittin’ here, crying in my prom dress ♪ ♪ I’d be the prom queen if crying was a contest ♪ ♪ Makeup is running down, feelings are all around ♪ ♪ How did I get here? ♪ So that’s when I filmed that Tik Tok of me dancing in the rain, and filming that, like, helped. I really like that video. It’s like my favorite TikTok right now of all my TikToks. Then, I called Benji, and I explained him everything, and, he helped me to get home, because I didn’t have phone data because my parents– Okay, so, Erm… Benji helped me to get home, and he was really nice, and, I’m thankful for Benji. I got back home at 4 A.M. and– Okay, so, that, that’s pretty much all. As a conclusion of all this, erm– …thing… Yeah, I, I was really scared. I, at first I didn’t care about prom and all this, but it really gets into pressure– I really, at some point I was really scared, and– But even though some people asked me why I was wearing that or criticized my clothes, other people like it and– and it was something different, something that people wasn’t expecting so– and mostly I did, I did wear something I liked. So that, that’s like the thing that I weared, what I want to wear. And not a suit like I was expected to– wear. So– It was great. And if you wanna do something different– wear something different, wear it. And that’s, that’s all. So– Thanks for– Bye. ♪ Peel the avocado ♪ ♪ Peel the avocado ♪ ♪ Peel the avocado ♪ ♪ Peel the avocaaado ♪ ♪ GUAC – amole ♪ ♪ guac- guac- amole ♪ *clapping*


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