Weighted Blankets| Purple Ella

Weighted Blankets| Purple Ella

Hey Purple Ella here and welcome back to my
channel today I want to talk to you about weighted blankets so I first came
across weighted therapy and weighted blankets specifically when I was working
with occupational therapists when my children were first diagnosed on the
autistic spectrum and they were recommended as a way to help with
sensory processing issues so my children have been using weighted blankets for a
couple of years now but it never occurred to me that it might be
something that could be useful to me as an autistic adult and then I recently
came across the gravity blanket on I think it was a Facebook ad and I really
like the look of it and I really wanted to give it a try and I’ve been having
some difficulties sleeping over the last couple of years and also having some
difficulties reducing over stimulation and regulating my central nervous system
and I thought that a weighted blanket might really help me with that so I got
in touch with the people at gravity blankets and asked them if I could give
it a try and thankfully and luckily they said yes
so I’ve had the way to blanket for about ten days now and have been really
enjoying using it first of all some of the benefits of weighted blankets
weighted blankets studies show they increase the production of serotonin
which regulates our mood and eases relaxation in addition serotonin
promotes the production of melatonin and melatonin is the hormone which is
responsible for letting our bodies know when it is time to sleep additionally
they reduce cortisol which is a stress hormone involved sometimes in
flight-or-fight responses and also just generally in stress stressful feelings
they calm the central nervous system and they age relaxation and they increase
possibilities of good deep and restful sleep I mean that all sounds pretty good
right so I thought it was worth giving it a try
now let me tell you a little bit specifically about the gravity blanket
this is the gravity blanket which I’m really enjoying and I keep it on my bed
and I snuggle up underneath it during the day when I feel like an it little
bit need a little bit of time out and I also have got it over my section of the
bed and I sleep under it all night every night the gravity
blanket is individually made according to the users height and weight so
recommendations say that a weighted blanket should be about 10% of your body
weight they are handmade from a hundred percent organic cotton and there are
small square sections which are filled with glass microbeads which means that
the weight is distributed evenly they are in two parts so this is actually the
cover of the weight blanket and inside is the weighted blanket so it’s got like
a snugly it’s some snuggly and soft kind of duvet shell which can be taken off in
the summer if both together are a little bit too warm and then you can just use
the weight of blanket on its own they’re also both parts of the blanket are
machine washable at about 40 degrees but you will need to check whether your
machine is big enough to hold the blanket if not I guess you could take it
down to a launderette where they have bigger machines and give it a wash down
there gravity blankets claim that their
blankets can be helpful for sleep disorders ADHD autistic spectrum
conditions restless leg syndrome anxiety and panic attacks and aiding with
sensory processing difficulties my blanket which is the smaller size you
can buy two different sizes this is the smaller size is currently on sale at 149
pounds because I think that there’s a sale on when it’s full priced it would
be 279 pounds now that can seem a little bit of an outlay and that’s probably why
I haven’t considered getting a weighted blanket before now but I will say that
for something that’s had such a positive impact so far in just a short time I
think it’s a worthwhile investment if it can make a real difference to your
stress levels and to your ability to get a good quality night’s sleep so I was
very excited to receive the weight blanket I would say from the order being
put into receiving the blanket was somewhere around 10 days and then I
started using it immediately I’ve been using it a lot because I’m chronically
ill I’m at home a lot and I’m in bed a lot and so basically I’ve been snuggled
underneath it every time I’m resting during the day which is
probably about four or five hours a day and then from about seven o’clock
onwards in the evening I’m underneath it getting prepared to go to sleep and
spending the night sleeping underneath it
obviously I share a bed with mr. purple and initially we tried laying the
blanket sideways so that we could both use it but actually I think that if you
are considering having a blanket with a partner you probably need a blanket each
because to get the full weight that you need it needs to be entirely over you
and the night that we tried not doing that I did wake up several times in the
night apart from that every night that I’ve slept with the blanket I’ve slept
straight through the night which is incredible because I would say that I’ve
been waking up at least one in every three nights about to 3 o’clock in the
morning with high anxiety levels and it’s been taking me several hours to get
back to sleep with the blanket I so far haven’t had that experience so that’s
been really great because obviously I’m getting a full night’s sleep and I’m not
dealing with those anxious feelings in the night additionally when I’m using it
during the day it’s giving me a real calming relaxing kind of sensation it’s
just kind of like snuggling up and receiving a big hug
which which I really like so overall I would recommend using the gravity
blanket I think what’s really nice about it is a lot of weighted blankets that
I’ve come across have been quite childish in their design or in their
patterns and I’m sure there are other companies that are making blankets for
adults but this is the first one that I’ve come across that really doesn’t
look like it’s designed for children really doesn’t look like a piece of
special needs kit it just looks like comforter that you would have on top of
your bed I don’t think anybody would know that it was something specific
unless they picked it up and started to feel the weight of it it’s really snuggly duvet like blanket II soft kind
of thing that I can have over me whenever I want to I would also say if
you’re not someone who’s chronically ill and spending lots of time in bed you
could probably just take it with you where you were in the house or if you
were going somewhere where it will be appropriate to use it and you could just
wrap it around your shoulders and then you’ll get in the proprioceptive wait
right the way down through your shoulders which can also be really
useful so overall it’s a big thumbs up for me for the gravity blanket I’m
really impressed with it I’m really enjoying it and I would definitely
recommend it I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video and found it useful if you
have do give me a big thumbs up and if you’re new to the channel do consider
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stick around thanks for watching bye

9 thoughts on “Weighted Blankets| Purple Ella

  1. first comment!!! I usually can't sleep unless I have a huge nest of pillows pressed up against me in bed. I've had weighted blankets recommended nearly out of the blue by friends and family and this video may be the push for me to invest in one! 🛌🛌🏋️🏋️

  2. I sooooo wish I could afford one of these but I'm very …chunky and it would cost a fortune for one in my size. I'm autistic too with bad anxiety and insomnia. I've always had to have heavy blankets on me to sleep, it's difficult in summer though!

  3. How come they're so expensive? I have chronic pain, adhd and aspergers. I've always found it hard to sleep but for the past year I've had full blown insomnia. I've already forked out 500 euro on a new single mattress for back pain but I still feel so uncomfortable and awake in bed.. Between feeling restless and in pain I'm only averaging 4 hours or less a night which is no use when I have a 2 hour commute to college in the morning.. Medication hasn't helped. I don't know if this could help me.. But I'd try anything at this stage

  4. I’d enjoy seeing a closeup detail of the construction. Would you please revisit this again, especially if you ever make one?

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