Werewolf in Panther’s Clothing | The Pink Panther (1993)

Werewolf in Panther’s Clothing | The Pink Panther (1993)

(MUSIC PLAYING) Here is your stop, stranger. (COUGHING) What brings you
to this cursed place? PINK PANTHER: Business. Sorry. I didn’t mean to pry. I’ll be going now. Yee-haw. MAYOR:Big dog problem,
need help. Stop.Meet at town hall. Stop.Signed, the mayor. Hmm. Hey, friend. Which way to town hall? (SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) Ahhh! Must have been
the wrong accent. (BELL DINGS) Here, Muffin. Here, girl. Here, girl. Ow. By jingle, huh,
she’s got a set of feet. Don’t you, Muff-Muff? Yo, somebody sent for a… Werewolf! Get him. Get him. (VILLAGERS CLAMORING) (VILLAGERS YELLING) -Yeesh.
-(SQUELCHING) Ouch! MAYOR: Good dog, Muffin. You caught the werewolf. Listen, you fine Slyvarnian
borscht-fed people, I’m no werewolf. I’m the dog-catcher
you sent for. Aw. Ow! Good thing you’re here. We have got a werewolf problem like you would not believe. -Oh, yeah.
-You’re right
about that one, Mayor. -(INDISTINCT CHATTER)
-Time out. I catch cute dogs, spaniels, retrievers, Dobies, not werewolves. Too savage. Money is no object. Hmm, works for me. (MUSIC PLAYING) (MUFFIN GROWLING) Muffin, get a grip
on something else. (MUFFIN SNARLING) Hey, hey. Get out of here. Oh, no, you don’t.
That’s for wolfy. Give, give. Give it. Give it here. Give it here. -Bad dog. Bad dog.
-Sorry about that. Sorry! -Our mistake.
had this dry-cleaned. (WEREWOLF GROWLING) (SPRAY CAN RATTLING) (GROWLING) -Good doggy?
-(WHIMPERS) Oh, man. I could use some help here. Werewolf. Werewolf here. ALL: (CLAMORING) Whoa! (WEREWOLF SNARLING) Wait. I am not the were…
Oh, never mind. (ALL CLAMORING) I’m on your tail now, wolfy. (PIG GRUNTING) VILLAIN: How was I
to know they would
call for a dogcatcher? (PIG GRUNTING) I’m working
as fast as I can, Ro. If he hadn’t ruined
my costume, we’d have all the villagers
scared away by now. Done. Now to go to the bank
and make a little withdrawal.
I will drive the wagon. You drove last night. (WEREWOLF HOWLING) (ROLO GRUNTING) Shut up, Rolo. Everyone’s gone. On to the bank,
my friendly little swine. Ah. I think I just
about got it. Oh. (ROLO GRUNTING) Oh, you think you
could do better. Fine, we’ll do it your way. We’ll go through the window. It’s open. (ROLO SQUEALING) Rolo, get off me, you pig. This is it.
All the wealth of Slyvarnia. (ROLO GRUNTING) Now to open the vault. Hey, nice work, Rolo. Wait a second. How did you… (WEREWOLF GROWLING) Werewolf. Werewolf. Chill, guys.
I’ve had my shots. You. Mr. Mayor, one werewolf COD. Thank you.
Our village and bank are safe once again. They were making
a grab for all your ketchup? (BELL TOLLING) No. This is the richest
blood bank in all of Slyvarnia. (BLUBBERING) Perhaps you’d like
to make a deposit? That’s it. We’re gone. (STAMMERS) Scramble, Rolo. I think withdrawal
is a better idea. Later. (ROLO SQUEALING) VILLAIN: Shut up, Rolo.
You need the exercise. Ha-yo, Rolo, away.

15 thoughts on “Werewolf in Panther’s Clothing | The Pink Panther (1993)

  1. There is a place for the people that worked in this project, right next to a dumpster. FAIL.
    Epic Fail.
    Wtf did i just watched

  2. The Pink Panther in "Warewolf in Panther's Clothing"
    Written by: Adam Rudman
    Storyboard by: Guy Moon
    Layouts: Andy Spackman
    Backgrounds: Cynthia true
    Directed by: Gary Conrad

  3. I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls Enjoy OutSmarting Villains And Hanging Out With The Pink Panther

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