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  1. They are called Eloise and I bought them at Anthropologie — if you go on my site and look under Lists and Schedules, there is a link where I list nursing equipment I love —

  2. What clothes would you recommend for winter? My baby is due end of January and although I'm not planning on going out until the end of Feburary, start of March for long periods we're meant to have the coldest winter in two decades this year… 

  3. i love that you made a video about this. With my first I couldn't figure it out and ended up pumping to bottle feed  in public… the light bulb came on with my 2nd when he refused a bottle. However, I don't prefer button shirts over a camisole— I recommend any looser fitting shirt (t-shirt or dress shirt will do) over a camisole. Camisole goes down over the breast I'm nursing with and the while outer shirt comes up. This provides an added layer (over the breast) for privacy without needing a cover or burp cloth draped over top of my otherwise bare cleavage. You just have to make sure its pulled up enough not to be in baby's airway.

  4. Then there are also nursing scarves which might be warm at certain times of the year they pack perfectly in a diaper bag if not worn as an infinity scarf.

  5. Nice tank top, I want to buy nursing bra in Amazon , I found one : https://www.amazon.com/Lightly-Wirefree-Maternity-Breastfeeding-Nursing/dp/B01CQPPKJ2/

    deserves my purchase?

  6. Love your vídeos!
    How do you handle BF in public? How do you respond to a not nice comment and looks?
    What are the laws I can use to guarantee that right out in the public?

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