What is Superwash Merino? – Yarn University #4

Superwash merino is very popular with
knitters and crochet alike. But what makes this wool different from all others? (“Pomp and Circumstance” plays) (sheep baaa!) The short answer is that superwash merino is machine washable. Wool is made up of tiny scales and when these scales fuse together with heat and agitation they become felted. Superwash refers to the process that prevents this fusing. There are several methods but common ones include washing the wool in an acid bath that removes the scales or coating the wool with a polymer to
prevent felting. Unfortunately, this process does make superwash merino stretchier than other wool yarns so be careful how you handle your projects
when they’re wet. And don’t forget to swatch! You might notice that superwash
merino yarns can be a bit shinier than their regular counterparts but you won’t see much other difference. This is the same, soft merino wool that’s a little more user-friendly which makes it great for baby projects, gifts, or just saving
time washing so you can spend more of it stitching. What projects do you would
make was superwash merino? Let us know in the comments below.

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