What Plus-Size Clothing Looks Like On Plus-Size Women

What Plus-Size Clothing Looks Like On Plus-Size Women

– I think today will be full of surprises, which is great because I hate surprises. (upbeat music) – Finding something that
I wanna wear in a store on a daily basis is nearly impossible. – There is a huge advantage to being able to try on clothes before
you purchase them. – A bunch of times I’ve gone online, ordered in my size, and when I get it, I don’t even know what it is. (upbeat music) – Typically, I’m a size 22, 24 According to the sizing chart, I’m supposed to be a 28. – I hate these shorts. Why are they baggy and
at this awkward length? – They fit, technically, but there’s like so much room down here. – I can like, pull them off of me. – Are they supposed to be high waisted? Who knows? – Send these shorts back to hell. – This is a Fashion to
Figure size 3X skirt. – It fits great, clearly, if you’re supposed to wear
skirts below your foofa. – I can actually see
the seams coming apart. – In the ideal world, this fat would be distributed very evenly around my whole body, but that isn’t how a lot of
people are naturally shaped. – I’m normally a 3X in everything, but the skirt doesn’t fit, so I couldn’t really wear it. – These are the Fashion
Figure Millennium Pants, which is weird because it looks like they were made for my mother. – I can’t believe this size 3X pant came from the same store as the 3X skirt. I could literally fold these over. – The waist feels OK, but the butt is like here, and my crack is like, here. – I am suffering from saggy
crotch syndrome right now. – If I were super cold, I could climb inside this for warmth. (upbeat music) – This is a Forever 21 dress in size 3X. – According to Forever 21’s size guide, my waist is a 3X, but my boobs and my hips are a 2X, which means that nothing
ever really quite fits me. – I feel like this dress’s main problem is that it was made for
someone who wasn’t very booby. – If I were to wear it out, I would actually unzip it. – As a whole, I can breathe,
which is always nice. – I like the dress. I would probably buy it (upbeat music) I wasn’t really surprised by the fact that some things fit and some things didn’t. – Just because it fits the measurements, doesn’t mean that it’s
going to look good on us. – Please, clothing companies, I promise I will give you all of my money. Just make the clothes, put them in stores, so that we can try them on. I promise you will make money off of it. – If you’re struggling to find
clothes that work for you, be patient. – Get your measurements taken properly, and also, unfortunately,
try a few different sizes. – If you’re willing to do
the work to really dig, you can find a lot of cool stuff, cuz there is a lot of
cool stuff out there. This is currently like my favorite dress. It’s a little bit more low-cut than what I’d normally wear, but if you don’t tell, I won’t tell, so. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “What Plus-Size Clothing Looks Like On Plus-Size Women

  1. Tess shouldn't be in this video. Why does she expect stores to carry her size if she is obese? Her size is not normal, probably that's why stores don't have her size. They probably don't expect costumers like her, because not a lot of people are this overweight.

  2. I have the exact same problems and I'm a size 6. This is not just a plus size issue, it's a women's clothing issue.

  3. Im not going to lie this is very disturbing. Yes some people are overweight bc of medical issues but the truth is the majority aren't. We women need to look out for eachother and take care of eachother. Please be healthy. Being overweight and proud is NOT ok

  4. I hate how people think of plus size women bigger than they are then hate on them all of us are beautiful no matter what size. I have a question for as/is where do you shoot videos what city

  5. Plus size clothes should be sold in stores, I mean, is stores scared of selling plus size clothing? Torrid and Charlote Rousse is like the only places that I can rely on for plus size clothes and it shouldn't be that way 🤷🏼‍♀️ there should be more stores that sell cute and trendy plus size items. I literally buy the trendy male shirts in rue 21, because the female side doesn't have my sizes 🤷🏼‍♀️😤🤦🏼‍♀️ it's a struggle

  6. This shouldn't be an open discussion to talk about these women's bodies based on your opinion (who lost weight, who's lying about their size etc.) It's supposed to be about the clothes. Remember there's something wrong with the clothes if it doesnt fit not your body.

  7. Tess is inspiring

    Inspiring me to lift my fat arse and go to pilates weekly and put down the cake. That will not be my future, no matter what new age acceptance sign you try to slap on it.

  8. Why should it be easy to find plus size clothing? Human beings are not meant to be so large. It's your choice to be so fat, get over yourselves.

  9. can someone tell me why most stores make a xs but not a xl? if you are going to make clothing make it FOR EVERYONE!

  10. I’m going to say something unpopular but Tess is too fat. I’m not saying that to be rude but her being a model and promoting plus size clothes is wrong. I believe that brands should make a more conscious decision to be more body inclusive but there’s a difference between promoting the acceptance of larger body types and promoting acceptance for obesity. Obesity is a disease and a bigger cause of cancer than smoking so to tell brands to cater for people’s unhealthy habit is wrong. Yes bigger body types should be more exposed to society but not unhealthy sizes that cause people serious health issues.

  11. obviously they gave them all the same size with the fashion to figure and forever 21 because it was the biggest size🤦🏽‍♀️
    and they’re clearly usually that size so they got what went with their measurements

  12. Honestly,,,tess is NOT PLUS SIZE.
    Tess is grossly and sickly overweight and she really needs to lose weight to be at A HEALTHY RANGE.
    In general, being overweight is NOT OKAY and nobody is born that way, being overweight is the result of bad lifestyle choices and bad diet. Period. Stop normalizing and empowering obesity.
    Somebody had to say it.

  13. How about NOT glorifying obesity? And losing weight and living a healthy and long life? There's an idea!! This way you can go shopping for normal sized clothes. Yay!

  14. all clothes and shoes should really be bought in and from the shops so we can all have a chance to try them on and make an intelligent decision based on actual facts. Bring back the shops!!!

  15. I don't understand, if people are healthy, eat normal, workout, would they be fat? Or are there people out there who are healthy, work out and eat normal but still fat?

  16. Anyone notice how plus size models are not anywhere near plus size? Most are about a 10-14 with a nice shape!

  17. All three of them are so beautiful and I don’t think they should be labelled as ‘plus size’. Yall need to remember you dint have to be size 0 to be beautiful. Everyone is beautiful

    Yes you ❤️

  18. I am not plus size but have same problems..like, that's not easy and shops for some reason mostly do clothes for rectangle bodies.

  19. You should do an update on this because it's been 4 years and it would be interesting to see if things have improved since this video. What I find annoying is they seem to just add extra inches when going up in the size range so they don't think about the body and how something will look on the body they just add extra inches lengthways and sideways

  20. It's weird to hear them complaining about the Torrid shorts because Torrid is the first store that has had pants that fit me as a plus-sized woman.

  21. As a plus size gal… im that one gal who hates shopping as i tend to get super depressed when trying on clotehes and there too small….

  22. There is TOO MUCH VARIATION in "Fat People's" bodies to have a #standard to work with.

    Like algorithms would have to be written for #clothing to be designed "to FIT" a large body with VARIABLE (and various) dimensions….

    I wonder how much #AI is used in clothing product development….

    I wonder how many calories were burned during the making of this video…. just jk tee hee

    I'm on twitter: #orchestratorM

  23. I have a goal now to open a clothing store for plus size women where I take there measurements and make clothes tailored to them. ^^

  24. It's an every woman thing, not just plus size. I'm 5'11" and its hard to find things that fit me and very few stores have tall sizes. VERY few.

  25. Kristen!!! You look GORGEOUS! Your a fantastic roll model for so many people! You look like you have lost a lot of weight! You look so fresh and healthy!

  26. I just gave up looking for nice clothes when I was that size. Just stuck with jeans and tees. Still too big for most stores but at least there's a torrid near me, so that's something

  27. Torrid sizes are different cause they size it lower when the product is actually bigger to make you feel better about yourself when you try stuff on.

  28. Tess isn’t the same size the other two, their body types aren’t the same and their fat it’s held in different places, they are not the same size

  29. These poor obese kids nowadays are obese because their parents buy them fast food and there’s no help for them, it’s the parents fault that gets them into unhealthy eating habits (said from personal experience.) it’s really really hard to try and get in the mental mindset to even have enough confidence or self worth to try and lose weight. So if these girls were naturally fat theyve just never grown enough will power to lose the weight. And I’m 14 – no one will see this so I’m just venting lmao.

  30. Tess – stop lying about being a 3X. Do you think you're helping plus-sized women? You're not. But you don't care, do you? You got yours.

  31. Comments on this video:
    10% appreciating the video and/or venting about personal fit issues
    90% concern trolling (a.k.a., fat-shaming under the guise of concern for health even though the notion of weight determining health has been repeatedly debunked)

  32. Instead if complaining about how you don't feel comfortable in clothes because of your size, do the healthy thing and change your diet and workout at least 4 times a week. But you don't want to do that tho right?

  33. i have a more mature sense of style. i'm a size 0. finding clothes that fit ME in any store that's not catered to teeny-bopper styles is nearly impossible. it's not just a plus size issue.

  34. ASOS.com is an amazing site for size 6-30, it ranges from $17-$200 roughly, there is so much range. Lipsy london is a great design, usually size 6-20

  35. Did Kristen lose weight and I swear she looks so different in this video from others I’ve seen of her, but she still looks beautiful as always.

  36. Ok lets keep this real. Except the first model ,the other stupid buzzfeed girls look super fat and they should really start doing something.i dont agree with this "ohh im comfortable no matter what im so confident with my body." like everybody knows that's just a big lie that u are telling yourself just go to the gym its not that hard.

  37. I think it's honestly so stupid, people shouldn't have to hide their bodies. Tess is gorgeous, Kristen, and Sheridan are all gorgeous. All women are absolutely stunning. I dont like how some people think plus sized women aren't aloud to wear what they want or will make them feel good. It just bothersome to me.

  38. Everybody talks about how hard it is to find clothes for big girls but I feel like it’s also hard for very small people like me to find clothes.

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